49 Cubieboard is like an AllWinner A10 Raspberry Pi

first_imgInexpensive DIY computers are popping up all over the place — almost as rapidly as Android-powered HDMI stick PCs. The Raspberry Pi got the ball rolling for just $35 and then along came the quad-core beast that is the $129 ODROID-X. Now there’s the Cubie Board, which sits somewhere in between with an AllWinner A10 processor and a $49 price tag.Like the Raspberry Pi, the Cubieboard’s specs are fairly humble. The ARM Cortex-A8 A10 chip is clocked at 1GHz and features 512KB of L2 cache and a Mali 400 GPU. There’s quite a bit more RAM on board — a full 1GB compared to just 1GB on the Pi — and the SoC is quite capable of handling full 1080P playback of h.264 and MP4 files. The base configuration also offers Ethernet connectivity, two full-sized USB ports, HDMI output, an IR sensor, dual SD card slots, and a SATA port for storage.Optional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi dongles are available, and there are also a wide range of choices when it comes to operating systems you can run on the Cubieboard. The A10 has attracted a pretty solid developer following ever since the chip appeared in the MK802 a few months back. In addition to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, it should be able to handle Ubuntu 12.04, Fedora, and a host of other ARM-friendly linux distributions.No concrete date has been announced for general availability, but interested developers will soon be able to get their hands on the first batch of beta boards. Cubie also seems set to release the Cubieboard as an open-hardware product, which means you’ll be able to get your hands on everything from schematics to mechanical particulars once it’s all said and done.More at CNX Software and Liliputinglast_img

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