Firm Top route for highly automated semitrucks includes Vancouver

first_imgVancouver is just about in the middle of what one international transportation data firm says is the overall best route in the United States for the initial deployment of highly automated semitrucks.“The most ideal U.S. corridor for initial deployment when normalizing freight volume, route length, congestion and incident rates is I-5 from the Canadian border to Northern California,” INRIX, a big data firm focused on transportation issues within cities, said in a news release. “This route scored the highest in our combined score due to its length and its high incident rate when compared to other low-congestion corridors.”The company reached the conclusion in The INRIX Automated Freight Corridor Assessment, a report that looked at the potential of autonomous trucks on American highways.“Big data is an essential tool that should be used as the public and private sectors explore and deploy HAVs,” Avery Ash, head of autonomous mobility at INRIX said in the release, using the acronym for highly automated vehicles. “Using data-driven insights will allow commercial truck operators and road authorities to proactively leverage HAVs to solve key mobility and business challenges.”Autonomous vehicles have the potential to radically change the long-haul trucking industry. But the details of how, when and where they should be deployed are still uncertain. INRIX’s report seeks to suggest the best-suited locations for the initial rollout.last_img

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