Spanish Officials Attribute Increase of Youth Emigration to Moroccos Compulsory Military

Rabat – A Spanish official has slammed Morocco’s compulsory military service law for ringing alarm bells among Morocco’s youth.Adela Nieto, the official in charge of social affairs, minors, and equality in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, said that Morocco’s proposed bill to introduce compulsory military service has left young Moroccans with no other choice but to cross into neighboring Spain.“The outflow of unaccompanied Moroccan minors has increased following the announcement of a law to establish compulsory military service,” she said. Read Also: Military Source: Moroccan Migrants Shot by Navy Were ‘Hidden Under Tarp’According to Moroccan outlet Le 360, the Spanish official claimed to have taken her data from “information” in the Spanish government’s records of recent attempts by young irregular Moroccan migrants to reach Spain.While the compulsory service bill has been introduced to the Moroccan parliament, it has not been passed. It may take longer than reported in news outlets, according to Government Spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi.“There is a procedure to follow before the proposal is made into a law,” El Khalfi said. “[The procedure] will take several months…. There is a legislative duration. Technically, this law will most probably enter into force towards the second half of 2019.”Read Also: Law on Mandatory Military Service May Come into Force at the End of 2019In the meantime, the controversy that the bill created in Morocco coincided with reports of a sharp increase of emigration attempts by Moroccans, especially in the northern cities. The correlation may explain Nieto’s “confidence” about a causal relationship between the two occurrences.Nieto’s statement follows comments from another Spanish official on Moroccan emigration.During a working visit to Rabat earlier this week, Maria del Consuelo Rumi Ibanez, the Spanish state secretary for migration, told her Moroccan counterparts to “dismantle the myth of the European dream.”“Emigration is not the solution,” Ibanez said, adding that the choice to emigrate illegally is perilous and “often ends badly.” read more