Millard Boys, Girls, Sweep 2-A Cross Country Titles; Panguitch and Piute Win 1-A Crowns

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailCEDAR CITY, Utah-Wednesday, cross country state championships were determined in 1-A, 2-A and 4-A at the Cedar City High School course.In 2-A, the Millard boys won the state title with a score of 56. Rowland Hall placed second with a score of 60. North Summit finished third (73), Monticello placed fourth (80), Beaver placed fifth (144), Duchesne finished sixth (156), Parowan placed seventh (166), Real Salt Lake Academy finished eighth (230), Wateford placed ninth (240), Merit finished 10th (279) and Utah Military Academy placed 11th (295). This was the Eagles’ fourth all-time cross country title (2014-2016; 2020).Rowland Hall senior Carson Burian (15:37.70) won the individual state title for the 2-A boys.Wasatch Academy senior Christopher Korir (15:54.10) placed second.Kanab senior Nathan Bowman (16:16.30) finished fourth.Millard won the state title by virtue of many collective strong performances with sophomore Michael Ralphs (16:49.90) placing eighth.His Eagles teammates finished as follows:Junior Kaydn Frampton (12th place, 17:43.80), sophomore Camden Moat (13th place, 17:49.50), senior Marcor Maxfield (14th place, 17:52.10), sophomore Owen Josse (19th place, 18:06.80), junior Zach Rawlings (29th place, 18:37.60), freshman Travis Whitaker (36th place, 18:55.60).Beaver junior Jason Cardon (16:57.00) placed ninth.His Beavers teammates finished as follows:Sophomore Koby Yardley (18th place, 18:04.30), freshman Jason Kerksiek (46th place, 19:26.60), sophomore Ashton Bartlett (49th place, 19:32.60), junior Austin McIlnay (53rd place, 19:58:00), sophomore Tyson Bartlett (72nd place, 21:37.90) and junior Brian Kerksiek (79th place, 22:58.70).North Sevier junior Tate Goble placed 21st (18:09.20).His Wolves teammates finished as follows:Senior Kolby Bosh (27th place, 18:29.40) and sophomore Keaton Hallows (45th place, 19:18.90).The Millard girls won their fourth all-time state title Wednesday (2007; 2018-2020).The Eagles posted a score of 44.North Summit placed second (51), Parowan finished third (75), Monticello placed fourth (108), Beaver finished fifth (115) and Merit placed sixth (133).North Summit senior Elizabeth Zwahlen (18:29.40) took the individual state title.Millard senior Audrey Camp led the Eagles (19:31.90) by placing fourth.Her Eagles teammates finished as follows:Senior Katy Kelly (5th place, 20:02.60), sophomore Kara Camp (10th place, 21:11.10), freshman Kailey Thurman (12th place, 21:27.70), sophomore Kristen Remkes (13th place, 21:29.20), junior Hannah Koyle (23rd place, 22:24.60), sophomore Imogen Cazares (45th place, 24:11.50).Beaver freshman Elle Williams placed sixth in a time of 20:11.90.Her Beavers teammates finished as follows:Junior Haylee Erickson (22nd place, 22:22.70), senior Sariah Erickson (39th place, 23:19.60), junior Ashtyn Bowles (47th place, 24:18.20), sophomore Sadie Carter (49th place, 24:23.80), freshman Kiauna Hodges (50th place, 24:24.90) and sophomore Chloe Hodges (51st place, 24:27.90).North Sevier was represented by freshman Ciarra Anderson (25th place, 22:35.10) and junior Avery Smith (36th place, 23:16.50).The 1-A boys state title was won by Piute. This is the Thunderbirds’ fourth all-time state title (2004, 2008, 2009 and 2020).The Thunderbirds netted a score of 26 to earn the state title.Water Canyon finished second with a score of (64). They were followed by Panguitch (68), Bryce Valley (94), Valley (99), Milford (104), Intermountain Christian (117), Pinnacle (118), Rich (152), Telos/Manila (178 apiece), Tabiona (199) and Escalante (267).The individual state title was won by Panguitch senior Porter Schoppe (16:46.20).His Bobcats teammates finished as follows:Sophomore Carter Yardley (20th place, 19:01.70), junior Thomas Marshall (22nd place, 19:06.90), sophomore Bryson Henrie (25th place, 19:14.60), sophomore Theron Evans (27th place, 19:15.20), junior Jacolby Bridges (29th place, 19:27.40) and sophomore Korban Osburn (72nd place, 23:30.40).Bryce Valley junior Brock Syrett (17:24.30) placed second. His Mustangs teammates finished as follows:Junior John Ahlstrom (19th place, 18:56.90), sophomore Randen Leslie (52nd place, 19:23.30), junior Milo Atwood (46th place, 21:04.40), sophomore Isaac Leech (47th place, 21:08.70), senior Chase Beesley (58th place, 21:43.60) and sophomore Mason Beesley (62nd place, 22:01.50).Piute secured the state title with numerous strong showings.The Thunderbirds were led by fresman Kade Severe (3rd place, 17:28.50).Piute was bolstered by the following strong performances:Sophomore Oakley Sylvester (6th place, 18:03.80), freshman Jaxon Westwood (8th place, 18:07.80), sophomore Jesse James (9th place, 18:18.80), sophomore Daxon Morrill (15th place, 18:48.30), freshman Kole Westwood (23rd place, 19:11.10) and junior Jaden Westwood (31st place, 19:46.40).Valley was paced by sophomore Tyler Bonham who placed 10th in a time of 18:26.70.His Buffaloes teammates placed as follows:Senior Ruger Reeve (21st place, 19:05.90), junior Layton Spencer (26th place, 19:14.90), senior Alex Osterhout (43rd place, 20:51.50), sophomore Max Lee (44th place, 20:55.20), sophomore Bryce Brinkerhoff (68th place, 22:34.50) and freshman Hagen Church (76th place, 24:14.20).Milford was paced by freshman Taiven Cluff (17th place, 18:53.70).His Tigers teammates finished as follows:Junior Kydon Davis (18th place, 18:54.50), freshman Hunter Stewart (32nd place, 19:46.60), sophomore Brayden Fisher (38th place, 20:24.40), junior Talma Harding (51st place, 21:18.30) and freshman Gage Yardley (88th place, 28:27.50).Escalante was led by freshman Kendal Gardner (63rd place, 22:04.20).His Moquis teammates finished as follows:Freshman Adrian Dalton (64th place, 22:04.30), sophomore Ben Peterson (74th place, 23:43.30), freshman Henrie Eagar (86th place, 28:17.90), freshman Korben Young (87th place, 28:19.90) and freshman George Peterson (89th place, 32:03.00).For the 1-A girls, Panguitch took the team title, their sixth in school history (2011-2014; 2018, 2020).The Bobcats took the crown with a score of 16.Bryce Valley placed second with a score of 49. The 1-A standings continued as follows: Rich (3rd place, 70), Milford (4th place, 76), Intermountain Christian/Valley (5th place, 114 apiece), Piute (7th place, 137), Pinnacle (8th place, 151), Manila (9th place, 158), Water Canyon (10th place, 163) and Escalante (11th place, 182).Panguitch was led by individual state champion sophomore Adelaide Englestead (19:27.90). Her Bobcats teammates finished as follows:Freshman Tabetha Henrie (3rd place, 20:32.00), sophomore Hailie Wilcox (5th place, 21:31.40), junior Lacey Marshall (7th place, 21:45.90), junior Mikayla Reeder (8th place, 22:28.60), sophomore Dj Henrie (11th place, 23:08.30) and sophomore Jaci Draper (26th place, 25:02.80).Milford senior Kinley Spaulding (19:30.30) placed second.Her Tigers teammates finished as follows:Sophomore Whytney Stoddard (6th place, 21:44.00), freshman Tayleah Spaulding (16th place, 23:46.90) and freshman Emmy Holm (57th place, 29:52.30).Bryce Valley was paced by sophomore Shandi Syrett (10th place, 22:54.50)Her Mustangs teammates placed as follows:Freshman Bradi Gates (12th place, 23:20.50), junior Kristen Stewart (13th place, 23:29.60), senior Kezli Floyd (14th place, 23:38.80), freshman Skyler Ott (17th place, 24:09.90), junior Amanda Chynoweth (24th place, 24:54.50) and junior Mira Platt (37th place, 26:17.90).Piute was led by sophomore Madisen Remund (18th place, 24:13.90).Her Thunderbirds teammates finished as follows:Sophomore Saige Remund (34th place, 26:01.50), senior Ashley Talbot (41st place, 26:25.20) and freshman Ainsley Talbot (48th place, 26:51:20).Valley was paced by 21st place finisher, freshman Kaitlynn Baird (24:33.30).Her Buffaloes teammates finished as follows:Senior Savannah Wood (28th place, 25:11.90), freshman Maddie Osterhout (32nd place, 25:55.10), freshman Elora Williams (33rd place, 25:57.80) and senior Kelsey Brinkerhoff (58th place, 30:23.20).Escalante was paced by sophomore Nadia Griffin (35th place, 26:06.00).Her Moquis teammates placed as follows:Sophomore Annie Mason (43rd place, 26:28.90), sophomore Briannon Woolsey (29:48.70), senior Ashley Young (38:51.20) and junior Chasey Lyman (47:26.80).In 4-A, the Desert Hills boys won the state title for the fifth time in school history (2013-2016; 2020).The 4-A individual boys champion is Hurricane senior Joshua Armstrong (15:24.50).The 4-A girls title was won by Pine View. This was the Panthers’ fifth all-time state title in girls cross country (2001, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020).The 4-A individual girls champion is Hurricane junior Caila Odekirk (17:45.50). Brad James Tags: Cross Country October 21, 2020 /Sports News – Local Millard Boys, Girls, Sweep 2-A Cross Country Titles; Panguitch and Piute Win 1-A Crowns Written bylast_img

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