The eye of the universe

first_imgAn Exhibition of a new born artist, Christina – “The Resurrection of the Soul” is dedicated to god and the angels of god to the resurrection of Gods power to resurrect the souls of human beings. Ever since she was a child, whenever she looked at the night sky, she was very curious to know the inside of the universe, stars, planets, black holes and existence of God. She started painting as early as six, but at the edge of a certain age she started delivering her thoughts and her concept about the universe, black holes, stars, planets. In her paintings, when she compares the cornea of eye grasp the entire world, you can see through your eyes a similar activity to that of a black hole. So she started painting the cornea and the thought of rays coming and going back as the activity of the black hole. Her philosophy of god reflects as similar as black holes, stars and the universe. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfIn her assumption, her vision is unique as she compares cornea of eyes of human being with the eye of the universe. Her technique of layering the canvas through a new media, threads and fibres are coming out from “Nothingness.” “Something is coming out from Nothingness. The resurrection is the process of god and it finds its place on earth only in Moss.”All her new artworks are based on resurrection. An artist like Christina explores their physical properties, especially their ability to stain and be poured directly on raw canvas. Medium and support could merge and become equal. Such approach can advance one of the fundamental ideas of modern painting: acknowledging flatness and high relief and low relief effects of a 3D effect on canvas as part of a painting’s status as object and picture. This exhibition at Gandhi art gallery, which will go on till August 5, explores how new synthetic products not only allow for a new look but also aligned with subject matter to change the direction of modern contemporary art.last_img

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