Mega Drive Tetris signed by creator has 1 million price tag

first_imgTetris could be considered a household name. It can be found on nearly any platform, from a clamshell phone to the media console on most airlines. But there is only one version for the Sega Mega Drive that can be had for a bank-busting million dollars.After some legal fisticuffs with Nintendo, Tetris was released in very limited quantity for the Japanese iteration of the Sega Genesis, the Mega Drive. RacketBoy estimates that there are about ten copies of the Mega Drive version of Tetris in existence which has driven up prices for any aspiring or hardcore collectors.AdChoices广告Ebay seller shinsnk posits his Tetris copy as the rarest in existence. It is justified, though, because it is signed by the game’s creator, Alexey Pajitnov. With this in mind, shinsnk attached a $1,000,000 price tag to the game. He also has a photo of himself with Alexey on the eBay page. Based on that marker free game cover in that image, the photo was taken before the signing.He freely admits, however, that he only paid roughly 11,000 Euros, about $15,800, for the game. The jump in price is staggering, but shinsnk says he is willing to consider all serious offers.Currently, the game is being offered as a Buy It Now item for the heavy price tag, but it’s unclear what he considers to be a serious offer. He noted in the Q&A section that he has already rejected offers over £12,000 GBP, about $19,500.How much would you pay for one of the rarest video games on Earth?via Yahoo! Games UKlast_img

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