Zaragoza asks the FEF that medical reports are prepared by independent doctors

first_imgThe RFEF has confirmed the suspension of Zaragoza – Sporting corresponding to the 22nd day of LaLiga SmartBank due to the flu outbreak suffered by the Asturian staff. He has done it several hours after the request and has not yet announced a new date. The clubs accept the decision, although the maña directive does not understand how the postponement has been developed and questions the process and the fact that the medical parties have been presented by club doctors and not external. This is the full statement: “Real Zaragoza has the obligation to abide by the decision of the Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation to postpone the match that was to be played this Friday, January 3, starting at 9:00 p.m. in La Romareda against Sporting de Gijón, due to the health problems of various players in the Asturian team. However, the Club communicates that, having previously requested allegations by the Competition Committee itself and understanding the situation of Real Sporting players, Real Zaragoza expressed its willingness for the match to be played on the date and time initially marked, on January 3, at 9:00 p.m., to safeguard their sports interests and with the aim of avoiding further disruption to their own subscribers and fans.At the same time, Real Zaragoza has transmitted to the Spanish Federation its request that, given the unquestionable importance of this type of incident, which has already been subject during this season, and in general, the medical reports of players that could be affected by physical problems of this nature are carried out by medical doctors independent of their own clubs, and have the essential support of the Spanish Federation itself when making a decision on the postponement of matches. What would guarantee the legal safeguard and integrity of the Competition itself“.last_img read more

King Abdullah: ‘The Shining Jewel’ erected in just 14 months

first_imgThe Shining Jewel of Jeddah is the King Abdullah Sports Complex, the spectacular stadium that host the semifinals of the Spain Supercup today and tomorrow and the Great end of Sunday. An architectural marvel for 62,345 spectators that cost 510 million euros to the Saudi kingdom and won international awards for speed in its construction. I know lifted in just 14 months thanks to the coordinated effort of 8,000 workers who worked in twelve-hour shifts.“This complex is the sports pride of the city,” a Saudi journalist tells us. “The stadium was planned to have nothing to envy any of the best in the world”. King Abdullah, officially opened in May 2014, does not lack detail. From his careful style with Arabic reminiscences and the shape of your plant (hence the nickname of La Joya), up to a roof manufactured partly in Italy and the interiors. On its walls hang 150 paintings painted by Saudi artists. Luxury reaches its highest point in the 30 VVIP (Very Very Important Person) boxes for members of the royal family. The saudi stadium have a macroparking with 45,000 places (in Jeddah the car is the primary vehicle and public transport is almost non-existent), a field indoor for warm up, four changing rooms with capacity to house four soccer teams at the same time, and it works like the heart of a sports Complex which occupies an area of nine square kilometers That is yet to be completed. Once finished, it will also have more sports venues and a mosque.The jewel resolved at a stroke the problems of the two big clubs in the city, Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahli. Now the two share the stadium and that way they have multiplied the capacity of their previous fields by three.The pitch, of 105×68 meters (exactly the same dimensions as the Bernabéu and Mestalla), will not offer today the bad image that have given the training camps where the equipment, used to be exercised usually even by youth teams. A British gardener pampers the grass of King Abdullah and has developed a ssystem to protect to the fullest the hybrid grass (variety ‘Desso GrassMaster’) of aggressive weather of the Arabian peninsula. A five-star Super Cup with grass …last_img read more

Simeone may sit on the bench having prescribed the penalty he had in 2014

first_imgDiego Pablo Simeone may sit on the bench of Atletico in the semifinal of the Supercup on Thursday against Barcelona, ​​although he had a penalty of 2014. However, the Federation considers that this punishment has been prescribed (they do so after three years) and, for Therefore, it will allow the technician to do his work from the field. The FEF thus confirms the thesis that the Atlético had been supporting on the case. Six years ago Simeone was sanctioned with eight matches by the only judge of the Federation Competition because in the second leg of the Super Cup against Real Madrid the coach had a reprehensible attitude before the fourth referee. Four matches fell to the assistant for several colleges, two for protests, one for applauding the assistant and another for having stayed in the field after his expulsion.last_img read more

The most innovative VAR arrives in Denmark: only 25 “of performance

first_imgThe VAR continues to unleash criticism and flattery since its implementation widespread in the world of football. Lately until Ceferin, president of UEFA, has publicly expressed his disappointment at the proceedings and the protocol of video arbitration in different countries. His main criticism lies in the gameplay and requires that there be a minimum of 15 centimeters of margin when analyzing a play. Well, your requests have been answered in Denmark, with the implementation of an innovative VAR with nuances to its pleas. “He must intervene much less than he does in the Premier League. On average, the VAR will only enter the field screen once every three games and will last 25 seconds per intervention“said Michael Johansen, the chairman of the DBU arbitrators committee in statements to the Danish media Politiken. In this way, the reality, or at least his initial intention, is clear: if in 25 seconds the video arbitration room has not been able to see whether or not there is an offside play, it will not be considered a manifest failure and the original decision of the collegiate will be respected.The Danish Super League will incorporate the VAR next season. It will be late, but the waiting time has facilitated an analysis of its operation in other countries and an introduction taking into account its pros and cons. “When a VAR judge spends two minutes playing with television images to find a possible three-millimeter offside it becomes ridiculous. Ridiculous because there are too many uncertainties. We will train the Danish video judges to only intervene in a clear and manifest error. We do not believe that the big toe in advance is“Michael Johansen closed.last_img read more

21st Century Cracks: Cedric, Cholo’s future end

first_imgCedric Teguia (Douala, Cameroon, 2001) is one of the players from the Atlético de Madrid youth academy who sounds like he is imminently making the leap to the first team. The Spanish winger, of Cameroonian origin, will make the next preseason under Cholo. The Argentine coach trusts him a lot: He has a devilish speed that makes him unstoppable when he starts in the race. A verticality that fits perfectly into Simeone’s schemes, especially against rivals who force them to wait further back.It is not just power, since he has a glove on his left leg: he is a specialist in the stopped ball. That precision allows him to be very dangerous in the centers, turning the plays in which he looks for the area after reaching the baseline into clear advantages for the forwards. In direct fouls it is also a threat.Although he is still in youth age, this year he is a fixture in the rojiblanco subsidiary, in Segunda B: He has played 16 matches in which he has managed to score a goal. He is also the captain of Atlético in the Youth League (one goal and two assists in five games). Cedric landed in Spain because his father came to the country looking for opportunities 22 years ago. After an initial stage in Barcelona, ​​he decided to move to Madrid, where he became an Atlético fan. Very athlete, he joined the ranks of the Rugby team of Atlético fans. Years later he would get his son to accompany him in Spain, although he did not come to be a footballer, but because his father wanted him close to him.“I came to Spain to meet my family and study. My father had been here for a while, but he did not know my level of soccer. When he was here I told him that I was good at it and he took me to some tests of Atlético in the fields of Cotorruelo, 12 years old, ”Cedric recently told in an interview at AS.Since then he has been burning stages in the rojiblanco club, always being one of the most outstanding in all the categories he has gone through. He has also counted regularly for the Spanish team (international U-17 and U-19). Despite the fact that he has dual nationality, at the moment Cedric opts for Spain before Cameroon (until he debuts with the Absolute he will always have both options by having the double passport). In fact, this year it will be one of the benchmarks in the U19 that seeks to defend the European title and qualify for the U-20 World Cup (the European Championship has been postponed due to the coronavirus and has no date yet). Being champion of La Rojita is one of Cedric’s goals this year. The other, to convince Simeone that he is ready to have minutes with the first team …last_img read more

Marcos Senna: “We are going to have a spectacular LaLiga finish”

first_imgMarcos Senna (Sao Paulo, 1976) is ambassador from The league and the Villarreal. The European champion in 2008 with La Roja, included in the historic eleven of the Submarine, live the confinement in Spain although he is aware of what happens in Brazil since his family is there. Bet on finishing the leagues, even if it is behind closed doors.How is this crisis going?I would never have imagined going through a thing like this, but it is what has touched us, and we must face it and overcome it together. In Brazil people are not as aware as here, although over the days they take it seriously and realize that it is a big problem.How about playing behind closed doors again?Playing behind closed doors would be the least bad thing or a ray of hope. I think they should finish LaLiga, so a solution must be found. It would be a form of entertainment and evasion. If football returns, it will be a sign of hope for everyone. Obviously it will not be the same as before, but if there is football, this situation will be more bearable, even if it is at home. How do you think it will be the return of the teams and specifically the competition?I think it will be a spectacular final stretch of the league, in which many games will have to be played and all of them very important. Seeing what each team plays, it will be a different championship. The break will make everyone arrive more even. In addition, LaLiga has been much more balanced since the VAR began, it matches forces and matches. Any decision by the VAR changes a match, no matter how the result goes. To that, add that the physical theme will be more relevant even when the competition resumes.How do you see your Villarreal?It is true that we are being intermittent, we want to get up and fight for the European squares. It is strange, you lose with those below and you win over those above.Is the goal Europe?We are trained to take this forward in sports. There are 11 games and we can compete well and at a high level. Also, if you play without an audience, things change and everything becomes more equal.last_img read more

The crisis also affects the future of Ceballos in Madrid

first_imgThe future of Dani Ceballos (23 years old) is also affected by the coronavirus crisis. The Real Madrid footballer left last summer on loan to Arsenal with the aim of playing the minutes that Zidane did not give him to be able to go to the Euro Cup, the Games (he goes by age, but was aiming to get into the top three) ) and value yourself with great performances. However, the postponement of both competitions to 2021 due to the pandemic has changed his pace and the Sevillian is again like this summer: with his future in the air and with two competitions that he hopes to play on the horizon. Right now, the midfielder only sees uncertainty if he returns to Madrid in a key season to be able to go to the Eurocup. After recovering from his injury and before the break for COVID-19, he had returned to take the pedal stroke with Arsenal, to feel important with Arteta, and does not want a new braking. So the solution could go through another transfer (Betis dreams of his return). However, Real Madrid will not make a decision lightly considering the next context of the transfer markets. Experts agree that the transfer world will experience the aftermath of the crisis after the pandemic and everything will depend on the reinforcements that Madrid can make in midfield. It is not ruled out, of course, that Ceballos is in the next squad due to the new economic scenario. What they do have clear at the Santiago Bernabéu is that the Utrerano is an asset of the club (he is 23 years old) from which they would not want to part with. They would only contemplate a transfer from 50 million euros (it was signed in 2017 for 16.5), an amount that seems complicated for some club to disburse this summer due to the crisis that is coming. A crisis that has carried ahead the plans of many athletes. Among them, those of Ceballos. Ceballos will return to Madrid from his loan at Arsenal when the season is over. He still has three years of contract with the white club, but his intention when defining his future is to prioritize playing above everything. Something that, because of what he stated in his last interview in #Vamos, he does not see very clearly: “Right now in Madrid it is difficult to play with the players there are. Now I focus on being important in a club. “ To this pessimism of the utrerano the bit is added feeling that Zidane has with him and some other disagreement. Especially painful for the player was the day the coach from Marseille took 28 seconds at Butarque… “I have not spoken to Zidane since I left,” Ceballos acknowledged in #Vamos.last_img read more