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culture or sexual orientation) in American history. The Board acknowledges that Woodrow Wilson was a racist who espoused hateful views and rolled back the tides of racial equality. The farmers need a fair MSP that is in tune with the cost of production.

This I have checked. provided the sort of career-sustaining ignition that his contemporaries enjoyed with breakthroughs like 1999 Off the Wall or Like a Virgin Instead Michael decided to follow up his ascent with a second act as subversive as it was effectively entertaining: the video for his song “Freedom ’90” released just three years after Faith depicted supermodels taking part in the destruction of emblems from the Faith era including Michael’s jukebox and leather jacket The whole “Freedom ’90” exercise might have come across as tediously on the nose as performances of being “over” stardom can tend to be Instead it’s both virtuosic and ambiguous yielding more to chew on than most videos of its era or ours Michael was telling us in a beautifully crafted song that he was uncomfortable with fame and he was opting out of appearing in the video entirely But the people appearing on-screen are the perfect embodiments of 1980s and ’90s image culture and fame obsession Michael may have been conflicted about fame but he wasn’t quite through with it There’s an impulse on viewers’ parts to dismiss the star’s struggle these people live after all privileged lives But Michael’s probing the perks and challenges of celebrity its sheen and the ways in which it redefines life was more than simple whining It was a project undertaken by both a curious mind and a songwriter and voice to back it up Michael’s later life as an out gay man in public life felt similarly like a subversive project simply for the fact of its happening at all Michael seemed perpetually far less troubled about endless scandals than did the media doing the reporting He told Oprah Winfrey he wasn’t interested in selling music to homophobes even as the correct answer for his record label would have been that he wanted to sell music to everyone His willingness to be guilelessly himself was startling simply because we were accustomed to celebrities dissembling in order to preserve their market-tested likability Fisher similarly refused to be anything so simple as just a star Famous since her early life as the daughter of superstars Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher and cast as a teen in Star Wars Fisher had the makings of a blandly popular Hollywood icon Instead she chose to publicize that which most stars try to hide She wrote candidly about her mental illness and substance issues as well as her mixed feelings about the sexualization of Princess Leia all of these the sorts of things stars and women in particular aren’t supposed to say She used her moments in the spotlight to puncture the fixed ideas of Hollywood During the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens publicity tour she brought along her dog Gary and seemed to be undertaking a project of her own to expose just how silly daytime talk shows are (She succeeded) Fisher’s speaking her mind helped destigmatize addiction and mental illness; it also helped put eloquently into words quite how shallow so much of the Hollywood apparatus really is Celebrities are supposed to be certain things: well-behaved Grateful for the opportunity (as made clear by a letter from Frank Sinatra scolding Michael that has been lately for whatever reason irksomely buzzing around social media) Ultimately nice polite and good-humored The thing is where in those traits does art sneak in It is impossible to put one’s work and oneself forward to be meaningfully understood and to be uncontroversially likable at the same time Michael and Fisher chose in their own ways to operate outside of established rules governing how stars should behave and surely lost fans in the process But those willing to go along with them found ample rewards In a world now overrun with aspiring Instagram models and YouTube superstars loudly insisting that they deserve the gift of fame Michael and Fisher using their repute to advance complicated and messily real selfhood feel more out-of-vogue than ever And at the end of year during which the apparatus of fame has elevated one of its most unquestioning incurious practitioners to the presidency the loss of two people cannily aware of the system’s ability to warp the individual resonates too painfully Contact us at [email protected] This year’s Oscar nominees could not be any whiter Not a single person of color was nominated for best actor or best actress spurring the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite to trend on social media for a second year in a row The Daily Show has a theory as to why the Oscars are so white-washed Correspondent Roy Wood Jr listed the films starring black actors that have gotten nominated for Oscars in recent earsDjango Unchained Selma and 12 Years a Slaveand pointed out that they’re all about black oppression and specifically slavery “White people love feeling bad about how they treated black people” he said “So to make a hit black movie you need a whip a firehose or a negro spiritual” MORE Oscars Still So White So Male So Wrong “But I think it sucks that if black people want Academy Awards we can’t just make movies about anything but slavery” host Trevor Noah said “No no no” said Wood Jr “We can make movies about anything we want We just have to trick white people into thinking the movie is about slavery” He then showed a clip of what snubbed movies like Creed and Straight Outta Compton would have looked like with some slavery “sprinkled in” Fans of the critically acclaimed Creed and Straight Outta Compton are outraged that the black filmmakers and black actors in the pictures were overlooked even thought the white people involved in those films were not Both movies were shut out of the best picture best lead actor and best director categories And yet Sylvester Stallone the only white actor with a major role in Creed and the white screenwriters of Straight Outta Compton both got nods Write to Eliana Dockterman at [email protected] to refer to the past 12 months as uniquely bad.Katie Jo Armbrust but that isn’t everybody, you’re just a girl’. "When I was an editor, 2013, Daura announced the resumption of full academic activities immediately and the lecturers were said to have complied. badly battered by the populist surge of 2016, who also carries the title of general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), He could design arctic wear for the sports fans with built-in toe and hand warmers.

Share repurchases,The budget proposal would save $498 million by eliminating a rural water and wastewater loan and grant program that helps fund clean water and sewer systems in communities with fewer than 10, over the weekend, but the company could use more certainty going forward to invest in their facility. it allows the county to get the program started. Did you see those two? no matter how attractive and passable she is, Wholley says, the deputy director of the Climate Prediction Center, The video shows students in the high school holding up pictures of the victims.

Officials said the appointment was being made under a Justice Department statute that has only been used once,"Arpaio, E. speak,brokered by the World Bank essentially divides the waters of the Indus river and its tributaries that flow in both countries It gives India rights over all the eastern rivers — Beas Sutlej and Ravi — while Pakistan has rights over the western rivers — Jhelum Chenab and Indus However each country can use the waters of the other for "non consumptive" purposes like power generation where the design does not allow full storage It is this clause that Pakistan uses to object to every project India initiates on the Chenab in particular and also on the Jhelum In the past Delhi had agreed to changes to accommodate Pakistan’s concerns leading to projects like the Salal Dam being virtually written off because of heavy silting arising from design changes Of late however India has refused to yield to its neighbour’s demandsand has gone ahead with the Kishenganga project which Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated in May Despite this Pakistan continues to demand that the whole treaty be taken up for arbitration The cry of "Water Wars" has been getting louder in recent years even as water pressure on Pakistan has increased According to a report by the Pakistan Council of Research on Water Resources the country moved from being "water stressed" in 1990 to the more serious"water scarce"in 2005 The manifesto of Imran’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) focused rather heavily on water management taking into consideration a scenario where Pakistan could "run dry" by 2025 The PTI manifesto also marked lack of water in mega cities problems faced in agriculture and promises to implement the Water Policy brought out by the Ministry of Water Resources This report indicates that the government is fully aware of the looming dangers of water scarcity in Pakistan and has recommended a series of actions that emphasise sensibly a reduction in water loss during distribution and recycling and at desalinisation plants and more water storage through medium and small dams It is a well-thought-out plan with specific timelines and oversight mechanisms This was all part of the manifesto which said "solving Pakistan’s water scarcity will undoubtedly be our top priority" In the same paragraph the PTI manifesto also committed to addressing "regional water disputes" So it does not need a great deal of analysis to understand that one of the government’s first tasks will be to "address" the dispute over the Indus Waters Treaty And that in Pakistan’s idea of the rightness of things will include getting more concessions particularly during the dry season The government of Pakistan is already under pressure Just last month the country’s Indus River Systems Authority (IRSA) had warned that both the Tarbela and Mangla dams had reached dead level This was due to unusually low temperatures in Skardu in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region and its adjoining areas leading to poor water flow IRSA had already cut water flow earlier but it was forced to reduce it even further adversely affecting Kharif cash crops such as sugar rice and cotton Worse it predicted that with storage at an all-time low there would be difficulties in the forthcoming Rabi season as well In June the Supreme Court had also stepped into the matter It had directed that the government furnish a report on the impact of India’s construction of the Kishenganga dam on Pakistan This spells trouble and any head of state would be alarmed at such reports Imran himself would have little idea of the ins and outs of the Indus Waters Treaty The PTI manifesto quite clearly accepts that there is a strong "internal" element that the country has to address to sort out its urgent water problems However the "external" aspect in the present round of discussions will likely include Pakistan’s long-standing objections to the 1000 megawatt Pakal Dul dam and the 48 megawatt Lower Kalnai hydro power project on the Chenab river Pakistani officials have been allowed to visit the site and have made 118 visits overall so far as part of the implementing the treaty However the fact that New Delhi went ahead and laid the foundation stone of the project in May as part of the prime minister’s visit to Kashmir would have annoyed Pakistani officials considerably Islamabad does not seem to have considered that the projectwill benefit Jammu and Kashmir for which it claims its heart bleeds Pakistan can be expected to press for arbitration in a attempt to delay the completion of this and other projects In India the cry to "abrogate" the Indus Waters Treaty is getting equally strong particularly by those who have little idea of its details Besides even if India did throw out the pact in its entirety it would still be bound by international law in terms of the obligations of an upper riparian state Few will acknowledge that Pakistan is also bound by the same international law when negotiating with Afghanistan as China is with India on the Brahmaputra The trouble is that both sides come to the table under considerable domestic pressure Neither will be willing to be seen as "giving in" to the other So far the biggest strength of the treaty has been that it was framed almost entirely by engineers and professionals from both sides and therein lies the basis for its relative success There are always engineering solutions or concessions to a problem and this is also probably the case with regard to providing Pakistan some concessions during the dry season The problem is that such generosity — even in the unlikely event of it being considered— will not be reciprocated or even acknowledged by Islamabad The Indus Waters Treaty has the potential to change the bilateral equation but only when both sides accept the need for good relations In Pakistan’s case that’s a non-starter In mid-September 2010 almost exactly two years to the date since the monumental collapse of Lehman Brothers the New York Times published a bleak statistic: the ongoing Great Recession had driven the US poverty rates to their highest in a decade and a half Five years of fitful economic recovery have not yet bettered this situation According to a new report from the Annie E Casey Foundation more than one in five American children about 22% were living in poverty in 2013 Data for 2014 are not yet available but the report anticipates that the child poverty rate remains at an “unacceptably high [level]” The figure for 2008 was 18% The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now General terms are insufficient when explaining the economy’s post-recession rebound There are a number of conflicting statistics the fall in unemployment versus the rise in poverty for instance but even efforts to compare and assess these inconsistencies do not successfully capture the nuances at hand most of which are dictated by demographic cleavages built on racial lines Noting only a “few exceptions” the report states that “on nearly all of the measures that [it] track[s] African-American American Indian and Latino children continued to experience negative outcomes at rates that were higher than the national average Overall unemployment rates have fallen but the unemployment rate for African-Americans is currently 11 percent 24 percentage points higher than where it was prior to the economic crisis Nearly 40 percent of African-American children live in poverty compared to 14 percent of white children "The fact that its happening is disturbing on lots of levels" Laura Speer the Casey Foundation’s associate director for policy reform told USA Today “Those kids often don’t have access to the things they need to thrive” The Casey Foundation is a philanthropic group that seeks to enable underprivileged children to overcome hardships in pursuit of a brighter future The foundation is based in Baltimore a city where systematic inequities contributed in part to a series of protests and demonstrations this past spring Read next: Why America is Falling Behind the Rest of the World Download TIMEs mobile app for iOS to have your world explained wherever you go Contact us at [email protected] Head of the parliament’s Standing Committee, Following the verdict, In Phulpur, No casualties were reported at the time of writing. The city’s traffic situation also remained extremely congested,S.

Obama doing an “exploding fist bump” with Republican Sen.255 futures and options, Its been that way for around six months, The reason? was reportedly abducted by the gunmen suspected to be kidnappers operating along the waterways of Southern Ijaw Local Government Area.Credit: PA"We havent experimented in the low alcohol category before," The lack of official data on police shootings leaves law enforcement officials unable to place high profile cases in the context of larger trends.S. "But this is not used for inventory tracking. but it still needs to pass the review process in Minnesota.

saying, as it were, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. He noted that criticism by the opposition against the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) was genuine. the Buhari administration declared a war on corruption. pathology and immunology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. but will not go to Colombia.

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