Watch These Super-Heady Nuns Rage An EDM Show

first_imgWe’re not sure where this crowd of nuns has been hiding, but we’d imagine church would be much more fun with them around.In a viral video that’s made its way around the world and back over the last week, a field packed with nuns in full regalia can be seen jumping up and down and playing patty-cake in what looks to be the yard of a convent. Without the sound on, it’s pretty innocuous. But then you turn up the sound……And it turns out this is an EDM show, and these nuns just raging it. Like, getting after it. A+ partying. Especially for a large group of the Lord’s servants. Like, the vows they made were “chastity,” “poverty,” “obedience,” and “turning the f*ck up.”This video is [very] likely fake, a well-done but textbook Internet overdub job. We’re not gonna think about it too hard. There’s a lot of shit on social media. These days, most of the news we hear is bad. Most of the things we see are disturbing—or, at the very least, off-putting. That’s why there are so many videos of people’s pets and stuff on socials, too: People inherently want to balance out the bad with something happy and innocent. To remember there’s still joy and fun to be had in the world. For sanity’s sake.So even if it’s just for the purpose of seeing something surprising on social media that isn’t also a bummer, take a second and watch these super-heady nuns enjoying the…um…Heaven…out of an EDM show.Nuns Raging An EDM Show[Video: Isaac Vissers; Music: Fisherman –  “The Mission”][H/T Educate Inspire Change]last_img

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