Talks on peace efforts in Sudan and Somalia highlight Annans visit to

In Nairobi, the Secretary-General met with the Kenyan negotiators dealing with Sudan and with Somalia. Afterwards he met one-on-one with Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, followed by an exchange with their full delegations, according to a UN spokesman.At a press encounter later, the Secretary-General thanked the Kenyan Government for supporting peace efforts for Sudan and Somalia.Mr. Annan added that he and President Kibaki had also talked of the challenge of HIV/AIDS. “Today, AIDS has a woman’s face in Africa,” he said. “Each and every one of us must take on the challenge.”The Secretary-General then travelled outside the capital to talk to some 500 delegates at the Somali peace talks, and urged them to do all in their power to establish an inclusive government structure by 31 July.”Somalia cannot afford another false start,” he said. “Your people have the right to look to a better tomorrow. And tomorrow begins today.”In a separate development, the Secretary-General’s wife, Nane, visited a Nairobi slum with Kenya’s Health Minister, Charity Kaluki Ngilu. Mrs. Annan walked through the community and spoke to women and men living with AIDS as well as children orphaned by the disease.The two also visited the Kenya Network of Women with AIDS, a grassroots community-based organization of HIV-positive women who provide support for others affected by the disease.Later, Mrs. Annan visited Equity Building Society, a Kenyan micro-finance institution, and met clients who had received small loans to start or expand their businesses. read more