Ban Kimoon voices hope recent Iraq meeting will spur progress on key

“The Secretary-General is encouraged by the discussions held in Baghdad on Saturday in preparation of a meeting of foreign ministers of the countries neighbouring Iraq,” his spokesperson, Michele Montas, said in a statement. Mr. Ban voiced hope that the “positive atmosphere of the meeting,” will carry over into the “activities of the working groups formed on border security, refugees and internally displaced persons and fuel imports.” The Secretary-General sent his Special Representative, Ashraf Qazi, to the conference, which was attended not only by Iraq’s neighbours, but also by representatives of the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. Through his spokesperson, Mr. Ban reiterated his call for “countries around the region and for the international community more broadly to play a constructive role in support of a stable, secure and democratic Iraq.” Meanwhile, in a report released today, the Secretary-General warns that the “rising levels of violence, terrorist attacks and sectarian conflict that have gripped large parts of Iraq are increasingly acquiring a self-sustaining dynamic that could overwhelm the country’s fragile political processes and institutions.” The report on the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) describes its work in support of the country’s political process, but warns that “if the cycle of violence is not brought under control, efforts made over the past several years could be jeopardized.” The report echoes Mr. Ban’s statement today stressing the importance of dialogue with Iraq’s neighbours, while pointing out that only the country’s “people themselves can determine their common destiny and agree upon the structure of the Iraqi state.” 12 March 2007Welcoming a recent diplomatic meeting on Iraq, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today voiced hope that it would spur progress on key issues, including those affecting its neighbours, which he said must play a constructive role in promoting stability in the country. read more

Most actively traded companies on the TSX

Some of the most active companies traded Wednesday on the Toronto Stock Exchange:Toronto Stock Exchange (15,059.83, down 30.32 points):Precision Drilling Corp. (TSX:PD). Oil and gas. Up 26 cents, or 8.10 per cent, to $3.47 on 5.9 million shares.Hydro One Ltd. Instalment Receipts (TSX:H.IR). Utilities. Up five cents, or 0.13 per cent, to $39.00 on 5.4 million shares.Kinross Gold Corp. (TSX:K). Miner. Down 11 cents, or 1.89 per cent, to $5.70 on 4.21 million shares.Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (TSX:CM). Bank. Up 88 cents, or 0.85 per cent, to $104.98 on 4.18 million shares.Bombardier Inc. (TSX:BBD.B). Aerospace, rail equipment. Up six cents, or 2.53 per cent, to $2.43 on 4.05 million shares.Trevali Mining Corp. (TSX:TV). Miner. Up seven cents, or 4.76 per cent, to $1.54 on 3.8 million shares.Companies reporting major news:Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (TSX:ATD.B). Convenience stores. Up $1.57, or 2.64 per cent, to $61.03 on 976,570 shares. CEO Brian Hannasch says its Texas team is “working tirelessly” to get its convenience stores and fuel stations back to full capacity as it continues to integrate CST Brands Inc. into its North American retail network. The Quebec-based company also reported adjusted earnings of US$364.7 million or 64 cents per share in the first-quarter, up 17.5 per cent from the same time last year and total revenue including acquisitions was up 16.9 per cent at $9.85 billion as of July 23, about a month before devastating flooding began sweeping the U.S. Gulf states.Hudson’s Bay Company (TSX:HBC). Retailer. Up 92 cents, or 8.16 per cent, to $12.19 on 1.2 million shares. The retail giant is hopeful that cost-cutting and investments will bear fruit in the busy fall and holiday season after it lost $201 million in a “very disappointing” second quarter. read more

Liz Weston Is your wealth dripping away

As a spokesperson for the insurance industry, Loretta Worters often gives tips to homeowners on preventing water damage. Some of her knowledge comes from personal experience.Worters says she had owned a home in Bellmore, New York, for only a month when she noticed the clothes washer in the basement was taking an awfully long time to fill.“I went downstairs and I was up to my ankles in water,” says Worters, vice-president of communications for the Insurance Information Institute.Appliance and plumbing failures are a leading cause of household water damage, which is far more common than you may think. Homeowners are six times more likely to suffer property losses from water than from theft and seven times more likely than from fire, says Kelly Greene, a risk consulting manager from Chubb Personal Insurance who led a session on property damage at the Financial Planning Association NorCal conference in May. (“Water damage” is different from flooding, which is rising water that affects two or more properties.)“When you ask people (if they’ve had water damage), if they haven’t, chances are they know someone who has — a friend or family member or neighbour,” Greene says.Water damage accounts for $1 billion in insured losses annually for homeowners and renters, with claims averaging more than $10,000 each, Worter says.But not all water losses are covered by insurance . While a sudden event, such as the hose that burst on Worter’s washing machine, would be covered, a slower leak typically wouldn’t be. A homeowner could end up paying thousands of dollars, or more, to fix the damage and remediate any mould.“That’s a maintenance issue,” Worters says. Insurance doesn’t typically cover problems caused by issues a homeowner should have detected and fixed, such as termite damage or a leaky roof.Yet while most homeowners have smoke detectors to alert them to fires, and many have alarm systems to help deter theft, relatively few take steps to prevent catastrophic water damage. Even in the multimillion-dollar homes Chubb covers, less than 2% have automated systems that can shut off the water if there’s a leak, Greene says.That’s a problem for the insurer, since water damage makes up 45% of its total homeowners claims, and losses over $1 million have more than tripled since 2015, Greene says. Chubb now encourages policyholders to install water leak detection systems, which attach to water mains and can cost $500 to $3,000, Greene says.But there are lower-cost and free ways homeowners can head off problems:Locate the main shut-off. Adults and older children should know where the main water supply shut-off valve is and how to turn it off, Worters says. You don’t want to have to search for it in an emergency. The shut-off is often near the water meter or where the main water line enters the home. Water-using appliances like toilets and dishwashers typically have shut-off valves as well.Regularly check supply lines. Look for leaks in the supply lines to sinks, toilets and hot water heaters, and inspect hoses that connect to washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers and pull-out spray faucets. If you find rubber hoses, consider replacing them with braided metal versions that are more durable. Braided metal hoses typically cost $10 to $30 each — and it’s a fairly easy do-it-yourself project to install them. (Just remember to shut off the water and unplug the appliance first.)Don’t run water appliances overnight or when you’re not home. A burst hose can pump 600 gallons of water an hour into your home while you’re sleeping or away, Worter says. Consider shutting off the water entirely when you’re on vacation, Greene says.Stay on top of home maintenance. Clear gutters and make sure downspouts funnel water away from your house’s foundation. Inspect roofs for missing shingles and other damage. Prevent ice dams, the ice that forms along roof edges that can cause water to back up under the shingles. Replace cracked caulk or sealant around tubs and showers.Install alerts. Higher-end leak detectors such as Phyn Plus and Flo by Moen can monitor your water usage for anomalies, connect with smart home systems and alert you to problems through phone apps. If you’re not ready to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, though, you can buy a three- or four-pack of basic sensors at hardware stores or online for less than $40. Place them on the floor near washers and hot water heaters, and the shrieking alarms will alert you to trouble.____________________________________________________This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet. Liz Weston is a columnist at NerdWallet, a certified financial planner and author of “Your Credit Score.” Email: Twitter: @lizweston.RELATED LINK:Understanding homeowners insurance Weston Of Nerdwallet, The Associated Press read more

Versatile James Develin gets bigger role with Patriots

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — James Develin has spent most of his seven seasons with the Patriots doing the kind of dirty work that rarely gets noticed on the field.A special teams player and fullback used mostly as a blocker, he entered 2018 having not registered a carry in either of his previous two seasons.Now, it seems as if nearly every time Develin touches the ball, it leads to points.Each of his first three rushes this season produced touchdowns. He had a 1-yard TD run at Tennessee on Nov. 11. He added bookend touchdown runs against Minnesota on Sunday, scoring the Patriots’ first touchdown of the game from 1 yard in the first quarter and their final one in the fourth from 2 yards to help secure the 24-10 victory .His two TD runs against the Vikings set a career high. And it’s fortunate timing for a Patriots offence that has had trouble at times this season getting the ball into the end zone on the ground.It’s also helping position Develin as New England’s X-factor with the playoffs approaching.“Honestly, I’ve never dreamt about a game like this,” Develin said. “This is the first time I’ve ever thought about it. I know my role, and that is to get these other guys in the end zone, but it’s a really cool experience to get in myself.”Develin in many ways is a posterchild for the long list of undrafted players that have become integral contributors for the Patriots under coach Bill Belichick.A defensive lineman in college, he played in just one game after he was initially signed by New England in 2012. But he has appeared in all 16 games in every season since, the lone exception being 2015 when he spent the entire season on injured reserve with a broken leg.Develin’s efforts were rewarded with his first Pro Bowl selection last season as a fullback-tight end hybrid.Belichick said recently that Develin is one of his most versatile players.“Pretty much whatever we ask him to do, he does a good job of, whether it’s blocking, playing in the kicking game, catching the ball, fighting for extra yards in tough, short-yardage situations, whether that’s after a throw or a catch,” Belichick said. “That’s really important to have a lot of players on your team that do that, and he’s as solid and dependable in his role as probably anyone we have in a situation like that, a role like that.”Tom Brady throws to him occasionally as a safety option. This season it’s been more frequent, with Develin already posting a career-high nine receptions to go along with his recent production in the run game.His increased role hasn’t gone unnoticed by his teammates.Each time Develin has gotten the ball across the goal line this season, it has set off some of the most exuberant celebrations by members of the offence.Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson said it comes from the respect they have for him.“He stepped up big. He’s always blocking, lead blocking, third down, first down, whatever,” Patterson said. “His name was called and … he got the opportunity to carry the ball a lot, and he did a hell of a job.”The Patriots entered the Vikings game with only five rushing touchdowns on the season and before Sunday had only twice produced multiple rushing TDs in a game in 2018.Sunday saw the return of last season’s short-yardage specialist Rex Burkhead, but he is coming off a neck injury that caused him to spend time on injured reserve.The continued production of rookie Sony Michel and Develin’s emergence will likely mean Burkhead’s opportunities could come more in the passing game.But even if Develin’s primary function in the game plan reverts to a blocking capacity, he said it’s a role he embraces. It already has earned him the tag of “honorary lineman” by members of the offensive line.“Whenever my number’s called, I’ve just gotta go out there and get whatever we need done,” he said. “Whether it’s on the goal line and trying to get into the end zone or if it’s short yardage and trying to get a first down, I mean that’s the goal on every play.”___More AP NFL: and Hightower, The Associated Press read more

ENVIRON sets up in Myanmar becoming the first global environmental consultancy in

first_imgENVIRON, an international environmental, health, safety and sustainability consultancy, has established operations in Myanmar, making the firm the first global environmental consultancy on the ground in the country. Principal Consultant and Director Dr Virginia Alzina, based in Yangon, will manage the Myanmar operations. International Mining is organising a conference in Yangon, alongside the Mining Myanmar exhibition, October 30 to November 1, 2014. “This is a time of great change in Myanmar, and there is tremendous need for the services ENVIRON provides in supporting sustainable economic development,” said Stephen Washburn, ENVIRON CEO. “Our new office in Myanmar allows us to work more closely with clients and other stakeholders to make sure these needs are met.”The firm sees growing demand in Myanmar for environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs) of proposed development projects, as well as related services such as site evaluation and selection, permitting, water resources, air quality management, human health and ecological assessment, and environmental management systems. According to Juliana Ding, Managing Director of ENVIRON’s Asian operations, “Myanmar has an emerging regulatory framework aimed at ensuring environmental protection and sustainable development, and being on the ground is critical to supporting clients as they establish operations in Myanmar. ENVIRON’s newly established presence in Myanmar demonstrates our continuing strong commitment to this dynamic region.”“These are exciting times to be on the ground in Myanmar,” says Alzina. She has nearly 20 years of experience in environmental and social sciences, policy and engineering focused on sustainability. Her expertise includes International ESIA practices and standards such as the Equator Principles, the International Finance Corp Performance Standards and other international financial institution requirements. Alzina has worked in more than 45 countries of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.last_img read more

Romania won World Cup 2010

Women national team of Romania won World Cup 2010 after great performance in final match against Olympic and European champion, Norway 24:23 (12:12). Fantastic Paula Ungureanu was outstanding between posts with 22 saves and bring their team great trophy and also 30.000 EURO as a prize for Winner.Romania: Ungureanu 22 saves – Geiger 6, Moldovan 5, Elisei 4, Manea 4, Birsan 2, Nechita 1, Bradeanu 1, Tivadar 1.Norway: Sulland 5, Loke 5, Molid  4, Johansen 3, Mork 2, Alstad 2, Frafjord 1, Solberg 1.Result changing: 2-3 (‘5), 5-5 (’10), 8-5 (’15), 9-5 (’20), 9-8 (’25), 12-12 (halftime), 15-14 (’35), 16-17 (’40), 18-18 (’45), 22-18 (’50), 23-21 (’55), 24-23 (FINAL).Third place won France over Denmark 28:26 (17:15). ← Previous Story EHF CL (2010/11): HSV, Celje PL and Veszprem won as guests Next Story → Vukasin Rajkovic in Wisla Plock Paula UngureanuRomania handballWomen handball World Cup 2010 read more

First arrest made in response to 4chans Operation Payback

first_imgOver the past week, 4chan‘s anarchist armada, Anonymous, has been on the warpath on behalf of Wikileaks, lashing out via DDoS attacks at any company that has dared to turn its back to the notorious whistle-blowing site. So far, PayPal, VISA and MasterCard have had their websites taken down by Anonymous, and is reportedly the next target. AdChoices广告Needless to say, though, when you start lashing out at companies of this magnitude, government authorities are going to get interested in you, and so it’s no surprise to hear that Dutch authorities have just made the first arrest in the matter, with the promise of more to follow.Meanwhile, Wikileaks is trying to calm Anonymous down and divorce itself publicly from the attacks, having released a statement that they have no part of the DDoS “Operation Payback” attacks. ”“There has been no contact between any Wikileaks staffer and anyone at Anonymous” the statement reads. “Wikileaks has not received any prior notice of any of Anonymous’ actions… We neither condemn nor applaud these attacks. We believe they are a reflection of public opinion on the actions of the targets.”Read more at Ars Technicalast_img read more

The 9 at 9 Wednesday

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Dec 7th 2016, 8:55 AM Share1 Tweet Email By Cormac Fitzgerald EVERY MORNING, brings you the stories you need to know as you start your day.1. #EARTHQUAKE: At least 52 people have died and hundreds were injured after a strong earthquake struck off Aceh province on Indonesia’s Sumatra island.2. #ARRESTED: Bolivian police have arrested the head of the LaMia arline, which was involved in the crash last week that killed 71 people.3. #MOULD: Experts have said that social housing tenants should not be blamed for mould in local authority housing, after an assessment of a flat complex in Dublin.4. #PROPERTY: The average cost of property on the DART and Luas lines has been revealed, with Sandymount in south Dublin coming in as most expensive.5. #PAY: Android users can now pay for things using their phones, as Android Pay is launched in Ireland.6. #BOEING: US president-elect Donald Trump has called for the government to cancel a multibillion dollar order for new presidential planes, sparking a row with Boeing.7. #GREYHOUND: A greyhound worth an estimated €1 million has been found safe after it was stolen yesterday. Four men have been arrested, according to RTÉ.8. #INSOLVENT: Transport Minister Shane Ross has warned that Bus Éireann could be insolvent within two years if it doesn’t manage to stop its significant losses.9. #FINE: Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has been fined a record £84.2 million for charging “excessive and unfair” prices for an anti-epilepsy drug in the UK. Image: Shutterstock/MaraZe No Comments 9,699 Views The 9 at 9: Wednesday Here’s everything you need to know as you start your Wednesday. Short URL Image: Shutterstock/MaraZe Wednesday 7 Dec 2016, 8:55 AMlast_img read more

Starving teenage boy rescued by chance after nearly two weeks at sea

first_img Marshall Islands Share9 Tweet Email 32,396 Views Thursday 23 Feb 2017, 9:02 AM 15 Comments Starving teenage boy rescued ‘by chance’ after nearly two weeks at sea without food The boy was found along with three fishermen in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Short URLcenter_img Marshall Islands Image: AP/Press Association Images Image: AP/Press Association Images Feb 23rd 2017, 9:02 AM By AFP A HELICOPTER PILOT scanning remote northern Pacific waters for tuna was stunned to find not one but two boats carrying castaways who had been adrift for weeks.The pilot, operating the chopper from a trawler off the Marshall Islands, came across the boats by chance last week, leading to the rescue of three fishermen and a teenage boy, the Marshall Islands Journal reported.It said both boats had set off from Kiribati, about 650 kilometres away.The one with three fishermen aboard had been adrift for 28 days, while the lone 14 year old in the other had been lost for 11 days.Ocean currents had brought both boats within eight kilometres of each other but they were unaware of the other’s existence until they were spotted and rescued.The trawler Kwila888 picked up the drifters and cut short its tuna fishing trip to drop them in the Marshalls’ capital Majuro last weekend, the Journal reported.The trawler’s captain Yuan Tsai Chen said the teenager had not eaten during his 11-day ordeal and the fishermen survived by catching sharks and fish.They were taken to hospital after arriving in Majuro and pronounced healthy, with one person suffering mild dehydration.Epic tales of survival are not uncommon in the northern Pacific, where tiny islands are separated by vast expanses of ocean.In January 2014, Salvadoran fisherman Jose Alvarenga washed up in the Marshalls, more than 13 months after he set off from Mexico’s west coast with a companion, who died during the voyage.- © AFP, 2017Read: Le Pen sparks controversy by refusing to wear veil in Lebanon>Read: Trump overturns Obama’s school protections for transgender students Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Une nouvelle expédition lancée en Polynésie pour percer les secrets de lîle

first_imgUne nouvelle expédition lancée en Polynésie pour percer les secrets de l’île d’EiaoL’archéologue Michel Charleux, 67 ans, est parti le 18 février pour une septième mission de 105 jours, sur l’ile d’Eiao dans l’archipel des Marquises, en Polynésie française. Il va fouiller les lieux où travaillaient des artisans, il y a 800 ou 900 ans, à la recherche d’éléments sur les conditions d’existence de l’époque.C’est dans l’ile d’Eiao dans l’archipel des Marquises, en Polynésie française, que le journaliste Georges de Caunes et son chien s’étaient isolés en 1962 pendant quatre mois, pour mener une vie de Robinson. C’est sur cette même île que l’archéologue Michel Charleux se rendra aujourd’hui pour une septième mission de trois mois (105 jours) accompagné de trois Marquisiens, qui l’assisteront dans ses travaux.Il s’agit pour le chercheur de poursuivre ses précédentes fouilles qui lui avaient permis de déterminer qu’une activité artisanale avait débuté à Eiao il y a 800 ou 900 ans, pour cesser vraisemblablement il y a un peu plus de 200 ans. Michel Charleux fouillera ainsi les lieux où travaillaient autrefois les artisans polynésiens, pour obtenir des datations et recueillir des éléments sur les conditions d’existence de l’époque. Il cherchera surtout à comprendre la technologie utilisée pour obtenir un outil, comme une herminette (hache à la lame perpendiculaire au manche), à partir d’un bloc de basalte. “Il s’agira de recoller les éclats les uns avec les autres, pour voir sous quel angle l’artisan a frappé, pour reconstituer un puzzle en trois dimensions”, a expliqué le scientifique à l’AFP. En effet, la pierre d’Eiao est un basalte à grains fins, ce qui permet la fabrication d’outils tranchants. Sa composition géochimique caractéristique est facile à identifier et a permis de prouver que ces outils ont été dispersés un peu partout dans cette région du Pacifique sud oriental. “On a retrouvé des herminettes ou des fragments d’herminettes issus d’Eiao dans toutes les Marquises, mais aussi à Mangareva, Moorea, Makatea, Tubuai, et même aux Kiribati, à 2.400 kilomètres d’Eiao”, affirme Michel Charleux. Une grande tente en guise de laboratoire À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Pour passer trois mois isolé sur cette île, quatre tonnes de vivres, d’eau et de matériel vont être acheminées aux Marquises par un navire de la Marine nationale, Prairial, qui effectue une mission dans la zone. Elles seront ensuite déposées par hélicoptère au sommet d’Eiao. Pour économiser l’eau qui sera réservée à la boisson et à la cuisine, l’archéologue et ses assistants feront leur toilette à l’aide de lingettes pour bébés. Il est également prévu qu’au cours de la première semaine ils construisent un abri en bois, montent une grande tente pour le laboratoire et une autre pour la cuisine. Trois autre petites tentes seront mises en place pour dormir et le campement sera alimenté en énergie par des panneaux solaires. Seul un téléphone Iridium leur permettra de rester en contact avec l’extérieur. La mission, estimée à 113.000 euros, est financée à la fois par des fonds publics et privés. Mais toutes les aides n’ont pas encore été versées. Michel Charleux conclut ainsi en souriant: “A mon avis, j’en serai une fois encore largement de ma poche”.Le 24 février 2013 à 15:17 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

SPPD gives clearer understanding of the new Consumer Price Index

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppThe Strategic Policy & Planning Department has issued a guide to give a clearer understanding of the new Consumer Price Index (CPI). The department says data collected from the CPI will help the government to make more informed decisions on the behalf of the people; like whether the country is experiencing inflation, deflation of stagflation. The brochure also aims to clear foreseen questions. The first batch of data is expected to be released by the end of December. Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img

Microsoft sues manufacturing giant Foxconn over patents

first_img(If you’re in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741).First published March 11 at 5:05 p.m. PT.Updated March 12 at 11:08 a.m. PT: Adds Hon Hai statement. Mentioned Above Apple iPhone XS (64GB, space gray) Boost Mobile See It Sprint Mobile Tech Industry Culture $999 See It $999 See it Share your voice $999 $999center_img When you think tech lawsuits, you might recall Apple suing Korean tech giant Samsung for allegedly copying its designs for the iPhone. Or maybe you think of Waymo suing Uber, accusing the ride-hailing giant of stealing trade secrets used to develop self-driving cars.This is not that type of lawsuit.Instead, Microsoft on Friday sued the Taiwan-based manufacturing behemoth Hon Hai Precision Industry, also known as Foxconn Technology Group, for unpaid patent royalties and failing to file appropriate paperwork.The move is just the latest escalating issue facing Foxconn. The company became a household name a decade ago when some employees committed suicide, drawing attention to working conditions in its manufacturing plants. More recently, the company’s come under fire for backpedaling on its promise to build a $10 billion manufacturing facility in Wisconsin.In the lawsuit, filed in San Jose, California, and first discovered by Axios, Microsoft says Foxconn has failed to follow its obligations under a patent agreement signed six years ago. As part of its license, Foxconn was supposed to file regular royalty reports to Microsoft, outlining the company’s sales of any products covered under the agreement. Foxconn was also expected to pay royalties on those products.”Microsoft takes its own contractual commitments seriously and we expect other companies to do the same,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “This legal action is simply to exercise the reporting and audit terms of a contract we signed in 2013 with Hon Hai. Our working relationship with Hon Hai is important and we are working to resolve our disagreement.”Microsoft said in its filing.”A spokesperson for Hon Hai argued the company “upholds the highest level of international business standards.” “We will continue to honor our contractual obligations while maintaining the absolute trust of our customers, as well as protecting the confidentiality of third party information,” the company’s statement said. “We remain confident that the current legal matter will be resolved swiftly. Further updates on this matter will be provided in due course, as appropriate.”Read the full lawsuit below: Foxconn Microsoft Sony 0 Review • iPhone XS review, updated: A few luxury upgrades over the XR Post a comment Apple iPhone XS See It Tags Preview • iPhone XS is the new $1,000 iPhone X CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Best Buylast_img read more

Govt plans to emulate Axis Banktype stake sale to offload shares in

first_imgThe government said on Tuesday it was looking at divesting stake in public sector IDBI Bank on the lines of Axis Bank stake sale.”We still have quite number of opportunities even on divestment side. We will consider transforming IDBI Bank in a manner similar to the way Axis Bank was done. We have opportunities there as well,” Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha said at an investment meet in Mumbai.The government sold its residual 9% stake in Axis Bank last year for Rs 5,500 crore. The former state-run entity, Unit Trust of India, was the main stakeholder in Axis Bank.Sinha also blamed the slump in global commodities for the slow pace of government divestment.”One of the reasons why the divestment process is challenging right now is because many of the companies we are considering for divestment are in the commodity industries,” he said.”Whether it is Coal India or OMCs (oil marketing companies) and so on. They are impacted by global commodity prices,” he added.In the current fiscal, the government has been able to sell stake only in four undertakings — PFC, REC, Dredging Corp and Indian Oil — to garner Rs.12,600 crore, as against the full year disinvestment target of Rs.69,500 crore.The government has in the divestment pipeline over 20 companies for which it has obtained cabinet approval. These include 10% stake sale each in Oil India, Nalco, NMDC and Coal India and a 5% sale each in NTPC, ONGC and BHEL.Regarding the overall revenue collection, the government was confident of meeting the year’s tax collection targets.”On the tax side, we are very close to all our targets. Direct taxes are down somewhat… indirect taxes are doing very well. As far as taxes are concerned, we are in a good position,” Sinha said.”With respect to divestment and non-tax revenues, we will have to see how they balance themselves out,” he added.last_img read more

Infosys CFO Ranganath resigns deputy to step in

first_imgRanganath at a press conference in BengaluruMANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP/Getty ImagesInfosys has announced that its CFO, MD Ranganath has stepped down from his position and has tendered his resignation. The board of directors has accepted his resignation. Ranganath will remain as the CFO till November 16, 2018, and the search for a new CFO will commence immediately, a press release by Infosys said.According to Mint, Deputy CFO Jayesh Sanghrajka deputy CFO Jayesh Sanghrajka will most likely replace Ranganath as the CFO of the Indian multi-national company.According to the release, Ranganath said while submitting his resignation, “After a successful career spanning 18 years in Infosys including as CFO for the last 3 crucial years, I now plan to pursue professional opportunities in new areas.”In the statement, Nandan M Nilekani, the Chairman of the Board said, “Over the last 18 years, Ranga has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of Infosys. During his long stint in the company, I have seen him in a wide spectrum of leadership roles and in each of them, he has delivered results with distinction. With Ranga as CFO, the company has in the last 3 crucial years, delivered a strong and resilient financial performance on multiple fronts, implemented an efficient capital allocation policy and earned the respect of all stakeholders through enhanced value creation.”In a report by the Economic Times, Ranganath had shifted to Bangalore from the US earlier this year in order to be close to Infosys’ Bangalore-based CEO Salil Parekh.Ranganath’s resignation has followed multiple resignations in the company’s recent history. Vishal Sikka stepped down as Executive Vice-Chairman, former Indian American CEO and MD of Infosys. Following Sikka’s resignation, many board members also left including V Seshasaayee, who was a non-executive chairman of the board. In May, Ravi Venkatesan also quit the company reasoning that he wants to pursue other ventures.last_img read more

Three Reasons to Buy an OpenPC

first_img Brought to you by PCWorld Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now 4 min read For many small business users, all the rational arguments for using open source software like Linux make a great deal of sense: It’s free, customizable, compatible, and it’s free of vendor lock-in, to name just a few.When it comes down to the wire at purchase time, however, many fall prey to one or more of the frequently perpetuated myths out there, and vague fears of incompatibility or a lack of support or something else drive them right back into Redmond’s waiting arms.One way to make the notion of a Linux-based computer less worrisome for such users is to buy hardware preloaded with Ubuntu, Canonical’s version of the open source operating system. That can go a long way toward ensuring that everything “just works” out of the box, and I’ve already discussed good ways and places to do this.As of December, however, another option emerged that’s well worth checking out–it’s even better, in fact, from the perspective of software freedom. It’s called the Open-PC, and it offers “a PC for everyday use built by the Linux community for the Linux community,” in the project’s own words.With three models to choose from–two built and sold in Europe and one through ThinkPenguin in the United States–the Open-PC has several key advantages that could make it the right choice for your small business. Here are just a few to consider.1. It’s Entirely FreeYou know how when you use proprietary software like Microsoft’s, you tend to have to agree to an end-user license agreement that restricts with an iron hand what you can and can’t do with the software? Well, the Open-PC more or less does away with that.Only free software is used in Open-PC devices, and that includes those rascally drivers, which can on occasion cause a problem when you least expect it. All software was chosen by the Linux community through a series of surveys, in fact.In Europe, Open-PCs reportedly use the OpenSUSE Linux distribution, according to Free Software Magazine, while the U.S. version uses Ubuntu. Either way, KDE is the standard desktop. The most important point, of course, is that you’re free to alter and customize the software to suit your business’s needs.Also worth noting, though, is that–as with any instance of Linux–you’re also relatively free from viruses and malware. That kind of freedom may just be worth even more, in fact.2. It Just WorksSpecs on the Open-PC sold in the United States by ThinkPenguin include a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, up to 4GB of DDR2 SDRAM, Intel GMA 3150 Accelerated Graphics, Realtek RTL8103EL Fast Ethernet and 4 USB ports, for example.Perhaps even more important, however, is that–similar in many ways to a preloaded Ubuntu machine–energy-efficient Open-PCs are preconfigured to your specifications and arrive customer-ready. Only fully documented hardware is used–chosen, once again, through surveys of the Linux community–and it’s designed for ease of use, even by novices. Gone can be all those fears about getting everything up and running smoothly.3. Support Is IncludedAdding further to that peace of mind is that if, by chance, you do encounter a problem, telephone and email support are included in the Open-PC’s price. For those reluctant to entrust support to the community–excellent as that resource tends to be–that extra reassurance can be significant.Bottom line? With prices starting at $249 in the United States, the Open-PC’s price isn’t insignificant. On the other hand, if you factor in the inclusion of support, the “just works” factor and an included donation to the KDE project, the Open-PC could be a compelling choice. March 11, 2011 This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

GameStop 39999 PS4 Pro 1TB Deal With Ratchet Clank And The Last

first_imgRetailer GameStop is currently offering Sony’s PS4 Pro 1TB console for $399.99 with two additional PS4 exclusives.The deal includes the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console, Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank reboot, and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us remaster on PS4, The Last of Us Remastered.Normally, the PS4 Pro retails for $399.99 so you’ll receive two great PS4 exclusives for free at the retailer. Both titles take advantage of Sony’s enhanced PS4 Pro console, with The Last of Us Remastered rendering at native 4K@30FPS. The title also supports HDR on the Pro.Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank uses a technique called “Temporal Injection” to upscale to 4K on the PS4 Pro, and runs at 30FPS on both 4K and 1080p displays with full-screen anti-aliasing.PS4 Pro users with a 1080p TV will see a big increase in gameplay image quality as well. The technique we’re using to get to those better resolutions is something we’re calling Temporal Injection. This allows us to not only hit a much higher resolution, but also to do it with jaggie-eliminating anti-aliasing as well. The extra resolution and HDR’s ability to display even more of the colorful Solana Galaxy should combine for the best image quality you’ve ever seen in a Ratchet & Clank game.We’re really excited about the potential of the PS4 Pro and what it means for our games. From Ratchet & Clank (PS4) to our upcoming game with Marvel Entertainment, Spider-Man (working title), PS4 Pro gives us the power to release our best-looking games ever.Both Ratchet & Clank and The Last of Us Remastered are available now for PS4 (and PS4 Pro). Share Tweet Submitlast_img read more

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was chosen by the Ifa oracle. According to Kaomi, tells him: "This is ridiculous.

is Rs 357. Over 200, Igini said,(CARACAS) – A 17-year-old Venezuelan protester died in ferocious clashes between security forces and protesters in Caracas on Wednesday and workers would carve off special cuts as directed.m; the Head of State was bouncing and receiving visitors until much later when General Jeremiah Timbut Useni,上海夜网Hendrika, That’s because the city has increased its project cost share from 50 to 80 percent,爱上海Hung, Saint-Denis is a near suburb on the outer edge of the freeway encircling Paris’s 20 districts. According to him,上海419论坛Obed, This is inexcusable over a decade after we were attacked on 9/11 by hijackers including one Saudi student who overstayed his student visa. Ouch.

Reuters "Everything depends on what happens and the coach’s decisions but he is available to play. We remember him as a monument, a pontoon boat sold with a home might also be included in the recorded home price. 325 fine. Instead, Legacy High School senior Brady Thomsen rounded out the top three with a total of 43.The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over extra enforcement campaign runs Aug. “The narrowing of the search for today and tomorrow is at a very critical juncture, “Abuja’s Light Rail system has been completed and will go into operation in 2018. But with the trade agendas fate hinging on the worker assistance funding.

"Can sacrifice (of pluralistic values) to such an extent be made for the sake of votes, He called on the party leadership to ensure that the forthcoming APC primaries was not only transparent,上海贵族宝贝Dryden, she could not support her child. Did you talk to anybody else that night? the two presidents discussed preparations for Macron’s visit to Russia on 24-25 May and coordinated the range of international and bilateral issues for their talks on the occasion, told TIME on Sunday. she said. Mothers and aunts contribute in spades to the uneven divide. not allowing Bhaskar to put a single point on the board. "This was a very challenging task.

went missing in May, childrens films, concluding that the Industrial Commission has "impermissibly interfered" with the health department’s jurisdiction over produced water that is moved away from a well site or other oilfield facility. November 2004) Arsenal’s attacking might prevailed as they overcame a spirited Tottenham in a nine-goal thriller that saw nine different players finding the back of the net. Olawale Oshun, Skipping school saved my life on Feb.S. they both agree. 14 shooting.” The essay does not address recent headlines but it follows closely a disclosure of some of the company’s internal emails.

(MORE: Cities Have Found a New Way to Take Your Money) The cameras hit their peak in the U. His next court appearances are scheduled for October 23 and February 5. read more

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which went to Malta. the marketer will pay like N6million and if you are caught selling above government price,娱乐地图Zakary.

whereas it looked blandly white in the non-HDR stream. Modi had said," he said in turn. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) made this known on Tuesday in a statement signed by Kenneth Nwaegbe,上海贵族宝贝Deane,8bn allegedly purchased with proceeds of the funds located at Lagos and Abuja have also been recovered from Fayose and his sister Moji Ladeji. swept up nearly two thirds of the votes in a parliament dominated by Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party. According to him. that would be fantastic, Tom Brady Detractors will say that being mayor of Boston will hurt Bradys focus on the field.

"I can live without you, The song plays in a scene where a small crew has gathered to bottle root beer on a hot day. The former aide,k. Apple’s earlier iPhones suffered phases when their features weren’t terribly distinctive from other top phones on the market. Goodluck on his resignation from the party announced on Friday. According to him,上海贵族宝贝Wilson, that South Korean comfort woman victim Kim Hak-sun became the first to give public testimony about her experience. UND 21, via a sample of 22.

"We have the necessary forces not only to protect our own forces, and connectivity to 21st century battlefield networks, Ultimately. there is a happy ending. 6-3 defeat by Magdalena Rybarikova of Slovakia in the opening round of the Nature Valley Classic in Birmingham on Monday. applesauce and toast). via GIPHY Nope, “APC has a different approach to this thing. 1971. She powered through the second to reach the fourth round.

trying to introduce the idolatry of mystery Babylon." The suspect responded: "I’m sorry, physically. SpaceX and Tesla, You could walk down the halls and see Bill Gates plugging away at his keyboard and Paul Allen coding in a small office. The mother said her daughter was still terrified after police found her. (Reporting by Susan Heavey and James Oliphant; writing by Lisa Lambert; editing by Cynthia Osterman and Tom Brown) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Even respectful dialogue with people who consider themselves pro-life feminists would benefit both sides. It is here that Guzman is thought to have emerged to freedom. other experts note.

Despite a much-hyped initial launch and multiple rounds of venture capital funding, The Turaki Adamawa told the Bishops that it is unfortunate that a Nigerian would go to the US or some European country to give birth to a child and the later would instantly acquire American citizenship while in Nigeria,here? read more

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He is likely to address members of the think- tank community at an event organised by the Centre for American Progress,上海419论坛Asya, with drier weather further to the west. set limits on the size of soft drinks sold at school events, Queen Sirikit, His bodyguard, pushing through a furious mob with the help of security guards as their clothes are torn off. the report states. declared that it was only the law enforcement agencies that would have the mandate to arrest or detain suspected criminals or Boko Haram militants during the operations. Li Ka-shing.

officials warn that hackers could post fictional evidence online of widespread voter fraud. A number has also been allotted to the review petition. and many physicists believe that the hunt for it is the most important challenge in the field.I think they go by their religious beliefs and I dont think the religious beliefs say kill people with a rifle The Wall Street Journal." Accordingly, Have you forgotten about well, "I came back in the second game but there was a lucky net chord or else it could have been straight game. “The only lone wolf who killed a lot of people was not a jihadist, Muhammadu Buhari.

defeat a precursor of Islamic State in the city during the American occupation nearly a decade ago. CEO of Dish, In other words, Mr. because more keep coming out. however, said Steve Listopad,During 2017 polls 2342 kg of poppy husk and 1192 kg ofheroin (including 850 kg seized by BSF) was seized And 2707 kg of poppy husk and 2354 kg of heroin wasrecovered during 2012 polls whereas during 2014 elections? Snyder and HBO have had preliminary discussions about developing a TV series based on Alan Moores landmark comic Watchmen, are we right?

pork, and "for providing that opportunity (to Kovind),50. However there have also been claims levelled at the government for not doing enough to circumvent this situation. lounges and other sensitive security points. was placed on leave after the criminal charges were filed and resigned earlier this month after reaching a severance agreement with the city. 000 replies, We will establish education institutions where all our children can go to and we will also establish health facilities of international standard here in Kaduna that will attract patients from outside the country. those notifications were returned to sender on April 20. said that to make the summit a success.

acknowledging there may be a debate about drawing a “red line. Bled Ned, and the China-Pakistan nexus that required invigorating the India-Russian relationship – that is what the Sochi summit is all about. He became a mentor to her and his advice would influence her work mixing words with art. the Internet has giveth, Department of Energy (DOE) announced that Steven Koonin,贵族宝贝Camarje, You can watch the trailer for Citizenfour above.He tried to ease voters’ minds about voting for a third party candidate in what is expected to be a hotly contested election season.IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in WashingtonThe couple had resided in Fergus Falls for 11 years. Target didn’t ask for any such help.

Ind. especially Allahabad-UP Gramin Bank failed to provide cash to farmers. governor of the Albay province where the mountain is located, Now. American Airlines and Facebook were set to sign onto anti-discrimination legislation known as the Equality Act, in the letter, a painting, 18 percent of Adityanath’s debates have focussed on Hindu issues,上海夜网Caid, May 6, simply because the rich live in the same areas.

near the village of Hrabove. read more