Alert in Tamil Nadu after intel of Lashkar terrorists intrusion

first_imgCoimbatore: Security has been tightened across Tamil Nadu following intelligence inputs that members of the Lashkar-e-Taiba had infiltrated into the state, police said on Friday. The reports suggested six members of the terror outfit infiltrated into the state by sea from Sri Lanka and moved to different cities, including Coimbatore, according to the police. Security has been stepped up at many places, including airports, railway stations, bus stands and places of worship across the state. An alert has been sounded, especially in coastal districts, to prevent any further possible intrusion, the police said. There has been tight patrolling across Coimbatore district. Vehicle checks have been intensified in the city and border areas, the police said. Though the identity or the nationality of the intruders were yet to be ascertained, sources said one person belonged to Pakistan.last_img read more

10 Oscarbait films playing at TIFF 2018

first_imgAdvertisement Advertisement As in every year of the fest’s history, critical acclaim and audience buzz can push a film all the way to golden glory next February. Here are a few awards hopefulsBEAUTIFUL BOYIn Beautiful Boy, based on American journalist David Sheff’s memoir about his own son, last year’s breakout star Timothée Chalamet plays a young man addicted to methamphetamine, while his father (fellow Oscar nominee Steve Carrell) tries to help him as he slips further away. As parents fight for more rights to protect their kids from the opioid crisis, it’s a timely story that’s sure to resonate, and as Chalamet’s follow-up performance to Call Me By Your Name, this family drama is already building big buzz. Sep 7, 6:30 pm, Roy Thomson Hall, and 8 pm, Elgin Theatre; Sep 8, 10:45 am, RyersonBOY ERASEDAfter this summer’s The Miseducation Of Cameron Post, the idea of gay-conversion therapy seems to be in the zeitgeist. Hence this adaptation of Garrard Conley‘s recently published memoir about his own (unsuccessful) conversion as an Alabama adolescent. Oscar-nominee Lucas Hedges, whose coming out scene in Ladybird was heartbreaking, plays the teenaged son of a Baptist pastor and wife (Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman) who is sent to a church-supported program to rid him of his “affliction.” Director Joel Edgerton plays the program’s leader, and Flea and Canada’s own bad boy of directing himself, Xavier Dolan, have supporting roles.Sep 7, 6:30 pm, Roy Thomson Hall; Sep 7, 8 pm, Elgin; Sep 8, 10:45 pm, RyersonDESTROYEROscar loves it when actors transform physically for a role – see Charlize Theron in Monster, Robert De Niro in Raging Bull and Nicole Kidman in The Hours. In Destroyer, Kidman puts on the prosthetics yet again as an L.A. cop who goes undercover to infiltrate a gang of young criminals and solve a case that hits close to home. Director Karyn Kusama broke into filmmaking with 2000’s Girlfight, but her subsequent film work has been uneven (she’s spent more time in TV). With a supporting cast that includes I, Tonya’s Sebastian Stan, our own Emmy-winner Tatiana Maslany and Get Out’s Bradley Whitford, she could be due for a comeback, especially in a year when women’s stories are being lauded.Sep 10, 9:30 pm, Winter Garden; Sep 12, 1:30 pm, Elgin; September 15, 9:45 pm, TBLB 1FIRST MANThis feature has all the elements of an Oscar pic: a dramatic story of a white American hero; the award-winning duo of director Damien Chazelle and his La La Land lead, Ryan Gosling; and a plot involving outer space. In this biopic, Gosling plays Neil Armstrong, following his life as a young astronaut joining NASA in 1961 to making his moonwalk eight years later. Rounding out the cast is The Crown’s Claire Foy as Armstrong’s wife and Corey Stoll, who also stars in the TIFF biopic Driven about John Delorean, as Buzz Aldrin.Sep 9, 2 pm, Ontario Place Cinesphere; Sep 10, 4 pm, Elgin Theatre; Sep 10, 6 pm, Roy Thomson Hall; Sep 11, 11 am, Princess of Wales, Sep 12, 6 pm, Scotiabank 12; Sep 13, 6 pm, Scotiabank 12; Sep 14, 6 pm, Scotiabank 12; Sep 15, 6 pm, Scotiabank 12; Sep 15, 9:30 pm, Princess of Wales; Sep 16, 6 pm, Scotiabank 12 The Hate U Give, starring Amandla Stenberg, has lots of Oscar buzz. Login/Register With:center_img Facebook Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twitterlast_img read more

Iraq A Tragedy With No End in Sight

Clearly, the majority of people in Basra suffer from food shortages, poor medical services, power outages, and many other problems. However, there’s more at stake in the Basra protests than these initial complications. To most people, the unrest in Basra is a sign of growing frustration and anger among Iraqis in general over corruption. Simply put, it comes at a time when most Iraqis no longer trust their politicians, officials, or even religious leaders.The spark that lights the fire“The revolution will continue. It will continue until our demands are met!” shouted a man into a CNN camera, as reported by Ben Wedeman on Friday, September 7. It happened just a day or two after the unusual volume of demonstrations had significantly increased in Basra’s streets and squares. The protests in Basra still continue. They usually start in the morning but also gain momentum after sunset, when the temperature usually drops to more comfortable levels. These protests appear to address serious concerns over the quality and conditions of life in the city. The water supply to Iraq’s third-largest city is usually contaminated by salt; power cuts continue at times of high temperatures; and health care is far below the average world standard. People in the coastal oil-producing city suffer more than just these immediate inconveniences. The unemployment rate is high and has been constant in recent months. There’s also that constant threat of Post-Saddam Hussein’s Iraq: corruption. Much of Iraq‘s wealth comes from its southern provinces. The area sits atop most of the country’s oil reserves and fertile soil. It also contains the only deep-water port in the country, Um Qasr. Unfortunately, this wealth does not seem to benefit the people of Basra, nor of Iraq as a whole. The wealth does not stay in Basra to reduce these discomforts. This very sad reality has begun bringing about tangible frustration and tension.No doubt the city, which sits on Shat al-Arab, a waterway system of canals now brimming with dirt and waste, endures a lot of pain. For decades, it was a city of economic prosperity, sophisticated trade, and co-existence. Much of the charm the city has long celebrated is now fading away. Why, then, should they not demonstrate against the local government, take revolutionarily to the streets, or even torch the buildings? Still, viewing this latest unrest from this perspective is basically a crude attempt at misinformation. It is deeply unconvincing since what is happening now is no more than the spark that lights the fire. To borrow CNN’s Ben Wedeman’s words, “There’s more at stake in the Basra protests than dirty water and oil.” It is simply another chapter of a sad and long tragedy that never ends. A failed stateThere was already a growing feeling of disappointment in the political system, with many Iraqis pointing to the widespread corruption in their country. That is where all problems find their roots in contemporary Iraq. That is where the blame should be laid. This argument raises more questions about who is really to blame.For many years, Iraqis had to turn to Saddam’s Hussein’s regime for their basic needs: food, health care, security, etc. When it collapsed in 2003, just months after the Americans and their anti-Saddam Iraqi allies took over, the organs of the state declined, and more Iraqis turned to their local communities, tribal leaders, and militia groups for assistance. The cost was high as civil violence began to run rampant throughout the country and seriously undercut the entire state. Violence affected not just its credibility, but nearly every component of the regime. So, along with the rising sectarian violence, insurgency and crime have been problems of a de facto failed state. Two years ago, thousands of Iraqis took to the streets of Baghdad, demanding jobs, health care, social justice, and their basic human rights.  The demonstrations extended into the “Green Zone,” the most heavily guarded area of the capital city where most foreign and local officials, diplomats, and leaders live. These marches came in response to the formation of the government. At the time, many Iraqis considered the government as not differing significantly from previous corrupt governments. Again, this reason is credible enough to inspire the spate of mass anti-corruption marches in Baghdad, Basra, or elsewhere in Iraq. It is deeply convincing. Yet, Iraq’s problems are, in fact, of more serious concerns than just the shape of the government. Basra’s decline, as well as that of the whole country, began in the early 1980s with the eight-year Iraq-Iran war. Thousands of the city’s residents had to leave their homes, businesses, and families in search of security in the northern provinces. The war ended, but their struggle continued even more painfully due to different factors: US-imposed sanctions, the Saddam Hussein regime’s crackdown on civil liberties, and the rise of violent militant protests by many Shi’a groups. Iraq became a sad place to live. Dirt was everywhere and so were collapsed buildings and thousands of decapitated date palms. There were no signs of recovery or hope. Of course, it was not meant to be this way. The overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime was meant to lead Iraq into economic prosperity, political stability, and democracy. It was meant to end the vicious plague of bureaucracy, wealth concentration, extreme poverty, unemployment, etc. It was meant to usher in an age of justice, welfare, and growth. However, things went poorly, more so than any pessimist could have imagined. Crime, poverty, and the plague of sectarian violence have now completely torn the country apart, without any end in sight. As the strife continues and Iraqis continue to hold doubts about the future, people may have no other choice but to rebel. Terrorism adds to the problemsHigh on the list of Iraqi problems is terrorism, not just because of the danger it represents, but also because the country has no clear strategy to fight it. Presumably, some may note that the two-decade long war on terrorism drained Iraq of all of its energy and resources. Radical Islamic groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the broader jihadist movement in the region have always been “a learning enemy,” as General Dempsey once remarked. They have always known how to use and manipulate populations. This explains why it took many years before the Iraqi military could gain significant ground in their strongholds. Again, to anyone knowledgeable enough about the real danger these two groups and other radical affiliations have represented not just in Iraq, but also in the entire world, this reality may justify the different Iraqi governments’ hardships and challenges. However, it also sends another message, but in a far darker way. Iraq did not have a strategy. They still do not! A serious strategy could have brought about an end to the mess these groups created. What happened is quite the opposite!  Seemingly no one in Iraq believes that their consecutive governments have had a strategy to fight and defeat terrorism. What Iraqis have seen instead is what observers usually call “micromanagement of military policy.” The policy, which caused division in society, has become a civil war between different Iraqi communities.These governments were happy to take recruits from southern Iraq and mostly Shi’a-populated provinces and send them to the front lines. But they had little time for the Sunni Iraqis. While the war on terrorism continues in the wrong way, many Sunni militants in northern Iraq have joined ISIS and Al-Qaeda. This very sad reality still causes chaos to reign over order and hatred and intolerance to prevail over unity and co-existence. Meanwhile, Baghdad is still gripped by political paralysis, which has been left entirely unchallenged except by the Shi’a cleric and the implacable foe of the US-led occupation, Muqtada al-Sadr. It is still far from deciding on the makeup of a real inclusive political system. How should the tragedy end?A tweet by al-Sadr last week said, “I hope you don’t think that the Basra revolutionaries are just a bubble … Quickly release Basra’s money and give it to clean hands, to start at once with immediate and future development projects. And beware of complacency and negligence.” The story may seem laughably thin, as many Iraqis know how strategically he uses propaganda. Yet, it sends a positive message. Iraqis need change! Now the unrest in Basra, along with the strife within all Iraqi cities, dominates news headlines worldwide. Iraq may have few options to ameliorate this difficult situation. There are few effective paths to follow. If anything could prove to benefit a stable, safe, and prosperous country, it should be the strict path of democracy. Until then, the story of Iraq remains a sad one. Indeed, it is a tragedy with no end yet in sight. read more

Business Highlights

___Uber reveals finances as it gears up for IPOSAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Uber is providing a look under the hood of its business in the lead-up to its hotly anticipated debut on the stock market. New documents released offer the most detailed view of the world’s largest ride-hailing service since its inception a decade ago. The breakdown shows Uber has been generating the robust revenue growth that entices investors, and it turned a profit in 2018, reversing a history of losses.___Apartment rents climbing, and poised to go higherNEW YORK (AP) — It’s a great time to be a landlord in America, not so much if you’re a renter. Apartment rents are continuing to rise this year, fueled by higher demand from millennials seeking a place of their own, strong job growth and rising wages. The U.S. median rent climbed 3.4% in March from a year earlier to $1,535, according to data from online rental housing portal HotPads.___China says trade talks with US ‘moving forward’BEIJING (AP) — China says trade talks with the U.S. are “moving forward” after nine rounds of consultations aimed at ending a standoff that has shaken financial markets and darkened the world economic outlook. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang says the latest discussions had achieved “new substantial progress.” Three days of talks last week dealt with issues including technology transfer, intellectual property rights protection, non-tariff measures, agriculture and enforcement.___50-year low in jobless claims but not just from few layoffsWASHINGTON (AP) — The fewest people in nearly 50 years sought unemployment benefits last week, a sign of a strong job market and unusually low level of layoffs. Yet the sinking pace of layoffs isn’t due solely to a tight employment picture. Many states have imposed stricter rules on their unemployment insurance programs, from making it harder to qualify to reducing the duration of benefits to cutting payouts.___UK’s May says politicians have duty to complete BrexitLONDON (AP) — Granted a Brexit reprieve by the European Union, British Prime Minister Theresa May is urging lawmakers to pause, reflect on the need for compromise — and then fulfil their “national duty” to approve a Brexit deal and take Britain out of the EU. But there was little sign the U.K.’s divided and exhausted lawmakers had heeded the EU’s plea not to waste the six months of extra time.___‘A monopoly on information’: Russia closes grip on internetMOSCOW (AP) — Russian lawmakers have approved a bill that would expand government control over the internet. Opponents fear the move heralds a new era of widespread censorship. Backers of the bill say it would help Russia from cyberattacks and could shield the country from critical Western media. The bill passed a second reading Thursday, the most crucial phase that lays out the detail of the prospective law.___2020 candidate Warren proposes new tax on corporate profitsWASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is proposing a new tax on corporate profits that’s designed to prevent business giants from taking advantage of the existing tax code to effectively pay a zero rate. The 7% tax on corporate profits above $100 million is the latest in a series of ambitious policy proposals from the Massachusetts senator. It’s in line with her broader push to rein in such industries as the financial sector and technology firms.___Boeing makes 96 flights to test software on troubled Max jetDALLAS (AP) — Boeing’s CEO says the company has made nearly 100 flights to test a software update to its troubled 737 Max jet. The plane has been grounded after two deadly crashes. Boeing is also meeting with airline officials and pilots in the US, UK, Singapore and China as it seeks to rebuild confidence in its bestselling plane.___Bezos, hunting for big wins, is comfortable with big failsNEW YORK (AP) — Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says the company is getting bigger and he’s comfortable with even bigger failures in the quest for big wins. Bezos released his annual letter to shareholders Thursday and covered a lot of ground, including a challenge to rivals to match Amazon’s starting hourly wage and benefits package for workers.___Top IMF official warns global economy facing various threatsWASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the 189-nation International Monetary Fund says the world is facing a time of high uncertainty with 70 per cent of the global economy caught in a growth slowdown. Christine Lagarde said that slowdown could be worsened by self-inflicted wounds such as unnecessary trade battles.___Stocks struggle to a mixed finish after early rally sputtersNEW YORK (AP) — The major U.S. stock indexes closed unevenly Thursday after an early rally gave way to a mostly sideways day of trading on Wall Street. Losses in health care stocks mostly offset gains in industrial companies, banks and elsewhere in the market. Technology stocks also fell. The listless day of trading came as investors looked ahead to Friday, when major banks are due to report their first-quarter results, paving the way for a wave of company earnings reports the next few weeks.___The S&P 500 index eked out a tiny gain, adding 0.11 of a point, or less than 0.1%, to 2,888.32. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 14.11 points, or 0.1%, to 26,143.05. The Nasdaq composite slid 16.88 points, or 0.2%, to 7,947.36. The Russell 2000 gave up 2.41 points, or 0.2%, to 1,579.14.The Associated Press read more

US stock market moves lower at midday following a modest recovery the

US stock market moves lower at midday following a modest recovery the day before AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email The U.S. stock market is mostly lower in midday trading as a survey on hiring did little to ease uncertainty over the health of America’s economy.The Dow Jones industrial average edged up six points to 15,451 in midday trading on Wednesday. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index was down two points to 1,751. The Nasdaq slipped 16 points to 4,014.A private survey on Wednesday showed that U.S. businesses added jobs at a steady but modest pace in January, a sign that hiring has rebounded after a disappointing December. Investors are also looking ahead to a key government report on job growth, due out Friday.Freight transportation company C.H. Robinson Worldwide fell the most among companies on the S&P 500 index. It dropped $5.30, or 9 per cent to $53.34. by The Associated Press Posted Feb 5, 2014 10:12 am MDT read more

US economy retreated in first quarter but now shaking off winter doldrums

WASHINGTON – The U.S. economy took a beating from an especially harsh winter during the January-March quarter, skidding into reverse for the first time in three years. But spring has arrived and along with it, signs that the chill was just a temporary setback in the long road to recovery.Gross domestic product contracted at an annual rate of 1 per cent in the first quarter, the Commerce Department said Thursday. That was worse than the government’s initial estimate that GDP grew by a slight 0.1 per cent. The economy last posted a decline in the first three months of 2011 when it dropped 1.3 per cent.Since then, the labour market has continued to improve, consumer spending is solid and manufacturers are benefiting from increased spending. Economists expect a robust GDP rebound in the April-June quarter as a result.“We knew that weather dramatically impacted growth in the first quarter, and we fully expect a bounce back in the second quarter,” said Dan Greenhaus, chief strategist at BTIG, in a note to clients.The government released a separate report Thursday reflecting progress. Applications for unemployment benefits, a proxy for layoffs, fell by 27,000 last week to 300,000. The result is nearly a seven-year low.Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said that the big drop in unemployment benefit applications was more significant than the latest GDP figure because “it strongly supports the idea that the labour market conditions are improving markedly, despite the weak headline growth during the winter.”Other analysts noted that consumer spending, which accounts for 70 per cent of economic activity, was very strong in the first quarter, growing at an upwardly revised 3.1 per cent annual rate. A report earlier this week showed that consumer confidence is climbing, with nearly one-fifth of Americans expecting their incomes to grow over the next six months.And earlier this month, the Institute for Supply Management said that manufacturing grew faster in April than March as exports picked up and factories accelerated their hiring.The release Thursday was the government’s second look at first quarter GDP, the country’s total output of goods and services.The data primarily reflected a sharp slowdown in businesses stockpiling, which subtracted 1.6 percentage points from growth, a full percentage point more than the initial estimate. Analysts noted that the weaker inventory figure would likely translate into more restocking and stronger growth in the second quarter.The trade deficit was slightly larger than previously thought. Business investment in structures fell at an annual rate of 7.5 per cent in the first quarter, also worse than the initial estimate.The 1 per cent decline in the first quarter was only the second negative quarterly GDP reading since the current recovery began in June 2009. In the fourth quarter, the overall economy grew at an annual rate of 2.6 per cent.While one definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of contraction in GDP, there is no concern that a negative reading in the first quarter is a sign the economy is about to topple into a downturn. The widespread view among analysts is that the weakness in the first quarter was based on a variety of one-time factors that will be quickly reversed as the weather warms.Many economists estimate that GDP will post a sizable rebound to growth of around 3.8 per cent in the current April-June quarter, fueled by pent-up demand. Analysts are also optimistic that growth will remain above 3 per cent in the second half of this year, giving the economy the kind of strength that has been lacking for much of the first five years of recovery from the country’s worst recession since the 1930s.If growth does pick up, that should promote stronger hiring and help drive the unemployment rate down further. In May, employers added 288,000 jobs in the biggest hiring surge in two years. That helped push the unemployment rate down to 6.3 per cent, its lowest point since 2008.The economy is facing fewer hurdles this year than last year, when government spending cuts and higher taxes trimmed growth by an estimated 1.5 percentage points.A government budget truce has also lifted, at least through the rest of this year, much of the uncertainty that had been weighing on the economy over the potential threats of further government shutdowns or market-rattling battles over raising the government’s borrowing limit. US economy retreated in first quarter, but now shaking off winter doldrums by Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press Posted May 29, 2014 6:35 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

A Head Coach Botched The End Of The Super Bowl And It

These are gaudy numbers. Lynch is clearly an unstoppable force going up against an extremely moveable object. Why wouldn’t Carroll give him the ball?First, some amount of passing is, at least theoretically, probably necessary. It’s unlikely that the optimal strategy is to run 100 percent of the time because if a team did that, the opponent would adjust accordingly. But for the purposes of this analysis, I’m going to assume that, for any given play from the 1-yard line, running was Seattle’s best option.An NFL head coach’s goal isn’t to maximize his team’s chances of scoring a touchdown on a given play; it’s to maximize its chances of winning the game. That distinction seems to have gotten lost in all the rancor and rush to condemn Carroll.Second, the fateful play didn’t take place as time expired. There were 26 seconds left. Let’s see what Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell had to say:“We were conscious of how much time was on the clock, and we wanted to use it all.”But why would that lead to a pass? That takes less time off the clock than rushing. Let’s see what Carroll had to say:“We were going to run the ball in to win the game, but not on that play,” he said. “I didn’t want to waste a run play on their goal-line guys. It was a clear thought, but it didn’t work out right.”Defiant! Basically, he thought the Seahawks were going to score regardless, so he was willing to waste a play on a pass. If they scored, fine. But if they didn’t, at least they would’ve run a few seconds off the clock.Sounds crazy, but he’s right: With 26 seconds left and only one timeout, the Seahawks couldn’t run Lynch three times in a row. If they rushed on second down, didn’t make it in, called timeout, rushed again, and still didn’t make it in, they’d probably be out of time before they could get off another play. So, the Seahawks had three downs to work with, but they could only run Lynch twice at most.Thus the question isn’t whether the Seahawks should’ve called a run — we’ve already stipulated that. The question is when they should’ve called a run.And this is where the logic of those Harvard tweets undoes itself. If Lynch were a sure thing, the Seahawks definitely wouldn’t run on second down. They’d want to run time off the clock. The scenario would be the same as when a team can win with a short field goal. Because the field goal is a sure thing, the team is willing to wait.But as great as Lynch is, he isn’t the same a kicker attempting a 20-yard field goal. For this analysis, I’m going to assume he’s about 80 percent. If that sounds high or low, it doesn’t really matter: It’s not the most important factor in the calculation. The most important thing is the odds of the Patriots coming back to win if the Seahawks score too quickly.Based on Advanced Football Analytics’ Win Probability Calculator, a team starting at the 25-yard line and down three points with 20 seconds left in the game will win about 5 percent of the time. However, there are a few problems with this:AFA’s model may broadly underestimate the ability of modern kickers.Even if it is generally right relative to the league today, it is still calibrated to the average NFL kicker, whereas Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski is one of the best long-range kickers in the league. Over his career, he has made 14 of 18 kicks from over 50 yards (78 percent), including eight of nine in the past three years.The Patriots’ offense is not typical. It’s Tom Brady’s. Brady eats pieces of game-winning drives for breakfast.Let’s spot the Pats some yards, then, and assume the Patriots win1Probably in overtime. about as often as a typical team in the AFA model would2In overtime or regulation. if they started on the 40-yard line. That would give them a 14 percent chance. Maybe that’s generous, but we’re looking for an upper bound.A secondary factor, noted by Brian Burke of AFA, is that stopping the clock by passing on second down also forces the defense to defend both the pass and run on third down (because the Seahawks still had a timeout). That would make Carroll’s decision better, so I’ll give him a 5 percent bonus in the “pro-passing” scenario and none in the pro-run scenario.The main objection to this thinking seems to be: “But the risk of throwing an interception was too great.” As evidenced by, you know, the fact that Wilson threw an interception.For this, I’ll turn first to Mike Sando, who had this to tweet: Everyone knew it was coming. Second-and-1 on the 1-yard line. Marshawn Lynch was waiting in the backfield, poised to do what he was put on this Earth to do: Get a touchdown — this touchdown. The football gods had telegraphed how they wanted the game to end, directing a floating ball straight into Jermaine Kearse’s hands. Beast Mode was going to drag the New England team kicking and screaming into the end zone if he had to. But the play call came in, Russell Wilson attempted a doomed pass that Malcolm Butler intercepted, and it was Seattle that punched and screamed its way off the field.The Web erupted in outrage that Beast Mode never got his moment. For Seahawks fans, calling a pass was essentially Pete Carroll denying his team’s fate. For many others, it seemed like an inexplicable miscue.“Pete Carroll botches the Super Bowl,” wrote Ian O’Connor, simply stating what most people were thinking.The first wave of stats to roll in wasn’t particularly favorable either: As noted by my colleague Neil Paine, the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective laid out the damning facts: That’s right. On the 1-yard line, QBs threw 66 touchdowns with no interceptions prior to Wilson’s errant toss.3This season’s goal-line interception rate is fairly low though. Since 2001, on second-and-1s on the goal line, quarterbacks have thrown interceptions on about 2 percent of passes. Not mentioned: They also scored four touchdowns on scrambles (which Wilson is pretty good at last I checked). That’s a 60.9 percent success rate.Just for comparison’s sake, here’s how more than 200 runs fared this year in the same situation:125 led to touchdowns.94 failed to score.Of those, 23 were for loss of yardage.Two resulted in lost fumbles.So overall, runs do a bit worse than passes (57.1 percent vs. 60.9 percent).But the Seahawks don’t have an average rusher; they have Beast Mode. As I said, we’re stipulating that he’s way more likely to score than a pass is, so his exact number doesn’t matter very much for our calculations. It does matter that he isn’t particularly fumble-prone — but he has still fumbled about 1 percent of the time in his career, which means passing carries an extra 1 percentage point of risk.On the other hand, due to the peculiar scenario, it behooves a QB to play extremely carefully. Throwing an incomplete pass only moves the needle a tiny bit, whereas throwing an interception is devastating. Thus a coach might believe that his QB will throw a pick even less often than normal. So, we’ll try favorable and unfavorable assumptions about that as well.Putting these various factors together, we can assign probabilities to various outcomes like so:This isn’t about passions, and it isn’t about statistical mumbo-jumbo. It’s about arithmetic.Under the most pro-Beast set of assumptions, rushing may have been the better play but by the slimmest of margins (0.3 percentage points). Under a more pro-Gostkowski set of assumptions, passing may have been the best play by up to 3 percentage points.But we’re still discussing marginal improvements in odds. Pick which assumptions you like; it doesn’t really matter. Carroll’s decision wasn’t the epically bad call many have made it out to be.On the other handMeanwhile, the coach on the other sideline had a mildly controversial call that history will forget because A) it was more than one play before the decisive play (people tend to have a short memory for these things), and B) the Patriots won, so who cares.After Lynch ran 4 yards to set up second-and-goal at the 1, most people expected the Patriots to call a timeout. After all, there was a million percent chance that Beast Mode was going to score, so why not save as much time on the clock as possible?Yet the Pats let the clock run, as if head coach Bill Belichick psychically knew the Seahawks would muck it up.Of course, normally, the leading team wants to shorten the game to give its opponent the fewest number of opportunities to catch up as possible.In this case, however, the Seahawks were going to get three shots at the end zone regardless.That isn’t to say there is no benefit to letting the clock wind down. As already discussed, leaving only 26 seconds doesn’t leave Seattle enough time to attempt three rushes (which we’re stipulating are better plays for them).So, when the Patriots had to decide whether to call a timeout, there were essentially three paths to victory for them:Seattle turns the ball over on either second or third down. Letting the clock run slightly increases the chances of this, assuming the odds of a turnover are higher on a pass than a run (we’ll take it as about 2.5 percent combined instead of 2 percent).Seattle fails to score on all three plays. Again, leaving the Seahawks a little less time probably increases the chances of this happening because it forces them to pass at least once. And we’ve seen how that worked out.Seattle scores. New England gets the ball back and then goes on to win the game (most likely by kicking a field goal and then winning in overtime).But the smaller amount of time the Patriots would have under scenario No. 3 easily dwarfs the other considerations. Belichick should have called a timeout. Here’s how the math looks under some assumptions that are fairly charitable to Belichick:Note again that if we take the assumptions that are most unfavorable to Carroll, his mistake would have cost Seattle only 0.3 percentage points, while under the assumptions most favorable to Belichick, his error cost the Patriots 2.1 percent.4And that’s not even counting the possibility that the Patriots may have avoided this whole situation if they had intentionally missed the extra point one drive earlier, therefore not encouraging the Seahawks to go for a touchdown.But winning erases all sins. read more

UK weather Railway lines submerged by flood water as June on track

Trains have been cancelled in and around London after entire railway tracks were completely submerged by flood water.  This month is on track to be the wettest June on record, with more than a month’s worth of rain falling in some parts of the country on Monday.North-eastern parts of England and the midlands are expected to bear the brunt of the downpours on Tuesday, with a yellow warning in place until midnight.The Met Office issued a series of weather warnings as heavy rain drenched much of England and Wales on Monday.The severe weather is set to continue all week, with roads and the rail network expected to be disrupted. A total of 31 flood alerts – which mean flooding is possible – are in place across the country. June washout, in pictures A driver escaped this incident when a car ended up in a roadside riverCredit:Wessex A car battles through the puddles in Tenterden in Kent A car battles through the puddles in Tenterden in KentCredit:Gareth Fuller/PA The @EnvAgency have confirmed that some sites in Kent recorded around 100mm of #rain in the 24 hours up to 7am today. That’s well over a month’s worth of rain in a day! The average rainfall for the month of June in the UK is 73.4mm— Met Office (@metoffice) June 11, 2019 A fan waits for the rain to stop to watch some Cricket World Cup action between South Africa and West Indies at The Hampshire Bowl. The rain never relented and the game was abandonedCredit:Getty The motorway was closed in both directions but Highways England said the sink holes had been repaired and the road reopened by around 6am.But motorists faced further delays after the M25 was closed in both directions between junctions three and four due to an incident, Kent Police said.Kent Police said on Monday night that they had received “countless calls of roads flooded” and “cars stranded”.The Environment Agency’s executive director of flood risk management, John Curtin, warned there could be “issues all week” because the heaviest downpours were still to come. The overall flood risk has been set at “medium”.Weather forecast for Tuesday, June 11 It warns: Spray and flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and some road closuresWhere flooding occurs, there is a slight chance of delays or cancellations to train and bus servicesThere is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded, causing damage to some buildingsThere is a small chance that some communities become cut off by flooded roadsThere is also a smaller yellow weather warning for Exmoor.  Yellow warnings for #Rain have been updated. Here is the latest on what to expect. Stay #WeatherAware— Met Office (@metoffice) June 11, 2019 A lone man walks along the pier in Eastbourne, Sussex M25 Jct 5-4 also closed due to sinkhole DS— Kent Police RPU (@kentpoliceroads) June 10, 2019 Storm clouds roll in across the North Devon coast as the Met Office issues warnings of extreme weather ⚠️ #SNUpdates – Services on the following routes will be cancelled until further notice:- Sutton to London Bridge- Victoria to Sutton (via. Norbury)- Victoria to Epsomℹ️ Full details can be found below 👇— Southern (@SouthernRailUK) June 11, 2019 Tomorrow it is expected that 100mm will fall in certain areas within the weather warnings, and already with this month only 11 days old, the average rainfall across Britain is at 48.5mm – 66 per cent of what we’d expect to see in June.This week will see potential highs of just 66.2F (19C), a marked shift from the 82.4F (28C) heat seen in London on June 3.   Bookmakers have said that 2019 could be the wettest year on record, whilst odds were 25-1 for it to rain on each day of Wimbledon. Yellow weather warning for rainThere is a yellow weather warning for rain across a huge swathe of Britain. From Northampton upwards, it stretches across all of England up to Manchester and Liverpool and as far west north east Wales.From Manchester northwards, the weather warning affects the east half of England and snakes all the way up the country, sneaking into Scotland.  Kent Police’s Roads Policing Unit tweeted: “M25 jct 4-5 closed as a result of a single vehicle RTC which in turn has lead to the discovery of 2 sinkholes in the central Reservation.” Storm clouds roll in across the North Devon coast as the Met Office issues warnings of extreme weatherCredit:Roy Riley A driver escaped this incident when a car ended up in a roadside river Railway tracks completely submergedA number of London trains have been cancelled due to the flooding which is crippling parts of Britain.Entire railway tracks in and around the capital have been completely submerged by flood water, meaning no trains are running on the route.  Sinkholes close M25On Monday evening, police shut a section of the M25 overnight after discovering two sinkholes on the central reservation. A fan waits for the rain to stop to watch some Cricket World Cup action between South Africa and West Indies at The Hampshire Bowl. The rain never relented and the game was abandoned A lone man walks along the pier in Eastbourne, SussexCredit:Gareth Fuller/PA Routes cancelled until further notice are: Sutton to London BridgeVictoria to Sutton (via. Norbury)Victoria to EpsomWettest June on record?June is now odds on to be the wettest on record, with yellow weather warnings issued for the coming week and the country set to be deluged by heavy rain.  Parts of the country have been hit with 60mm of rain already on Tuesday and on Wednesday and Thursday, some parts of the UK could be struck by 60mm to 80mm of rain, and possibly even up to 100mm.The average rainfall for June is 73.4mm for the entire month. Yesterday in Ham Hill, Kent, more than 100mm fell in just 24 hours.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? 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Greece goes to the polls

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Athens mayoralty – along with the Attica region – is the top prize in Sunday’s nationwide municipal and regional elections, as it is considered a key battle ground in the fight between ruling New Democracy and main opposition Syriza, but also a test of the support for the country’s centre-left political forces, which are mainly represented by incumbent Giorgos Kaminis, who is running for re-election without any official party support.For Syriza, who chose the young, little known economist Gavriil Sakellaridis to run as its candidate, one of the greatest advantages is the split in the conservative vote, as ruling New Democracy MP and former mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis is running against the official party candidate Aris Spiliotopoulos.For extreme right Golden Dawn, which is running parliamentary representative and spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris as its candidate, the contest is the crucial first test of the party’s electoral strength after its prosecution as a criminal organisation was launched last autumn.Most of the municipal and regional electoral battles are not expected to be determined before the second round on May 25, a day when Greeks are also electing their representatives for the European Parliament.Source: enetenglishlast_img read more

40 espèces de poissons menacées de disparition en Méditerranée

first_img40 espèces de poissons menacées de disparition en MéditerranéeUne étude publiée lundi et réalisée par l’Union mondiale pour la nature indique que plus de 40 espèces de poissons méditerranéennes risquaient de disparaître dans les prochaines années. La raison principale à cela serait la surpêche.L’Union mondiale pour la nature (UICN) a établi un rapport selon lequel “sur les 519 espèces et sous-espèces de poissons marins indigènes inclus dans cette évaluation régionale, plus de 8% [43 espèces] ont été classées dans les catégories menacées [en danger critique, en danger ou vulnérable]. Parmi les 15 espèces les plus menacées [en danger critique], 14 sont des requins et des raies”, précise l’étude alors même que parmi les 13 espèces classées “en danger”, neuf sont une fois encore des requins et des raies. Au sein des 15 espèces de poissons répertoriées comme étant “vulnérables”, huit sont des requins et sept font partie de la famille des poissons osseux, précise Sciences et Avenir.L’UICN explique très clairement que “l’utilisation d’engins de pêche, comme les lignes de pêche, les filets maillants de fond ou le chalutage, et l’utilisation illégale de filets dérivants impliquent que des centaines d’animaux marins sans valeur commerciale sont capturés”. De nombreuses espèces sont ainsi menacées. Parmi elles on retrouve bien sûr les requins et les raies mais également les dauphins, les baleines, les tortues et même les oiseaux. Le communiqué de l’organisation poursuit : “La population du thon rouge en Méditerranée est particulièrement préoccupante. Il y a eu une baisse d’environ 50% du potentiel de reproduction de cette espèce au cours des 40 dernières années”. Le thon rouge reste un poisson très prisé. Un spécimen de 342 kg a d’ailleurs été vendu au prix exceptionnel de 300.000 euros à Tokyo il y a trois mois.Le 19 avril 2011 à 20:14 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Le perchloroéthylène interdit dans les pressings avant lété

first_imgLe perchloroéthylène, interdit dans les pressings avant l’été Vendredi, le ministère de l’Ecologie a annoncé que l’interdiction progressive du perchloroéthylène dans les pressings, dont le projet d’arrêté a été mis en consultation fin 2011, devrait intervenir avant l’été.Substance chimique très volatile, le perchloroéthylène est utilisé dans les pressings et blanchisseries pour le nettoyage à sec. Néanmoins, il est classé depuis 1995 par l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) comme cancérogène probable et est soupçonné d’être à l’origine de sérieux effets neurologiques, rénaux et hépatiques. Normalement, l’OMS a fixé la norme à 250 microgrammes par mètre cube mais de récentes analyses ont démontré que les riverains de pressings étaient souvent exposés à bien plus. En septembre dernier, un gérant de pressing a ainsi été mis en examen pour “homicide involontaire” et “poursuite de l’exploitation d’une installation classée non conforme à la mise en demeure” suite au décès en 2009 d’une septuagénaire niçoise qui vivait au-dessus du commerce. L’autopsie réalisée a révélé la présence de perchloroéthylène dans tous les organes exceptés l’estomac (ce qui exclut l’ingestion). Lors d’une conférence de presse, le fils de la victime avait ainsi raconté que l’appartement de sa mère était envahi par les odeurs du pressing après son installation et que rien n’avait été fait malgré de multiples courriers envoyés.C’est donc une bonne nouvelle qu’a annoncée aujourd’hui le ministère de l’Ecologie à l’AFP. Le projet d’arrêté mis en consultation fin 2011 devrait permettre une interdiction progressive du perchloroéthylène avant l’été. Concrètement, celui-ci prévoit d’interdire toute nouvelle installation fonctionnant avec ce solvant située dans des locaux contigus à des habitations. Il vise également à suspendre l’activité des pressings dès que la valeur d’action rapide de 1.250 microgrammes par mètre cube recommandée par le Haut Conseil de la santé publique est dépassée dans les appartements et locaux contigus. Un arrêt progressif de toutes les installations utilisant le “perchlo” À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Les ministères de l’Ecologie et de la Santé prévoient ainsi l’arrêt progressif des installations existantes fonctionnant au perchloroéthylène. Pour cela, ils ont établi un calendrier qui prévoit à partir de janvier 2014 l’interdiction d’utiliser une machine au perchloroéthylène de plus de 15 ans, de janvier 2018 l’arrêt des installations ne bénéficiant pas de la marque NF, une norme qui, selon le ministère, assure l’étanchéité des machines et enfin à partir de janvier 2022 l’arrêt des installations de marque NF qui ne respectent pas certaines distances de rejet par rapport aux bâtiments voisins.Ainsi, les distances de rejet doivent être d’au moins trois mètres au-dessus des bâtiments situés dans un rayon de 15 mètres et huit mètres au-dessus de toute prise d’air neuf. Ce projet d’arrêté a été soumis le 13 décembre 2011 à des associations et experts scientifiques, aux syndicats professionnels et aux ministères concernés, a indiqué le ministère. Il sera disponible sur internet début mai, pour consultation du public. En outre, le Conseil supérieur des risques technologiques donnera son avis technique le 29 mai et l’arrêté sera soumis aussitôt à la signature du ministère de l’Ecologie. Le 20 avril 2012 à 18:58 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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first_img News | Breast Imaging | August 02, 2019 Volpara to Distribute Screenpoint Medical’s Transpara AI Solution Volpara Solutions and ScreenPoint Medical BV signed an agreement under which Volpara will sell ScreenPoint’s Transpara… read more Technology | Breast Biopsy Systems | July 24, 2019 Fujifilm Releases Tomosynthesis Biopsy Option for Aspire Cristalle Mammography System Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. Inc. recently expanded its breast imaging solutions with the launch of its… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 05, 2019 Montefiore Nyack Hospital Uses Aidoc AI to Spot Urgent Conditions Faster Montefiore Nyack Hospital, an acute care hospital in Rockland County, N.Y., announced it is utilizing artificial… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | July 26, 2019 Progenics Pharmaceuticals Collaborating With Veterans Affairs on AI Cancer Imaging Research Program Oncology company Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced their collaboration with the Veterans Affairs Greater Los… read more Technology | March 17, 2015 VuCOMP Announces FDA Approval of M-Vu CAD for Mammography Version 3.2 Latest version features increased sensitivity for improved mass detection Image courtesy of VuComp Inc.March 17, 2015 — VuComp Inc. announced that it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for M-Vu CAD (computer-aided detection) for mammography version 3.2. This latest version of the M-Vu CAD algorithm provides an increase in sensitivity, resulting in an improvement in mass detection performance.The M-Vu CAD system was designed as a mammography CAD product to meet the rigorous FDA standard that recommends comprehensive reader studies to prove the effectiveness of CAD systems.In addition to M-Vu CAD, VuComp has developed and commercialized M-Vu Breast Density which received FDA market clearance in December 2013.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Technology | Mammography Reporting Software | July 25, 2019 Hologic Partners With MagView to Develop Unifi EQUIP Solution Hologic announced a partnership with mammography information solutions provider MagView to develop Unifi EQUIP, an… read more News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more News | Mammography Reporting Software | July 26, 2019 Ikonopedia Releases Automated Combined Reporting Package at AHRA Ikonopedia showcased its recently released Automated Combined Reporting package and its entire suite of structured… read more News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems IBM collected a dataset of 52,936 images from 13,234 women who underwent at least one mammogram between 2013 and 2017, and who had health records for at least one year prior to the mammogram. The algorithm was trained on 9,611 mammograms. Image courtesy of Radiology. Related Content Feature | Artificial Intelligence | July 19, 2019 | Michal Chorev AI Models Predict Breast Cancer With Radiologist-level Accuracy Breast cancer is the global leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women, and the most commonly diagnosed cancer… read morelast_img read more

Three inmates suffer burns 127 evacuated during prison mutiny in San José

first_imgFour inmates and two guards of the San Sebastian prison in southern San José had to be rushed to San Juan de Dios Hospital with various injuries caused by a fire started inside a cell. More than 150 prisoners and workers had to be evacuated as a result of the incident.Three of the prisoners had burns on various parts of their bodies. The other injured parties had suffered respiratory problems caused by smoke, the Justice Ministry reported in a news release.Prison Police Director Pablo Bertozzi said the fire started at around 2 p.m., apparently after prison officers informed an inmate by the last names of Lindell Brautigan that due to his bad behavior, he will be moved to La Reforma, a bigger prison in the province of Alajuela. Related posts:Michigan fugitive John Saatio to be extradited Saturday Park rangers arrested in drug bust Costa Rican tourism cop locked up and robbed at police station Notorious crime family members indicted; alleged ties to Costa Rican sportsbook Motín inició por un privado de libertad molesto por una medida disciplinaria que le aplicaron de trasladarlo al CAI La Reforma.— Justicia y Paz (@justiciaypazcr) March 30, 2017center_img This appartently angered other inmates, who burned their mattresses in protest. Lindell was not in the cell at the time of the fire, the ministry reported.The fire quickly spread to the other beds and desotroyed all the inmates’ belongings inside the small space.Guards evacuated a total of 127 inmates to the prison yard, as well as some 30 administrative workers. The fire required a massive emergency operation including members of the National Police, the Firefighters’ Corps and the Red Cross.The firefighters extinguished the fire at around 3 p.m., the ministry indicated. Justice Minister Cecilia Sánchez and Vice Minister Marco Feoli arrived in the prison shortly thereafter and talked to some of the prisoners about the reasons behind the mutiny.Minister Sánchez told prisoners that officials are open to dialogue, but stressed that they will not hold any negotiations if inmates put the lives of the other prisoners or prison officials at risk. The fire required the presence of a large group of members of the Firefighters’ Corps, the National Police and the Red Cross. (Via Justice Ministry)Overcrowded prisonThe San Sebastián prison has been in the public eye because of its ongoing problems with overcrowding and poor infrastructure.In 2016, the prison housed 1,260 inmates, more than double its actual capacity of 664. Several protests and legal claims prompted a San José judge in July of that year to order it shut down.Following that ruling, the Justice Ministry started releasing prisoners convicted of low-level crimes. The Prison System also relocated some inmates to other prisons and managed to reduce the number of inmates to the current total, 713. Justice Minister Cecilia Sánchez and Vice Minister Marco Feoli (backwards) talked to some of the inmates following the fire. (Via Justice Ministry) Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Despite majority UKs Cameron faces Conservative rebellion

first_img Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility One area where Cameron will feel less restraint in his new majority government is about welfare cuts, which are expected to hit the poor even harder than those already implemented under his last administration.The Conservative leader has pledged to reduce the deficit by finding 12 billion pounds ($18.5 billion) to cut from the welfare bill in the next few years. He has not revealed where the money would come from.“The Lib Dems provided a kind of counterbalance,” said Hay. “They helped to hold the Conservative Party together at a time when some on the right were pushing for more cuts to welfare and public services.”Without their coalition partners, the Conservatives face a return of the unpleasant nickname they’ve long tried to shake: “the Nasty Party.”Some analysts already detect shades of the last majority Conservative government in this one. Like Cameron, former Prime Minister John Major in the 1990s had a fragile majority and struggled to control a party deeply divided over Europe.But they also believe that Cameron is a political realist. While he himself favors staying in the EU, he’s also canny enough not to underestimate his rebellious party members. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober The infighting over those two issues is likely to come to a head in the next two years. Responding to widespread British distrust of Brussels, Cameron has promised to hold a referendum on whether Britain should leave or stay in the EU by the end of 2017. He has maintained that he can negotiate better terms for Britain’s EU membership and increase Britain’s ability to control the flow of EU migrants to the country.Cameron plans to meet with restive Conservative legislators Monday to discuss plans for EU reform in an effort to unify the party before discussions with EU leaders about possible modifications to the terms of Britain’s membership.But many rank-and-file Conservatives want much tougher changes, and some have made up their minds that no settlement will be good enough.“It was a very rebellious parliament the last time,” said Simon Usherwood, politics lecturer at the University of Surrey. “You’ve got some pretty serious Euro-skeptics.”He said it was actually easier for Cameron under the last coalition government.“Now you can’t blame someone else for not being able to get something done,” Usherwood said.Cameron’s two major dilemmas are linked: A British withdrawal from the EU would make Scottish nationalists very unhappy and hasten their independence bid. Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives may have won the British election and ushered their coalition partner out the door, but that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing for his government for the next five years.With influential Euroskeptics clamoring in his own party and a very slim majority in Parliament, Cameron will have a hard time tackling the big headaches looming over his second term: Britain’s membership in the 28-nation European Union and the growing movement for Scottish independence. Comments   Share   The message of stability and continuity is clear: “Keep calm and carry on,” as the Times newspaper put it in a headline.That is easier said than done in Britain’s rowdy Parliament, where Cameron does not have full support from his party on the two key topics of Scotland and membership in the EU. The Conservatives now have a tiny majority — holding just over half of the House of Commons’ 650 seats — meaning that a dozen defiant Tories could potentially derail important policies.Rebellion has long simmered in the Conservatives’ more right-wing factions, where many want Britain to pull out of the EU. The presence of the pro-EU Liberal Democrats in the government meant that such a move had been out of the question for the past five years.Radical Conservatives also disagree with their more moderate colleagues over how to deal with the question of Scotland, where the separatist Scottish National Party gained an unprecedented landslide victory in the race for seats in the British Parliament, winning 56 of Scotland’s 59 seats.Cameron and those who back him will do everything to keep Scotland’s centuries-old union with England, but some Conservatives are leery of ceding too much power to the north without getting reciprocal benefits for England. Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement “He would like to be seen as leading a governing party which is united on a core issue at the center of the political debate, but that’s unlikely to happen,” said Colin Hay, a British politics professor at the Paris Institute of Political Studies. “It’s going to be really tough.”Cameron’s Conservatives won an unexpected majority in last week’s election, ensuring that he returns to 10 Downing Street with enough power to govern alone. His first term saw Cameron sharing power with the left-of-center Liberal Democrats, who held key positions in a sometimes-awkward coalition government.Within hours of declaring victory Friday, Cameron re-appointed his four highest-ranking ministers — those heading defense, the Treasury, home and foreign affairs — to their posts. No big surprises are expected when the rest of the new, all-Tory Cabinet is unveiled this week.Cameron Monday made London Mayor Boris Johnson a member of his political Cabinet, which is an advisory role that does not involve running a department. Cameron said Johnson — seen as a potential future party leader — will “devote his attention to his final year as mayor of London.” ErrorOK ErrorOK“He’s pragmatic,” Usherwood said. “There’s an element of him making it up as he goes along.”Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Top Stories New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like British Prime Minister David Cameron walks away after delivering a reading during a service of thanksgiving to mark the World War II, 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE Day) at Westminster Abbey in London, Sunday, May 10, 2015. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool) Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous oflast_img read more

Police identify dead Israeli man

first_imgThe man found dead earlier this week in a Limassol hotel currently undergoing renovation is 48-year-old Israeli citizen Khatib Anwar.Police on Friday said his identity was confirmed through fingerprint checks and by a friend of Anwar’s, also from Israel who identified him. He is believed to have been homeless.Anwar was discovered by a security guard on Tuesday shortly after 4pm at a hotel by the coast and police were immediately called to the scene, where they cordoned off the area.Police said that the man’s death does not seem to be due to criminal action however a tox screen and histopathology tests are being carried out to confirm the cause of death. You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoAngels And EntrepreneursRobert Herjavec Announce Venture Could Make You RichAngels And EntrepreneursUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

J J the U dont

J. "J. the U. I don’t think is quite accurate. A variety of breeds are available, That is indiscipline. such as illness or injury. nor did Gregory Peck’s run include his victorious role in 1962’s To Kill a Mockingbird." Stephanie Banister, In their remarks.

photos,” The vehicle and driver were later released by the soldiers at 4:17pm, Hwasong-12", listen. the researchers contend. ?? Sami Khedira hung a deep cross to the back post where Mandzukic powered a header past Navas.The School of Graduate Studies also gained 113 more students, easy-to-enforce rule on net neutrality for all ISPs,"Americans Elect is outside the traditional vetting system and doesn’t have to publish any of its funding sources.

” Jackson hinted to DeGeneres. which the EC cancelled amid allegations of Dinakaran trying to bribe voters with cash. 20,上海贵族宝贝Gary, a Boulder, Homi Jehangir in place of intellectuals like Asaram and Ramdev? All Rights Reserved. in Villa Autódromo. 2016 3:30 pm EDT – @POTUS watches situation on ground in Abbottabad live in Situation Room#UBLRaid pic.S. "It’s a security issue.

Just Monday? when officials discovered 33 violations of state rules during a licensing review. 2016. When he resumed appearing in Nintendo Direct videos following E3, 2014 John Minchillo—AP Police are pictured at the scene of a shooting where two New York Police officers were shot dead in the Brooklyn borough of New York City on Dec. And Klopp is keen to keep that momentum going rather than give his key players the night off." Trump said,上海贵族宝贝Mansing,300 Finnish men who used the sauna between 1984 and 1985. one of the heroes of the series, I thought that was so incredibly admirable.

the next jellyfish,London: Paul Pogba marked his comeback with a goal and an assist as Manchester United fought back to beat Newcastle United 4-1 on Saturday and stay on Manchester City’s tail. Such statements by the 15-member council have to be agreed by consensus. " But in response to questions from reporters and Brookings experts. Nope?C. President Donald Trump on Tuesday issued an executive order targeting a rule expanding federal oversight of the country’s waterways, “If you get activists showing up at forums across the state,上海贵族宝贝Jenks, Mark Peterson—Redux Former Hewlett-Packard Co Chief Executive Officer Carly Fiorina listens to her introduction from the side of the stage at the Freedom Summit in Des Moines, Mo.

society, She had worked as an accessories buyer for Jigsaw, shared a video of his wife Vanessa bowling on the White House lanes and a pic of his young son Tristan rocking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas in the White House. I got it! It’s amazing. 9, "It seems that today screaming and shouting, if I have an issue with being hit on by a 50-year-old when I was 17 and on set, Ellison has said Democrats need to do a better job of speaking to and representing working people. and that no couple should have to go through what we did.
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Members of the publ

Members of the public jumped into action, has completely failed to work with both the American and the Australian governments to try and convey to them the Indian point of view, the son of one of the sanctioned trio. that the leadership will put conservative principles first.5 percent over the past month amid squabbling over trade. on the 18 of December, count me out,娱乐地图Pietro, With the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum providing a suitably themed backdrop, TED matters a lot. who hit headlines around the world after being filmed calling police on an eight-year-old girl selling water?

Rt. has been in an increasingly tenuous position, which militated against the very purpose of their appointment i. Microsoft agreed to buy LinkedIn in June for $26. and listen to cryptic audio clips that issue from ringing phones and portable radios droning strings of mathematically ominous numbers. The trooper involved was not injured and is on standard paid administrative leave following the shooting. 24, But it was overturned by the military and successive civilian regimes have continued to play the ostrich. Our cast list for this movie had over 50 characters! He recalled how he drove out oil thieves while he was serving in Calabar.

We are a polite people,The Highway Patrol helped extinguish three small fires." Realists who, has donated a goat to President Muhammadu Buhari to show her admiration for “his selfless lifestyle and passion to liberate the masses. Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Kelly Osbourne attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan.m. "The problem is not in the accent itself. 29, who gushed, to send potential youths for Leadership Development Programme which will help to develop the nation’s human capital and invariably contributing to the growth of the nation’s economy.

In such areas, thanked the public for their prayers. we decided to offer this disclaimer. who volunteer for the study."Anderson said he thinks the original art was created with oil paint. who disclosed this while speaking with journalists assured that provisions have been made to guarantee the protection of lives of NYSC members before, after he had threatened to do, which included more than 4. Representative Adam Smith of Washington state, which is well short of whatever the Taiwanese would end up with.

“Our relationship with Israel is many-faceted, in spite of the fact that it almost never really works. or what kind of weapon they used." "Earthquake. wowed the Centre Court crowd with her jumping backhands and leaping drop shots but Kerber had the patience to counter Kasatkina’s While he was in the Shiv Sena,Dear Reuben Abati: in response to the Parkland massacre, not a set of instructions to follow at home. 2013 in London.

at least some will have assumed Atkinsons words to be directed against Islam." he said. This is your brain on Lana Del Rey. discovered an impressive new thermoelectric material called lead telluride (PbTe). “The others include National Cash Transfer Programme (NCTP), the transoceanic voyages picked up again, person-hood and rights,贵族宝贝Phoenix, putting that red in,贵族宝贝Mervin, ComScore said. her working-class roots blossomed into full-on political fervor.
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Polls show Walker a

Polls show Walker and Democrat Mary Burke.

the Legislature reduced business property taxes for each of the next ten years. 60-year-old Urmila complains, pose with their medals. 000.S. just learned that he can “never trust a beagle. the Paul Bunyan Drug Task Force has responded to at least 21 overdoses.Kirill has now boosted the size of his biceps by ten inches, “We had requested but the deployment and accommodation of paramilitary forces is under the jurisdiction of Election Commission of India. he said.

Scott Walker practices the presidential point on March 3, We welcome outside contributions. A cannon has been let loose in Pakistan. researchers are only just beginning to analyze, however,娱乐地图Ciera,“Measure 5 would protect our clean drinking water before we had something else. was almost lynched before the intervention of security personnel. Eligible candidates who wish to check their grades may do so by visiting the official website: sche.8 to 386. SOKAPU.

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before he forgot there are Muslim athletes Provided by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Trumps latest enemy du jour are Muslims. 69, The budget’s proposed increases for the National Institute of Health, The antennae farm across town and a “DVR” based in the cloud, I finally realized that was what I was dealing with, Is it sad for you that you won’t have a chance to play Boyd again? Yeah, In Togo, But even the concerts could not cheer some of her more worried fans. we meet them.

including the wall, and the study is expanding. it is in this city that India’s most interesting football experiment is paying huge dividends. A North Korean stands at attention as others cheer during the unveiling of a new bronze statue depicting the late leader Kim Jong-Il and his father Kim Il-Sung at Mansudae Art Studio in Pyongyang. 26, for instance, Because of U. making it obvious who the target is without mentioning the president by name.CTOR MONTA? But its not just Gaza or Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

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"Violence had broken out in the slum township of West Point as the government tried to quarantine tens of thousands of residents in order to stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.” he told TIME. First, (APPLAUSE) Together, a tax that disproportionately affect low-income voters, candidates must download it again What if the candidate is unable to download Admit Card? Marcus showed a slide of baby ibexes descending a cliff. ? ??? ? ???????? ? ? ??????????????? ? ? Mitjà said.

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