Your hearts grew so much during this workshop I a

first_imgYour hearts grew so much during this workshop. I am so happy for that.At the second anniversary of True Father’s ascension, North Korea sent me two wonderful dogs, Jeong Joo and An Joo, as gifts. Then An Joo had a puppy that I named Jeong Pal. Whenever I leave from the Cheon Jeong Gung gate, Jeong Joo, An Joo and Jeong Pal greet me so enthusiastically. The interesting thing is that they recognize the sound of my car. There are a few cars for True Parents, and they know which car I am riding. So, whenever I go to the Cheon Jung Gung gate, I can’t help but to stop. They try to get my attention. They bark. How can I just pass them by?What I am trying to say to you is that God created heaven and earth and all things. He created the animals and plants. After that, He created human beings, Adam and Eve. What’s special about that is that he gave humankind responsibility. The responsibility was to grow up with the position that absolutely united with God. One mind, one body, one harmony.During the process of growth, Adam and Eve thought centering on their own sake. They had desire centering on themselves. That was the Fall with Satan. The result is seven billion people living today with Satan’s lineage that are not related to God at all.However, God is omnipotent and omniscient and He should be the same before and after. He must succeed. Thus, there were problems. God is a perfect Being, but He gave all the responsibility to humankind. Therefore, a person who can be the ancestor of all humankind and fulfill God’s wish should be born to the earth again. That was the purpose of the 4,000 years of history to prepare the people of Israel and send the only begotten son, Jesus Christ.But if you look at the Divine Principle, we need more than just the only begotten son. However, the people around Jesus didn’t fulfill their responsibility. Jesus could not have the place in which he could work. Jesus was left alone because he lost the necessary environment. Therefore, when he was crucified he promised he would return.That was the 2,000-year Christian history of God’s providence. However, despite 2,000 years of Christian history, people don’t understand God’s providence. They don’t understand who is the central figure and what is the purpose of human beings. They don’t understand how to become close to God as His children.True Parents were born in this Korean peninsula. When True Father was 16 years old, Jesus came to him and asked him to fulfill the things that he could not fulfill while he was on the earth. True Father realized his position as the only begotten son from that moment. You should know this clearly.If you look at the Divine Principle, Adam and Eve have their responsibility until God confirms that they are perfected.Responsibility. Korea is a really important country. God does not use the Israel that failed their responsibility again. Israel is a country of the past. There are many reasons why God chose Korea as the chosen country. Korea doesn’t like to have war. They don’t fight until others invade first. The symbol of this country is the white cloth of the people. They don’t usually wear colorful and luxury cloth, but they like to wear clean, white cloth. So God cannot help but to choose this country as the chosen country. This is important.At the end of World War II, Korea had been a colony of Japan for 40 years. Korea then gained its independence in 1945. After gaining independence from Japan, this country was split between communism and democracy along the 38th parallel. Therefore, Christian history was cut short. This country experienced the Korean war right after its independence.Korea has a miserable history. I was in North Korea at the time. During the 2,000 years of Christian history, preparation for the only begotten daughter with a Christian background should be made. I was the only one with those qualifications. There was especially so much spiritual work going on in North Korea centering on Pyeong Yang. All of Christianity believed that Jesus would come back on the clouds. But in North Korea, there were Christian groups preparing for the Second Coming to be born on the earth with a physical body. I was at the center of that group when I was six years old. God was really concerned about the future of humankind so God sent me to the earth.My uncle studied pharmacy at Waseda University. He was supposed to return back to his hometown in North Korea, but he didn’t. He went to the military in South Korea after graduating. Furthermore, he was the only son of my grandmother. That was the reason why my grandmother, mother, and I came over the 38th parallel and into South Korea at the last minute. Two years later, the Korean War started.True Father, in the meantime, was first in the South and got the call from God to go to North Korea. Then he went to Heung Nam Prison. Can you imagine how urgent God was feeling? The Second Coming of the Messiah was God’s last hope. God had to save him, using the United Nations to do so. How was it possible for 16 nations of the UN to unite together to participate in a holy war for this country? It’s impossible from a human perspective. It was God’s providence. People should realize this.We have to especially spread the word around the world about True Parents’ holy birthday and celebrate it. I planned this. But what do you think? If we look at the phenomena happening around the world, we see the natural world is being destroyed as well, not just humankind. The natural world did not fall, but because of humans’ ignorance and greed centering on their own sake, it’s being destroyed. Imagine how much work True Parents have had to do and how challenging it must have been. You have to realize this and be grateful.The first generation did not fulfill their responsibility. You have to know that. Originally, True Parents were supposed to work on the worldwide providence through the foundation of a nation. It was America’s responsibility, but they could not do it. True Father experienced hardship for 40 years in America because they couldn’t fulfill their responsibility.If we look at the core problems of the world, war and powerful weapons—nuclear weapons—are the core problems. However, these people cannot see the future. Do you understand? We have to educate America. America is making many wrong choices. Of course, China and Russia are too. These developed countries are destroying nature by centering on themselves.What do you think is the perspective of True Parents and Heavenly Parent? I cannot just watch this. Do you understand? I already told you about this at the Wonmo Scholarship event. We’ve got to love our natural world. We have to restore nature to the way it was right after God created it. We should teach True Parents’ ideas all around the world, but also we have to take care of our environment and educate about how to protect nature as well. This planet should be kept clean and healthy in order to have the future that God and True Parents want for humankind. This is our one world, Heaven on earth.I would like to ask you one question. What does Heaven on Earth look like to you? What is your image of Heaven on Earth? The reason why God protected Korea is because this country should be God’s land. You should know this. Why did God choose this land even though it has gone through so many difficulties? True Parents have to work with the foundation of a nation. Providence can only move forward with the foundation of a nation. Therefore, because this country is the hometown of God’s land, I will use Cheong Pyeong as the central point that the seven billion people of the world can visit and feel the heart and life of True Parents and love of Heavenly Parent even after they leave for the spiritual world. It would be nice to have this kind of place in every country. But this is the starting point because it is the birthplace of True Parents. It should be the Garden of Eden. Therefore, this time I held this big event to bring the attention of the people from all around world.We are going forward with the goal of Vision 2020. During the first three years of Cheon Il Guk, the spirit world was making preparations. During this fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, the year of hope, Cheon Il Guk will be stabilized here on earth. It is about how we can show this to the world. Therefore, True Father, who is without body, has the freedom to do everything that he wants to do and I toured around the world and got a lot of inspiration.We will not need judges, lawyers, or prosecutors in the future. You won’t need to study in these areas. True Parents are everything for us. If you live life by the words of True Parents, the law is written in your heart.If you are proud of your parents, then you will tell people about your parents everywhere. How about you? You have to tell people about True Parents all around the world! You want to do it! True Mother speaking to Global Top Gun at Heaven G BurgerFebruary 17, 2016Heaven G. Burger, Cheongpyeong. KoreaDownload the speechlast_img

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