Uber in Morocco Hires Its First Female Driver

Rabat – Uber Morocco, the driving service that has taken Morocco by storm with its controversial news about “Western Sahara” in recent days, has made the news again. This time on a different note; one that sets the stone to more job opportunities across the nation.A few days after its launch in Casablanca, Uber Morocco has hired its first female driver. Ihsan, a 27 year-old Moroccan woman is now driving Uber customers around the streets of Casablanca.Ihsan, a trained driver is very happy with her job and says to the HuffPost “I’ve been on the road for six months, and I have never encountered difficulties. The people are friendly and pleasantly surprised to be accompanied by a female driver. Some clients feel more comfortable opening up and even share confidences with me.” She enjoys feeling useful and contributing to the lives of the residents and visitors. Filled with joy, this platinum blonde lady loves her new occupation.The HuffPost recounts how Ihsan, a former employee of the textile industry feels: “Since a little girl I was passionate about cars. I couldn’t wait to get my permit and my professional driver’s license to drive as much as possible.”Uber supports equality of men and women and even partners with UN Women to carry on their vision. This brave move “is a pride” for the company whose director in Morocco is also a woman.At this rate, as Uber Morocco expands across the nation, there will be more stories to share.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more