Exclusive look at Broome County employees training to become COVID-19 contact tracers

first_img(WBNG) — As Broome County continues to see a rise in COVID-19 cases, the Broome County Health Department is ramping up contact tracing efforts. If you do receive a call from New York State Contact Tracing, be prepared to answer questions of where you have been, who you have been around, and questions about your health. “Some of them started training yesterday, they’ve been training today, and our goal is to have them up and running on Monday to start calling people,” said Marissa Knapp with the Broome County Health Department COVID-19 response team. “The more people that we’re able to connect with, reach out to, and contact trace, the sooner we are to issue their isolation or quarantine, and get them into quarantine, away from other people, so there’s less of a chance for the virus to be transmitted,” said Knapp. Since the recent spike, the health department has brought on more than 20 people to take on the job. Contact tracers end up making dozens of calls a day. Even the professionals say they still run into situations they have never seen before. “When it comes to COVID, nothing is really black or white, there are a lot of grey areas, so we go through as many scenarios as possible,” said Knapp. “Everyone’s own unique life is different, everyone’s story different, and everyone’s living situation is different.” “It’s a skill some people train for, for a long time. Right now, because of the pandemic, we have high hopes and we know they are doing the absolute best job they can,” said Knapp. Having to be the person notifying others of an exposure or even a positive result can make these calls extremely difficult sometimes. last_img

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