Permian Basin Drilling Report: May 17 – May 23

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Hickman, Coke, recompletion.Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Casselman10, Midland, new drill; Silver City Unit, Howard, new drill (3); Panther A1, Howard, new drill; Sleeping Indian A2, Ward, new drill.Canan Mowrey Operating, LLC, Spring Fecta, Dickens, new drill.Capitan Energy, Inc., Lauren State 30, Culberson, new drill; Lauren State 30, Culberson, new drill.Carrizo Permian, LLC, Zeman 40 (alloc. D), Reeves, new drill; Thurmond A137 (alloc. A), Reeves, new drill; Griffin State Unit 1922, Reeves, new drill.Centennial Resource Production, LLC, Whiskey Barrel G, Reeves, new drill.Champion Lone Star Operating, LLC, CLS Walton, Winkler, new drill.Chevron U.S.A., Inc., Hay Aria 03/46, Culberson, new drill (6).Cimarex Energy Co., Wolverine State 55-1 Unit B, Reeves, new drill; Wolverine State 55-1 Unit C, Reeves, new drill; Wolverine State 55-1 Unit D, Reeves, new drill; Hardscrabble State 57-34 Unit, Reeves, new drill.CrownQuest Operating, LLC, Spade Ranch, Mitchell, new drill; Kimber FR 21, Glasscock, new drill; Henke 42 Unit, Midland, new drill; Colt 28, Glasscock, new drill; Guitar Galusha, Howard, new drill (3).Custer & Wright Operating, Inc., Ben, Yoakum, new drill.DE3 Operating, LLC, Hunt 41, Martin, new drill.Diamondback E&P, LLC, Coldblood State 7372 Unit, Ward, new drill; Bullfrog 47 North Unit, Howard, new drill (2); Salt Lake SWD, Pecos, new drill; Kimberly, Martin, new drill (4); State Ardennes Unit, Ward, new drill.Endeavor Energy Resources, LP, Kennett 29-41 Unit 2, Upton, new drill; Pier 22-23 Unit 1, Martin, new drill (3); Pier 22-23 Unit 2, Martin, new drill (2); Mabee 13-24 SL Unit 2, Martin, new drill (2).Energen Resources Corporation, Wright, D.S., Cochran, reclass; University 36-20, Winkler, new drill; Tennison 46, Martin, new drill.Energy Hunter Resources, Inc., Cunningham, Cochran, new drill.Enwater Operating, LLC, Tarpon, Reeves, new drill.EOG Resources, Inc., State Creek 17-8 Unit, Reeves, new drill (4); McGregor B Unit, Loving, new drill (2).Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd., Fee BN, Andrews, new drill (3).Goodnight Midstream Permian, LLC, Muley SWD, Reeves, new drill.Halcon Operating Co., Inc., Spellbound, Ward, new drill.Henry Resources, LLC, UnivKennedy, Crane, new drill; UnivShannon, Crane, new drill (2); UnivSamantha, Crane, new drill (2).Hunt Oil Company, Scharbauer, Martin, new drill (4).Independence Resources Management, LLC, Pfluger D5, Tom Green, new drill.Iskandia Energy Operating, Inc., Johnson, W.D. 16S, Loving, new drill; Lacy, et al. B, Loving, new drill.Jagged Peak Energy, LLC, State Neal Lethco 3405A-142, Pecos, new drill.Kinder Morgan Production Co., LLC, Sacroc Unit, Scurry, reenter.Lario Oil & Gas Company, Mott 6, Martin, new drill; Spaatz, Martin, new drill; Spaatz 2, Martin, new drill; Fletcher, Martin, new drill; Fletcher 2, Martin, new drill; Fletcher 3, Martin, new drill.MDC Texas Operator, LLC, Omaha 11-3, Reeves, new drill; Runaway Ghost 23, Reeves, new drill; A Classic Dash 18, Reeves, new drill.Mercury Operating, LLC, Texas University G, Andrews, new drill.Occidental Permian, Ltd., Denver Unit, Yoakum, recompletion (4); P.L. Fuller NCT-1, Scurry, recompletion; Cogdell Canyon Reef Unit, Scurry, recompletion; Southeast Levelland Unit, Hockley, recompletion; Wasson ODC Unit, Yoakum, recompletion.Oxy USA, Inc., Block 31 Unit, Crane, recompletion (8); Powell 1001, Glasscock, new drill; Powell 1002, Glasscock, new drill; Powell 1003, Glasscock, new drill; Powell 1004, Glasscock, new drill; Powell 1005, Glasscock, new drill.Oxy USA WTP, LP, Bengal 27-34-4N, Reeves, new drill; Liger 22-34-5N, Reeves, new drill; Sharon Ridge Canyon Unit, Scurry, recompletion (2); Toyah West 4-9, Reeves, new drill; Toyah 4-9-4N, Reeves, new drill; Toyah 4-9-6N, Reeves, new drill; Toyah 4-9-7N, Reeves, new drill.PA Prospect, LLC, County Road 449 SWD, Reeves, new drill.Parallel Petroleum, LLC, Texas Tea, Andrews, new drill.Parsley Energy Operations, LLC, Waha, Reeves, new drill (2); Sebastian 19-18-H, Upton, new drill (2).PDC Permian, Inc., Sugarloaf 7475 1U, Reeves, new drill; Sugarloaf 7475 2U, Reeves, new drill; Sugarloaf 7475 3U, Reeves, new drill; Hanging H State 70, Reeves, field transfer.Perry Producing Company, Inc., Perry 18, Martin, new drill; Flower Grove SWD, Martin, new drill.Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., Midkiff 1N, Midland, new drill; Brook B-12S, Upton, new drill; Brook B-12T, Upton, new drill; Brook B-12U, Upton, new drill.Pitts Energy Co., State School Board ZZ, Reeves, reclass.PRI Operating, LLC, Nyala Unit 9C, Reeves, new drill; Nyala Unit 9D, Reeves, new drill.QEP Energy Company, University 7-31B, Martin, new drill.Ring Energy, Inc., Ellen B. Peters, Gaines, new drill (2).Rosehill Operating Company, LLC, Hatch 16, Pecos, new drill; Sid M. Kyle 26, Loving, new drill.Rosetta Resources Operating, LP, Calamity Jane, Reeves, new drill (4); Ragan Smith State 36-37 Unit A, Reeves, new drill (3); Ragan Smith State 36-37 Unit B, Reeves, new drill (2).RP Operating, LLC, Goldenrod 13, Reagan, new drill.RSP Permian, LLC, Rudd Draw 29-3, Loving, new drill.Sabalo Operating, LLC, TCB 39-34, Howard, new drill; Garon 27-22, Howard, new drill.Sable Permian Resources Land, LLC, Cope 107-108, Reagan, new drill.SEM Operating Company, LLC, Mayer, Irion, new drill; University 38-40, Irion, new drill.SM Energy Company, Annalea SWD, Martin, new drill; Fletch, Howard, new drill.Steward Energy II, LLC, Redemption 208, Gaines, new drill.Stronghold Energy II Operating, LLC, Sealy & Smith Foundation B, Winkler, new drill; Saddleback, Winkler, new drill.Summit Petroleum LLC, Banay, Midland, new drill.Surge Operating, LLC, Newdge 06-43, Howard, new drill (2); Wright Unit A 44-41, Howard, new drill; Hamlin Unit 19-30, Howard, new drill; Nessie Unit B 34-46, Borden, new drill.Texland Petroleum, LP, Martin Estate, Yoakum, recompletion; Northeast Ackerly Dean Unit, Dawson, new drill (3).Three Span Oil & Gas, Inc., Mapache Grande 144, Scurry, new drill.Wilbanks Reserve Corporation, ODC/San Andres Unit, Gaines, new drill.WPX Energy Permian, LLC, Roadrunner State 2, Reeves, new drill (2).XTO Energy, Inc., Blalock 1309, Glasscock, new drill.RAILROAD COMMISSION Rattler Midstream: 4Q Earnings Snapshot WhatsApp Pinterest Summer Spaghetti SaladSlap Your Mama It’s So Delicious Southern Squash CasseroleCreamy Fruit SaladPowered By 10 Sec Mama’s Deviled Eggs NextStay Octopus Energy U.S. to Discount Customers’ Bills by as Much as 90% Congressman Mike Conaway talks to the Odessa American on Jan. 7, 2018. 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