The Tourist Board adopted the proposal of the Annual Work Program of the CNTB for 2018

first_imgToday, the 26th session of the CNTB Tourist Council was held at the CNTB Head Office, at which the council members adopted a proposal for amendments, ie a rebalance of the CNTB Annual Work Program and Financial Plan for 2017 and a proposal of the Annual Work Program and financial plan of the CNTB for 2018.The members of the Tourist Council also appointed the members of the commissions for the implementation of the competition for the selection of the international marketing agency and for the selection of the international PR agency. Regarding the amendments to the Annual Work Program and Financial Plan for 2017, Director Staničić emphasized that the CNTB has so far carried out all key activities planned in the work program for this year. As he said, some additional or intensified activities are planned by the end of the year, which includes intensified general and image offline and online advertising, fairs, presentations and other activities.Director Staničić also presented to the members of the Tourist Board the Annual Work Program of the CNTB for 2018 and emphasized that the document contains all activities aimed at achieving the basic goals defined by national strategic documents. “The annual work program for 2018 is still designed with the aim of further focused implementation of the main operational plans, which relate to strengthening the strength of the brand, strengthening the pre- and post-season and increasing tourism spending. In accordance with the financial plan for 2018, the total revenues of the CNTB for the next year are planned in the amount of HRK 289.440.611,00, which is an increase in revenues of 12 percent compared to the plan for 2017. ” said director Stanicic.Minister Cappelli emphasized that this year’s results of tourist traffic, especially those in the pre- and post-season, best show how positive planning and marketing activities can achieve positive strides. “In order to continue to develop, it is extremely important to think long-term, and it is by adopting the annual work program for next year that we define the foundations for the continued development of Croatian tourism. Our desire is to position Croatia as an air destination and I believe that during the next year we will have an even more concrete step in that segment. Accordingly, cooperation with airlines and tour operators with organized programs for Croatia has been separated into strategic projects. The strategic projects themselves will be implemented at the national level in cooperation with all stakeholders, primarily primarily tourist boards, but also all other partners interested in destination promotion, and the CNTB offices abroad will certainly play an active role in this process.”, Said Minister Cappelli, adding that Croatia is a hit tourist destination today and that the goal is to maintain such a status in the coming years.Approved funds for joint advertisingThe agenda of the session also included the proposal of the decision of the Commission for Associated Advertising, but also the proposal of the Decision on the promotion of Croatia through sports and the report of the Supervisory Board on the supervision of the Croatian National Tourist Board for ten months in 2017.As part of the joint advertising, the requirements that meet the conditions for advertising in promotional campaigns of entities from the public and private sector in the total amount of the CNTB’s Main Office of HRK 21.302.737,49 including VAT were accepted. Observing the distribution of funds according to the models listed in the public invitation, within the “Model 1” applications were accepted in the total amount of HRK 15.039.789,95 including VAT, while within the “Model 2” applications were accepted in the total amount of HRK 6.262.947,54. XNUMX kn with VAT, they point out from the CNTB.Regarding promotion through sports, the CNTB recognized the importance of using sports in marketing activities, which directly affects the strengthening of the strength of the Croatian brand. In this sense, marketing cooperation with the Croatian Handball Federation on various activities has been accepted, with an emphasis on the upcoming European Handball Championship 2018 in Croatia. The sponsorship package was contracted in the total amount of HRK 500.000,00 without VAT, and it includes, among other things, printing of the CNTB logo on sports equipment, official documents and the HRS website, publication of the CNTB logo on LED monitors, visibility of the logo CNTB on sports surfaces and more.Related news:CNTB has announced a tender for an international PR agency <br />
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