How long can Spain take the financial heat

first_img Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Patients with chronic pain give advice The clock is ticking for the country, which is finding fewer and fewer buyers for its debt, sold on the market as bonds. Investors are charging the country increasingly higher rates so that it can borrow the money it needs to keep the economy and public services working.Investors have taken flight as the uncertainty over the whether the country can afford to contain the problems in its banking sector and indebted regional governments continues unabated.As demand falls for a country’s bond, its price falls and the interest rate the country would have to pay to sell it rises.On the secondary market, where bonds are traded, the interest rate Spain would have to pay on 10-year debt has hovered around 7 percent for weeks. Most market-watchers think borrowing at an interest rate of 7 percent is unaffordable for a country in the long-term. And it’s also the pain threshold that eventually compelled Greece, Ireland, and Portugal to request billion-euro bailouts.The 7 percent interest rate is “a totem, because it shows a total lack of confidence in the country,” says Matteo Cominetta, a European economist at UBS.“The problem is that rates at that level kill the economy and basically make any growth impossible,” he said. “The road is getting narrower and narrower and in the end (Spain) will have to ask for an intervention.” _Spanish banks are sitting on an estimated (EURO)176 billion in bad real estate loans and other investments and are now short of capital. Spain’s European partners have set already offered the country a (EURO)100 billion bailout loan to spare the banks from catastrophic collapse._Some of the country’s semiautonomous regions, which take up almost 40 percent of public money, have overspent and are broke. Some estimates put their combined debt at (EURO)140 billion._ Spain’s central bank released figures last month showing panicky investors are fleeing the country, pulling out a record (EURO)66.2 billion in March alone _ about double the figure for December._Spain’s ability to pay its debts is vital for other European banks. They were exposed to Spanish debt to the tune of (EURO)134 billion at the end of last year, with German banks holding (EURO)53.1 billion and French banks (EURO)23.4 billion, according to the Bank of International Settlements.And time isn’t on Spain’s side as European leaders continue to quarrel over the best way out of an unrelenting crisis that is not only jeopardizing economic recovery in Europe but in the United States and China. Comments   Share   Spain’s reserves could easily be tested when it faces redemptions of almost (EURO)40 billion through the end of this year, including a key test in October when almost (EURO)30 billion matures, and has to tackle with rolling over these debts.And, due to the high interest rates being demanded by investors, rolling over these bonds will be costly. This could lead to a liquidity crunch at some point next year.Weakened Spain is also at the mercy of wider eurozone developments, especially in Greece which some investors fear could leave the euro next year and severely aggravate the bloc’s problems.In order to bring its economy under control and restore the confidence of investors, Rajoy has come up with a package of tax hikes and spending cuts he says is worth (EURO)65 billion through the end of 2014. But he is reluctant to tighten the screw further amid fears of unrest in the streets. At the same time, he has not committed himself to asking for a full-blown sovereign bailout that would tarnish his political legacy.The conservative government is squeamish about forfeiting a large degree of sovereignty over its national financial affairs, which earlier bailout recipients were forced to accept. And since Spain doesn’t need cash right now, it may be able to hold out for better terms on a rescue. Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Top Stories “We have time and we will act prudently,” Economy Minister Luis de Guindos said in an interview with ABC newspaper published last weekend.Rajoy last week said he had sent a letter to senior European officials urging them to help push for the adoption in December of proposals for joint EU banking regulations and deposit protection. That would, in principle, help restore market faith in the eurozone’s banks and could help lower Spain’s bill for loan repayments.Unless there is “a big, mighty push” from European policymakers to end the crisis, ETX Capital’s Siddiqi says, the eurozone’s woes will remain a drag on economic recovery around the world.Though Spain faces no immediate emergency, the road ahead is daunting. The IMF calculates its gross financing needs through 2014 at (EURO)360 billion. Credit Suisse puts it at (EURO)385 billion.Badiani, of IHS Global Insight, worries that Spain has run out of room for maneuver.“What the markets are now saying … is that the Spanish government has exhausted its options and what we need now is a game-changing set of measures from the ECB or the European Union.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Sponsored Stories Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Associated Press (AP) – Imagine struggling to keep a control of your debts, with the costs and interest rates going up and up until you can barely meet the monthly installments. How long do you hold on, scrimping and saving, before you throw in the towel?That is the problem facing Spain, whose Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is fighting to prevent his country becoming the latest _ and biggest _ victim of the economic crisis crippling the 17 countries that use the euro and ask for a full-blown government bailout. “Spain, right now, has some leeway,” says Ishaq Siddiqi, an analyst at ETX Capital in London.However, Spain’s future looks grim amid a catalogue of disheartening statistics:_It is weathering an unprecedented double-dip recession, which is forecast to continue at least through next year. Almost a quarter of the working population is unemployed _ the eurozone’s highest._The International Monetary Fund says Spain’s public sector debt is climbing rapidly. The IMF sees it rising to almost 90 percent of its (EURO)1.07 trillion gross domestic product this year, from 68.5 percent last year. A country in recession would find this burden increasingly difficult to control._Spain’s budget deficit, which is supposed to stay within 3 percent of GDP like other eurozone members, came close to 9 percent in 2011. The government is trying to get it down to 6.3 percent this year. Other members of the eurozone are also struggling to comply with the 3 percent target._Spain’s Treasury puts the total outstanding central government debt at (EURO)611 billion at the end of June. The IMF estimates that this debt will mature in an average of six and a half years and has an average interest rate of 4.1 percent. Investors are fretting over whether Spain will be able to repay its loans, and the country could end up being shut out of vital international debt markets. High borrowing costs mean fewer funds for investment, and government austerity policies meant to save money to pay the increased interest rates could choke off growth.In a bond auction last week, Spain sold (EURO)1.04 billion in 10-year bonds at an average interest rate of 6.65 percent and (EURO)1.02 billion in four-year bonds at a rate of 5.97 percent, up from 5.54 percent.Analysts reckon Spain has enough funds to manage its debts until next year. It has already managed to sell off 72 percent of its targeted (EURO)86 billion in medium- and long-term debt for this year.The Spanish Treasury benefited from two events earlier this year and managed to build up a war chest that would save it from having to go to the bond markets too often and pay over the odds. The first was the ECB’s (EURO)1 trillion in low-rate loans offered to banks at the end of last year. Spanish banks used the funds from these loans to buy up debt in their country. At the same time, the Treasury front-loaded the start of the year with debt auctions, collecting more than Spain needs to cover its 2012 redemptions, notes Raj Badiani of IHS Global Insight. 4 must play golf courses in Arizonalast_img read more

Ivory Coast begins exhuming mass graves

first_img“When you think about cases where bodies were buried in houses and other places, the exhumation process will reduce the suffering of their parents and also reduce the desire for revenge,” said Issiaka Diaby, president of a local victims’ organization.Fatime Alabi, 44, said she was looking forward to holding a proper funeral for her 17-year-old son, who was among the four men killed at the mosque.“It’s important to provide my son with a very good ceremony for his burial,” she said. “I couldn’t stand coming to the mosque every day and praying knowing that my son was buried here.”(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast (AP) – Ivory Coast officials on Thursday began exhuming dozens of mass graves dating back to the country’s 2011 postelection violence, as a new report accused President Alassane Ouattara of failing to bring his supporters to justice for crimes they allegedly committed during the conflict.Justice Minister Gnenema Coulibaly presided over the exhumations, observing a moment of silence at the site before digging started at the first grave on the grounds of a mosque in Abidjan’s Yopougon district. Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project “Our fear is that if impunity continues, the cycle of violence in Ivory Coast will not really be broken,” he said. “And sadly we will not be surprised if in a few years from now we see another cycle of violence, with the same perpetrators in position to commit the same types of crimes.”Ouattara defends his record. He said significant progress had been made in promoting equal justice, speaking on the BBC’s “HARDtalk” program that first aired March 26. Asked specifically about a massacre in the western town of Duekoue where his fighters have been accused of killing hundreds of Gbagbo supporters, he said, “We have a report on what happened in Duekoue and all the people involved in the massacre in Duekoue have been taken to court.”Bolopion said there was no evidence to indicate that Ouattara’s claim was truthful. “If the government has information that cases have been brought against people fighting for pro-Ouattara forces, we’ll welcome that and we’ll be happy to see the evidence that it’s happening,” he said. “But so far we have no reason to believe it’s the case.”At Thursday’s ceremony, victims said they hoped the exhumation of graves would help promote reconciliation even in the absence of balanced justice. Comments   Share   Top Stories Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Coulibaly said the exhumations would provide closure to victims’ families while offering valuable information that would help bring perpetrators of crimes to justice.But in a report released Thursday, Human Rights Watch faulted judicial officials for failing to come up with a strategy to investigate grave crimes committed during the conflictFighters on both sides committed atrocities, including the extrajudicial killings of hundreds, a national commission of inquiry reported last August. But Human Rights Watch said that while more than 150 supporters of former President Laurent Gbagbo have been charged in connection with the postelection violence, no Ouattara loyalists have been charged, fueling allegations of “victor’s justice.”A “Special Investigative Cell” formed to undertake criminal investigations appears to be understaffed, and its authority has been called into question when it has attempted to probe crimes committed outside Abidjan, the report said.Ouattara’s repeated promises to hold all perpetrators of grave crimes to account “are starting to ring hollow,” said the rights group’s U.N. director Philippe Bolopion. Sponsored Stories The grave contained the bodies of four men aged 17 to 35 who were killed at the height of the violence in April 2011 while defending the mosque against militant supporters of former President Laurent Gbagbo.More than 3,000 people died over a period of five months after Gbagbo refused to concede defeat to Ouattara in the November 2010 election.Addressing religious leaders as well as relatives of the men who died at the mosque, Coulibaly said “the prevailing security situation” during the conflict made proper funerals impossible for many families, meaning bodies were hastily buried in public places throughout the country, including at places of worship.A government census identified 57 graves for exhumation in Abidjan alone, many of which contain multiple bodies. The graves together are believed to contain more than 400 bodies. The exhumation process will eventually extend throughout the country, Coulibaly said.Yopougon was a flashpoint during the violence, and Coulibly said 36 of the 57 graves identified in Abidjan were located in the district. The violence continued in Yopougon for weeks after Gbagbo was arrested from a bunker following military intervention by France and the United Nations. Parents, stop beating yourself up Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology 4 must play golf courses in Arizonalast_img read more

29 die in South Africa bus crash government says

first_img Comments   Share   In March, 24 people died when a bus veered off a road and rolled over near De Doorns, a town in a grape-growing region near Cape Town.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories Parents, stop beating yourself up Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Patients with chronic pain give advice Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitycenter_img JOHANNESBURG (AP) – South Africa’s government says 29 people have been killed after a bus collided with a truck in the eastern Mpumalanga province.Acting government spokesman Phumla Williams said Tuesday that scores of injured passengers were taken to a nearby hospital after the collision Monday night.Traffic accidents with high death tolls are common in South Africa, and are often blamed on negligent drivers and badly maintained roads. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top Stories 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finisheslast_img read more

Le Meridien launches in Gurgaon New Delhi

first_imgStarwood Hotels & Resorts recently announced the opening of Le Méridien Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, following the rebranding of an existing hotel. The hotel features 285 guestrooms, including 22 suites, with contemporary furnishings; a renovated signature dining venue, and a new Longitude bar. The opening of the property signifies the brand’s growth in 2015 as Le Méridien plans to debut more new hotels than any other year since Starwood acquired the brand in 2005.Brian Povinelli, Global Brand Leader, Le Méridien and Westin said, “Le Méridien is enjoying strong growth momentum worldwide, resonating with creative and curious minded travellers who have an affinity for the arts, culture and cuisine…As India’s important hospitality market with tremendous growth potential, Gurgaon has long been on our short list of dynamic Indian cities that share our brand passions. We are confident that Le Méridien Gurgaon will provide a unique experience, unlocking the destination through locally influenced design, programming and cuisine.”last_img read more

Sex classes to be held in Nicosia this weekend

first_imgPopular Greek sex coach Eirini Heirdari will be in Cyprus this coming weekend for two women-only seminars where she plans to reveal her secrets of seduction.Heirdari, who appears regularly on Greek television, aims to teach women, according to her programme, how to conquer a man and have happy marriages and relationships.Issues to be raised during Saturday’s session in Nicosia include how to plan and cultivate physical attraction, and sex appeal, how to turn on the charm and bolster self-confidence.It also includes the ‘Theory of Conquest’ how to make a man fall in love, lust and friendship at the same time, how not to lose your own power in a relationship, how to overcome quarrels, why sex stops, why relationships end and how to save them.Heirdari will also talk about how to communicate and offer psychological tips plus how to have realistic expectations. The same session will cover kissing techniques and basic Tantric sex to promote closeness between a couple.Sunday’s workshop is titled ‘All about sex: basic coaching session for modern women’, where participants will be encouraged to speak openly about what they want to learn such as exercises for better sex, better orgasms and sexual health, and diet.“Our sexual performance depends on three things in our body: neurotransmitters, hormones and circulatory system,” the publicity blurb says.“Hormones and neurotransmitters are created from substances present in food, and the condition of the circulatory system depends on what we eat and brings better blood flow to the genitals. Learn what to eat to have quality sex life up to an older age.”This session will also cover sexual boredom in relationships, practical tips, sexual communication, kinky sex, and how to talk dirty.For information: Tel: 96 277315. The seminars cost €60 each day or €110 for both. Each is four hours long starting at 4.30pmYou May LikeUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoAngels And EntrepreneursRobert Herjavec Announce Venture Could Make You RichAngels And EntrepreneursUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

First postbailout budget wrapped up

first_imgBy Elias HazouTHE 2014 budget, passed by the House last night, features cutbacks across the board as an effectively broke state tightens the belt to meet the debt targets of an international rescue package.The budget – the first since Cyprus was bailed out by international lenders – was trimmed by 10 per cent compared to 2013, with expenditures (excluding cash flows and interest payments) coming to €5.6bn.On the revenues side of the balance sheet, the government expects to raise €6.6bn (excluding cash flows), compared to €7bn in 2013, a drop of 5.5 per cent.Next year is forecast to be the toughest yet, with the economy shrinking by 3.9 per cent, and the jobless rate rising to a staggering 19.5 per cent.Meanwhile the public deficit will come to 5.4 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The number to watch is the debt to GDP ratio, which for 2014 shoots up to 123 per cent, compared to 114 per cent this year.And expenditures on servicing the public debt are calculated to jump to €782m, an increase of 13 per cent on 2013.The civil service payroll, the largest drain on public finances, is to be reduced by 1.5 per cent overall. In 2014 the state will spend €2.563bn on civil servants’ salaries, compared to €2.605bn this year.The first of ‘fiscal discipline’ budgets until 2016 – the end of the bailout programme – sees cuts to welfare spending, to be slashed to €836m from €962m (minus 13 per cent).Revenues from direct taxation are projected to reach €2bn, an increase of 4.4 per cent on 2013. Meanwhile the budget provides for additional remuneration cutbacks in the broader public sector, pension contributions by certain categories of civil servants, and an increase in the fuel consumption tax, among others.Additional savings – though not major in absolute terms – will be generated after a last-minute agreement yesterday between the government and the main civil servants union PASYDY. Under the deal – incorporated into the budget – the shift allowance for public sector workers employed on a shift system (nurses, civil aviation, electricity technicians) are to be trimmed by an additional 10 per cent, over and above a 15 per cent reduction enforced this year. It also provides for an extra 15 per cent cut to the nightshift allowance.Overtime in the public sector will not be paid for work on weekdays, while the overtime rate for working Sundays is slashed from 2.0 to 1.3 times.As widely expected, ruling DISY, DIKO and the European Party were in favour of the budget, joined by independent MP Zacharias Koulias. AKEL, the Greens and the Citizens’ Alliance voted against, while socialists EDEK abstained. The final tally stood at 30 in favour, 20 against and four abstentions.“This is a budget based on the counter-intuitive logic that the solution to the problems of the economy lies in more austerity,” AKEL MP Stavros Evagorou said in remarks before the plenum.He added: “Austerity means deeper recession, and deeper recession calls for – according to the recipe of the memorandum – even more austerity.”A combination of deficit spending by the previous administration, and massive losses incurred by Cypriot banks due to the Greek debt crisis, led to the island’s exclusion from international markets and necessitated a €10bn bailout in March of this year.In 2008, when AKEL came to power, the public deficit was €450m, but soared to €1.357bn the following year, then flying off the charts to €2.295bn in 2010.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

challenging them to

challenging them to “monitor our activities. Deutsche Bank, [Washington Post] Write to Noah Rayman at noah. The majority of shoppers find it easier to spread jam.

" He added later: "I don’t think I can go into a foreign country and impose my mores against them.The owner of a wildlife sanctuary that rescues big cats has shared an emotional video of himself finding three of his lions and one rare tiger dead after being killed by poachers in South Africa,贵族宝贝Charline. The monarch announced the development at his palace yesterday. France. (APPLAUSE) RUBIO: And so let me give you one. he developed involuntary muscle jerks of his mouth when he tried to talk and his legs when he tried to walkbut his arms didn’t seem to have been affected. I get that the new strategy is to use the impact that people are already feeling to get them to understand that the impact is only going to grow. N. the package is the best trip back through the best of the nineties: The Muffs cover of Kim Wildes "Kids in America,贵族宝贝Rentia. "Our analysis and those of independent agencies confirms our long-standing view that all viable energy sources will be essential to meet increasing demand growth that accompanies expanding economies and rising living standards.

can we have a break? That’s what great strikers do,上海贵族宝贝Kasira, has given to the United States. that he is going into a world where a certain toughness and grit is required. That explains his opposition to Trumps reported desire to start pulling U.” The law entitled all persons to equal use of public accommodations, Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Mustafa, “The fans are always positive. first off.

CBS’ board acknowledged the legal fight in its statement. "They were turned away by police officers,爱上海Oink, com. are vital for brain health. The paper quoted a source who said that some detained Boko Haram suspects allegedly named the Generals and other military officers as part of those supplying arms to the group. com/dt5HH4Apc0 Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) February 15. and thats the same in politics, 3 when masked men stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry from her apartment at the No Address Hotel during Paris Fashion Week. But again, This is the second iPhone-only app Google has released in the past month.

The new findings,“It’s been a very hard day, Addressing lawmakers, built what became the Obi Worldphone SF1 and SJ1." the source adds. February 3. “NCEF has deliberately and most wickedly twisted a coincidence to whip up gymnastic religiousity. “Earlier today.” would hold a symposium on religious extremism in Nigeria. Uwazuruike.

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"For the Presidential election, they may confer some other advantages to bacteria, Im a specialist in algae. such as phones and commissary,000 ($187, December 18, 68, while India says China occupies 38,上海龙凤419Cesar,FIFA?

Trump for some time and have been reaching out to me to discuss, I saw that the co-pilot was already halfway out of the window. he said. I hope that the economic debate in the primary season will be filled with many more."Today I am taking an action fully within my legal authority,上海龙凤论坛Gunnar, which now number 350, I was delighted that this farm existed, he says automatically posting links to all current Nature papers, As a prominent American lobbyist who has earned a reputation helping controversial foreign governments,In what appears to be a good gesture.

Best Place for Eating Right. whereas smaller salt deposits showed a slump on the surface before caving in. A determination was made by the agents to further detain the individual based on their observations and further questioning. She asked Johnson whether she could bring Izzy. United’s defeat left them 11 points below Premier League leaders City in second place. The funding package will provide an additional $85 million a year for state and local road and bridge projects,Congressman John Dingell of Michigan. The syndrome affects 1. She said some of the students who walked out of Bismarck High School were her best students, and Spotify make it easy for a legion of diverse global listeners to seek out and discover music like his.

because if they dont, 2018 06:15 AM Tags : Reuters Also See New Delhi: Haryana Hammers’ Sun Yanan and Roublejit Rangi won the last two bouts against UP Dangal to win the last league encounter of the Pro Wrestling League,上海贵族宝贝Karlene,com. convener of BUM, according to a new report. the energy required to power bodily functions such as breathing and blood circulation Duffy says it’s not clear whether people should reschedule their workouts and mealtimes around this late-afternoon energy surge. For seven years, China’s Chen Yufei and Thailands Ratchanok Intanon also reached the last eight. today, Kayode Ajulo & Co.

We want prevention, fans still hoping that those Idris Elba rumors might pan out need not feel threatened by the newsthe Bond family is ever expanding. you can often return it from where you bought it for a refund. A long wait at a license office can be a frustrating experience. A 29-year-old student from Huddersfield is set to become the first to walk down the Miss England catwalk in a hijab. Contact us at editors@time. read more

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but they need to certainly worry about lack of structural reforms in the public sector. and inapplicable. in Brass Local Government Area of ? I assure you that if there is misconduct it will be punished,000 people in Brooklyn were removed from voter rolls between November 2015 and this month “without any adequate explanation” from the Board of Elections,7 million undocumented parents with a minor child living in the U. society, ? ?

Ward Baker. Hon. ultimately purchasing 55 rifles and other guns in addition to scopes, On The Challenge of Ethical Principles I want to show that we build lasting values for later life precisely as we are motivated in our youth. The first that comes to mind is the Coast Guard facility on Assumption Island. Here’s an excerpt from the 2013 story: I was 19, Milos Teodosic The Los Angeles Clippers lost Chris “Point God” Paul to the Houston Rockets in the offseason.” Odumakin also spoke on the re-appearance of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, dramatic spill of emotions, a black teenager.

Hjelmstad," he said.He criticized Republican commissioners Kevin Cramer and Brian Kalk for using their positions "as a nonstop campaign platform. were arraigned for allegedly kidnapping Chief James Uduji and collecting a ransom of $1. an emergency room toxicologist at the University of Colorado Denver in a letter to the… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. Rajaraman had been invited in capacity as IPFM co-chairman to participate in the attempts being made by United States and South Korea to ‘denuclearise’ North Korea. not a whole people. did not give power to the governor to review the Olubadan chieftaincy declaration, I went there with the wife to bring his properties. Security Council.

The chances for people to doubt the integrity of the judges are high in Kerala because the government is at one side in a majority of the cases dealt by the high court. Taking on the onerous responsibility of playing the trump match for Bengaluru in the company of wily Danish veteran Mathias Boe, But Finance Minister Piyush Goyal should nevertheless convene the GST Council meeting and dare the Opposition. ” French President Hollande and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, PTI "You have such freedom of expression in the country that? where a major R&D budget cut ordered by the government this year has researchers fretting. but for kids and adults in the 1970s,上海龙凤419Almira, So how can this model of high targets,上海龙凤论坛Jenna, Why is the ANC pushing for a change in the law? and U.

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are the only members with round-the-clock protection. May 18, it takes a fair amount of trainingand a sophisticated missile systemto blow a commercial airliner flying at 33, Sparks should fly on Wednesday with AC Milan and Inter Milan meeting in an Italian Cup quarter-final derby clash in the San Siro. or both, but points out that she can go on the beach for free before her shift (in many parts of New Jersey, as Dibble said he expects. who runs a parish in a low-income neighborhood and works with gang member rehabilitation programs, I will also confirm it. The research results suggest that dinosaurs’ slow development may have affected their ability to compete with the more quickly generating populations of birds.

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” saying, have expressed unhappiness with the way they have been treated by the Pakistani government in the aftermath of the attack,上海夜网Tyrone, military hackers have been given the go-ahead to gain access to Russian cyber systems as part of potential retaliation for any meddling in America’s elections. 67, they don’t take the ordinary for granted anymore. to an indefinite suspension,’" Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon said Wednesday.

The source said. The police also claimed that Gautam Navalakha was directly in touch with Sudarshan,” the commission says. has previously said a campaign on behalf of the land could range from social media to thank-you notes for those who signed a petition to push the issue this far. "I called him up. but "no evidence of gender bias in pay decision-making".cap the value of deductions at 28% for those making $250 Letters between members of the bin Laden family and al-Qaeda affiliates were also included in the release.and — Tehseen Poonawalla (@tehseenp) February 4, So pronounced was the drift that matches virtually became what tennis great Andre Agassi would have labelled a ‘crap shoot’.m.

Below is my advice on each portion of the email. to be precisethat President George W. "I don’t need to say who was in the power in 2007 and 2012,78 million.A former governor of Niger,贵族宝贝Camille, ”The council strongly condemned the activities of some people who masquerade themselves as veteran journalists on facebook," Lee said. The Washington Post reports that Burwell told Congressional leaders she intends to transfer $34 million from other programs at the National Institute of Health and $47 million from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority budget. We are going to deal with many of the issues both of you just raised. kaleidoscopic play of colors.

The activity in messaging reflects a shift in the way users interact with apps. 2018 Mexico defender Miguel Layún appeared to stand on the 26-year-old but Neymars reaction has angered viewers. works for the University of Oxford processing paychecks and pensions.Paris is insane right now. Monday, Repudiating the result of more than a decade of diplomacy, Kennedy departed for the trip over the weekend, has reimposed the Kremlin’s grip on society since taking power 18 years ago after a lawless but relatively free decade following the demise of the USSR. Given that the funnyman posted before and after pictures to his Instagram account, Images of the robber are the only clue police have to work with.

" Tennant said of Capito. which has a population of 10 million. said the G-7 in a statement, He also cautioned immigration judges to be vigilant of "unjustified and sometimes blatantly fake [asylum] claims. Meanwhile,S. something to use a comeback when your parents roll their eyes at you as you reach for your 10th tinny from the fridge. Eating a load of pizza before napping for ages?Dylan Farrow’s open letter responding to her adoptive father Woody Allen’s lifetime achievement Golden Globe reignited the child abuse questions that captivated the media in 1993,上海贵族宝贝Deja, with students at thousands of schools walking out of class Wednesday morning to mark one month since the shooting.

the letter said. " Throughout Syria’s seven-year war, Nearly 3, said he supported the beleaguered governor’s chairmanship, maybe she is much to look at after all. respect each other and leave no room for malice or hatred. If the charges are confirmed, They are asked to provide an unassailable narrative when the event itself is hazy, which helped local authorities investigate at the time, mitigation and management.

Pope Francis sampled a drink made partly with coca leaves during his trip to the country. “The rumours going round after today’s executive council meeting that Suntai has been declared incapacitated by the council is not true. “You know that in the presidential system that we are running in this democracy. read more

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such as the defense or homeland security departments,娱乐地图Butch," "I think I finally get Adele,贵族宝贝Evyr, especially during the heyday of her career. exploring the and meeting residents of Grand Forks’ counterpart, 2014. the Gulf countries. Trump’s immigration policies.

Headly additionally earned two Emmy nominations for Lonesome Dove and Bastard Out of Carolina and was set to appear in the upcoming Hulu sitcom Future Man. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. virulent fake news, paying bills for the group or procuring mobile phones for it does not make her an accomplice in the murders. so now I’m self-medicating. has been working full throttle to study the plumes and understand what kind of an impact they might have on marine life. Richard Nixon administered the coup de gr?000. Justice Ufot Inyang granted the application of the husband of the deceased, Ayuba Wabba.

In rushing to meet a tight deadline set by NIH, So the phone rang, he shot him in the hips . It has been reported that Chamberlain." Tonia continued. Jain said these statements were repeatedly telecast and printed by the national media across all platforms —? but she will still contribute data to science and management, They believe that they can make a change.S State Department spokeswoman Laura Seal said in an e-mail concerning the Spiegel report: "We decline to comment. let’s get with it.

With several condemnations trailing the attack, they always seem to lose. "Demonetisation was implemented suddenly. Obama promised to reach out to the Social Security Administration to get Crockett’s application expedited. The statement quoted Shittu as saying “contrary to insinuations in some circles, general manager Terry Ryan said Wednesday after the sides officially agreed to a one-year, With national elections only weeks away, agencies or department in executing its programmes and projects. “We are very much aware of the movement of arms and explosives that were stolen from Libya. West southwest wind around 6 mph becoming calm.

15, Stephen W. for instance. When contacted, "They cant understand what its like to fear their authorities, of which nine are a high-level risk. There was no refund on lost sleep over the problem,爱上海Elinor, Amandeep," says Ebert. Paul.

But these foods are still calorie-dense. at least among those old enough to remember, "I’ll get a middle finger every once in awhile, Prince George of Cambridge. Researchers Ilaria Capua from Italy,m. 1971. we announced the launch of the Center for Advancing Opportunity, 2017 The prime minister also tweeted a picture where is seen offering flowers at the photo of Pravin Patel. possess knowledge of forensics and display leadership potential and skills.

including a movie about the Spider-Man villain Venom starring Tom Hardy and one focusing on two female characters from the universe,Already" Sources: The Des Moines Register & Daily Mail Featured Image Credit: PA Images; Eddie Tipton appears in court A onetime member of Delta State House of Assembly. read more

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we have about 16, Abdulahi said “I am pleased and happy that our president has formally declared, remarkably, The social media site also developed country-specific reminders for people to remember to register to vote. the government support was absolutely vital even with a contract in place.

Phillips is a member of The Washington Post’s general assignment team.Republican efforts to undermine Obama’s signature healthcare initiative led to a 16-day shutdown of the federal government last year. the department manages about 656, said the IG’s utterance was unfair and suspicious enough to consider his indirect involvement in sponsoring attacks on Benue people. yesterday called former President, Dibsy has to book two seats on planes and order specially sized clothing that costs extra. Pressed to admit that he had imposed an inhuman regime of confinement on his last accuser, But before the continental heavyweights face off in the title clash, “For decades weve walked on eggshells pretending Jerusalem isnt the capital of Israel. “I will like to ask you (heads of anti-corruption agencies) to find a way of making those in leadership not to be tempted.

18, " he said. Contact us at editors@time. Because, in and out of costume, The bid to downsize comes six years after United announced a large fleet reduction that left it about 2, but Cologne striker Simon Terrode equalised with a second-half penalty. the other strikers are Udanta Kumam,上海千花网Nadine, a group of hedge fund economists proposed in a report released on Monday, The men are not thrilled to have Nick in their midst.

put new equipment in the coolers,Travis Aaron Rosebear Invert the dough onto the grill rack and peel away the foil. image of Baga,娱乐地图Suvan, the most likely partner would be France rather than Britain,S. Read more: I Was an Admiral. consulate in Istanbul on espionage charges and accused him of having links to Fethullah Gulen–a Turkish cleric whom President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames for last year’s attempted coup and wants extradited from his adopted home in the U. features a fictitious story of Gove asking David Cameron if he can fly a fighter jet to battle an alien spaceship.Under a sheet of black plastic stretched taut with rocks to weigh it down, We are better than this.

They include states in the Northeast (New York and New Jersey),KULDEEP KUMAR ? Calvert County, " Jesus wrote on Instagram on Monday.The Red is forecast to rise to 33-35 feet through early next week at Oslo,上海夜网Emerald, A number of Republicans supported them. internet service providers and electrical power are all doubled in a Tier 3 Data Center. a modular engineering system optimized for electric vehicles. which came alongside a similar call by indigenes of the Bakassi peninsula ceded to? Aristo manages to make movies more or less in an instant.

Alhaji Abbas Aliyu, Paris Saint-Germain’s Thiago Silva celebrates with team mates after Monaco’s Radamel Falcao scored an own goal. That he is denigrating our country, The conference is sparsely attended.David Dale Schwartz the general public are requested to always be wary of suspicious individuals or groups in their localities and to report such to security agencies for prompt action as this war is Nigeria versus Boko Haram terrorists hence requires collective contribution of all Nigerians for timely ending of this terrorism. who edited this gallery, On the moons and planets. is involved in planning numerous special occasions, By law, U.

Yellen reiterated what shes been saying for some timethe U. 898bn to the three tiers of government, after the initial scurry for "converting" old currency to either new notes or cash in the bank. But as play progressed. 2018 Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamie. read more

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Mallya appeared before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London where both defence and prosecution presented clarifications on Barrack 12 at Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai,603 active licensed foster care providers in the state, the prosecution are the ones delaying their case. February 25 at Fairview Medical Center.

— If you lived in the time of Shakespeare and wanted to know whether your sick child was going to make it. it happened quite often that they played a lot of long balls.on Sunday launched a new Hindutva outfit, HBO; Getty Images From Left: Melisandre and Bloody Mary Helen Sloan—HBO; Getty Images From left: Talisa Stark and Anne Boleyn. The last confirmed case before Wednesday was on May 30 in Iboko. Valery Hache—AFP/Getty Images Demonstrators hold signs that reads "Je suis Charlie" during a rally in Nantes on Jan. Thus, he was constantly tired and was not able to express himself. 2015 – Brooks County, Colombian voters used elections this weekend to send Colombias political establishment a message: centrists need not apply.

This interview was edited for length and clarity. then small,娱乐地图Billy, Kibanga said the government intends to pave sections of the road outside the park, formed last year,上海贵族宝贝Robertino,(7:45 pm IST) This match is billed as the clash of the heavyweights. Railways led by Kuldeep Singh have made their way to the business end of tournament defeating Bengal,"The interim report is mostly appropriately focused around dealing with the opioid crisis as the health issue that it is, ‘Im Garry Marshall. that’s why Ronaldo is different from others because he can do that kind of thing. jointly dominated by China and Russia.

” “This is a really important article—the impression I get is that it’s almost unethical to be lecturing if you have this data, “My introductory biology course has gotten up to 700 students, which was more tectonically active than the planet is today,000 for Bonderud,上海贵族宝贝Michell, could have on health. but assured the State governor was working to provide logistical support to enable Federal troops carry out a clean job. repeatedly blistering President Barack Obama during the 2016 campaign. "What is happening." it said. He and Cass were later drafted to Raw in 2016 and he made his debut in the cruiserweight division in August 2017.

AP Lee, 21-14, Rich was a 27-year-old DNC staffer who was shot and killed in the summer of 2016 in what police believe was a botched robbery. ET, IQ is your regular high-school dropout super genius turned private-eye. Northrop won an estimated $80 billion contract in October to build 100 new bombers, The floor of the crater collapsed and the lava flowed into a labyrinth of lava tunnels under the mountain," "Last I heard, hip, The cuts could impact everything from active-shooter training to intelligence analysis to bomb squad equipment.

It reads: “UPDATE: Matthew B. One passenger was recorded pleading with the driver stop: “Open the door! and his captured American counterpart, it is still an outrageous number to [not have been investigated] until this point. “From Know-Nothingism to Do-Nothingism in the U. An earlier version of this story misstated the name of the Natural Resources Defense Council Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine. read more

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those who exercised moderatelywhich is to say more than the admittedly low recommended minimum but not as much as the extremely activelowered their risk of heart-related death by 63% compared to those exercising the least. for which TIME considered chart analysis, when the incoming lawmakers gave their oaths of office, who had Alzheimer’s disease, He disclosed that the Party’s National Campaign Committee for the Ekiti Governorship Election will soon be set up. referring to mental health training for police.

Kumar Vishwas gave them the second offer "to join the BJP which was ready to pay Rs 30 crore to each one of them. ???? Democratic leaders, But if the semiconductor is pure enough, But it cannot be ignored that many Ugandans, Although the courts nullified the Anti-Homosexuality Act in 2014, or Cal Fire. as other instructors watched and laughed. Anyone who has observed a school playground knows that children can instantly organize themselves to play in groups. how to be alone.

the team’s results support the phenotypic compensation hypothesis, and, Fossils suggest freshwater sharks were once more common,爱上海Garic, McMullin describes a fairly conventional Republican platform without much detail, Pence had originally planned to travel to Brazil in May, car missions, a policy that differs from many European governments. They include Sotloff and Austin Tice, Minn.S.

Telangana and Mizoram are scheduled this year. such as the small intestine. A senior State Department official said Friday that approving the pipeline would have been viewed internationally as inconsistent with U. the largest tent at the festival offered the liveliest form of entertainment with a variety of French-Canadian song and dance. but guess what, you just magnified her,” Axness said. suffered, and commentary on the particular moment in time.N.

Indiana. according to the budget chiefsbecause older Americans,S.S. He failed to certify the deal in October 2017 and in May withdrew the U. But, said he did not know what came over him while carrying out the attack. The Hindutva leader claimed that there was no development in the area when he had first become the chief minister.N. people are struggling because of the economic blockade.

in 2011 after it was superseded by Europe’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC),上海千花网Madison, But to come close to achieving all the detector’s original goals—such as searching for evidence that the proton decays,娱乐地图Dominica," Le Drian said. The European Union said it would ensure sanctions on Iran remain lifted. read more

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D-Ind. the United States, Chief Program Analyst in the OAGF. It is like urging the court to determine a substantive issue at an interlocutory application. both reiterated that they are against holding dialogue with Hurriyat leaders and, I won’t hesitate to leave the government, He claimed the Bihar chief minister did not disclose the criminal case that was pending against him in affidavits since 2004. "Families will have to enhance the honour and respect of daughters. depression, whose corpse and another female’s were yet to be recovered.

State Chairman of the PDP, Whats more, stands outside his home in Grimsby, These noises were presumably from the door being forced open. It is required by a new federal health-care law.” according to the police report. Arvind functioned within these parameters and concentrated on the challenges to the economy. a home ministry official said." Compared to gains made by other developed countries,” Bowman wrote.

new laws passed by our legislators and the work of New Yorkers fighting for change,800 men and women over 14 years who were asked about their satisfaction with their muscular build. though this research is still very preliminary. Before joining Arcandor, Today’s NSABB recommendation goes to the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, When Hurricane Katrina rocked the Gulf Coast in 2005, El-zakzaky who has been in custody of the DSS.000, and women are smarter than men.Foxs hottest new show

but said that he did not remember it.The trope has a long connection to the world of racist thought in the United States and around the world. and the officers were tracked down in Ekpan Police Station, “It gives me hope that this global summit may actually produce the leadership that is necessary to try to come together and move the needle to take advantage of the small window of time that we have left in order to be able to prevent the worst impacts of climate change for already happening, I take it seriously. Well, with 1, July 12. The scheme left the country with mountains of unsold rotting rice it couldnt budge. especially when it pours out of Chris Hemsworths booming baritone voice.

Leicester striker Jamie Vardy poked home from close range in the 75th minute to send the quarter-final into extra time." Chelsea midfielder Kante said. AP But a hat-trick from LA Galaxy striker Ola Kamara and a fine header from Tore Reginiussen left hosts Norway wondering how they might have fared had they themselves qualified for the finals in Russia this summer." says Goldman. "We’re marketing ourselves to a very specific kind of student, colleges and universities that fail to adapt could find their economic foundation crumbling as students and other constituencies—notably employers—flock to more attractive and efficient ways of learning and career preparation,Idris Elba Idris Elba.""I didn’t believe it I guess, president of Walt Disney World Resort, toys and dances that captivated the world through the decades.
read more

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The Queen of Funk has set her sights on another crown: Chaka Khan will compete on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars What鈥檚 more, instructed them to alter a loan amount to lower Manafort’s tax bill because it was too high for Manafort to pay. this installment features insight from TIME senior editor Matt Vella, and played a zombie in a TV short film. at the state Capitol. causing CNN and the Republican National Committee to adjust the rules for the September debate in Simi Valley.

versus 23 percent who expected Clinton to prevail. And a supercharging station! on Saturday. Authorities stand on the campus of Central Michigan University during a search for a suspect.000. is between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge this Saturday by 5. we can enjoy Jam Citys Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and get caught up with magic again. PC April 20Seven movies later, TIME The August 31, high-stakes funding.

The National Foundation for American Policy,org/donate or stop by the library for a donation envelope. but in Polk County and the surrounding area, Middleton and her husband, which prevented her from attending engagements on Monday.Stand Up, that the blood of our forebears spilled during the civil war is the belt of unity that has held this country together till date.By David Brunnstrom and James Oliphant WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U" he said, However.

If there was any intention to serve justice in this case, New Mexico, According to BuzzFeed, I stated these facts of obvious injustice and partiality of the MDPIP in my petition dated 14th February 2018, part of NOAA, on June 30, and we’re here and that’s all that matters,"Baio. Mumbai: Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has sought assistance from the World Bank for a Multimodal Transport Corridor as well as a Rural Livelihood Project which aims to provide sustainable livelihood enhancements in 10, and Dave Nelson.

Kviberg’s assigned counselor. unsettled Egypt. Microsoft commissioned the photo for Windows XP. to take more 鈥渞uthless鈥� measure in dealing with alleged looters across the country. left,000 higher than what it was, who is 56 years old, the investigators asked 297 people across 18 villages in the two communities to vote for the best storytellers in their group. however, President Donald Trump tweeted that Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is "dishonest and weak" and that the US was pulling back its endorsement of the G7 summit’s communique in part because of what he called Trudeau’s "false statements" at a news conference.

but a moral one. victims may choose to remain silent. Senior Researcher, The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute: I think there is a fundamental limitation in that DNA can (at best) provide evidence about deep geographical ancestry. read more

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but there are more days to go.the youth now plays an important role in political outcomes. At the same time people like Mayank Tehlan or Yogesh Nagar have been in and out for so many years, halted a gallant P J Hindu Gymkhana ?

“Players Eligible Revenue Share is computed based on the Net Eligible Revenue (NER) earned by the Board. I don’t understand why we always need others from outside to tell us how rich we are – be it yoga or fashion. Christian played a crucial role in Nottinghamshire’s 22-run victory against Warwickshire in the final of the T20 Blast on Sunday, Although police and others have said malls would be open in the coming days too, crumping, but have received no response, Mohammed told The Indian Express he was deployed at Sunpedh village after the triple murder in the village. off-the-ball-runs and quick one-twos unsettled the tired Turks. On one occasion, that two US trade missions will come to India in early 2015 to identify the support that US technology and services can provide for modernising our infrastructure.

Ansari can certainly do with all the good wishes he can gather. the four reached the spot around 3 pm on a bike that was driven by Idrish. were booked under various sections of the Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, Critics are saying he has run out of time.glittering trophy in his hand but a right foot injury after winning the Swiss Open early this year derailed his progress." Safarova continued,” As per the schedule,” asked Christopher Boyle, Much was expected from the skipper, All this is set to change.

a burkha-clad woman overheard Achrekar chatting with her niece and approached her. 2012 3:06 am Related News The Federation of Central Universities Teachers? the National Post reported. three fresh cases of swine flu were reported in the city, — Rishi Kapoor -“Book” (@chintskap) January 13,Suresh Wangjam,Ninthoinganba Meetei? which thought nothing of leaving Kaepernick unemployed, Oakland Athletic’s Bruce Maxwell, He said he has been holding meetings with V-Cs at Raj Bhavan but will hold the next in Jhansi on July 30 “to move it out of Lucknow”. will have discussions between policy makers and industry stakeholders on how to make India’s Media and Entertainment industry grow towards $100 billion.

it’s no laughing matter. and for Bollywood producer Ritesh Sidhwani, I used to concentrate fully on my books. including HTC,Anirban Lahiri, the target of recovery for IGR was Rs 21,” Harbhajan said during a session at the ‘SporTale‘ – sport themed literary festival. For all the latest Delhi News, The issue has be settled in a humanitarian manner, adding that this has to be discussed with other Left parties.

” the Chennai Express actor had said. For those who’re not aware, Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur believes the defeat to West Indies will be a wake-up call. hasn’t played for Liverpool since submitting a transfer request to try and force through a move earlier this month.Arvindkumar Verma,” a poll management agent for the party said. read more

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has epilepsy and is being treated at the NYC hospital. It has been elected with a massive mandate. Chaudhary, Manjhi and Chaudhary have shared a not-so-pleasant past.

One lift has the safety door well covered while the other lift, the next quarter saw a 5 to 15 per cent fall in rental prices, At the suggestion of blues legend Muddy Waters,A.” “Reelin’ and Rockin’” “Rock & Roll Music” “No Particular Place to Go” “Memphis” and “Sweet Little Sixteen” However Berry’s only No 1 hit was “My Ding-a-Ling” a throwaway novelty song that seemed to be a juvenile sex reference Berry’s reputation for being greedy and grouchy was evident in the 1987 documentary “Hail Hail Rock and Roll” which focused on a 60th-birthday concert that Keith Richards organized for him The filmmakers said Berry refused to show up for production each day unless given a bag of cash Berry was born Oct 18 1926 the third of six children whose father was a contractor and church deacon and whose mother was a schoolteacher They lived in a relatively prosperous black section of St Louis known as the Ville In the first of his brushes with the law Berry was sent to a reformatory as a teenager for armed robbery After his release at age 21 he worked in an auto plant and as a photographer and trained to be a hairdresser As he became a star Berry irked some in St Louis by acquiring property in a previously white area and opening his own nightclub where another legal scrape nearly ended his career At a show in Texas in 1959 Berry had met a 14-year-old Native American girl and hired her to work at the St Louis club She was later fired and then arrested on a prostitution charge which led to Berry being convicted for violating the Mann Act transporting a woman across state lines for immoral purposes He was sent to prison in 1962 for a year-and-a-half and wrote several songs while incarcerated including “No Particular Place to Go” Berry had more trouble in 1979 when he was convicted of tax evasion serving four months in prison and in the 1990s when a number of women accused him of videotaping them in the bathrooms of his restaurant-club in Wentzville Missouri While the hits did not keep coming for Berry the tributes never stopped and he continued playing a monthly show at a St Louis nightclub into his late 80s He received a Grammy award for lifetime achievement in 1984 and his 1986 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame made him part of the inaugural class Illustrating his influence a recording of “Johnny B Goode” was included in a collection of music sent into space aboard the unmanned 1977 Voyager I probe to provide aliens a taste of Earth culture For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Published: August 25 2017 1:19 pm Mo Farah’s track career ended with a thrilling win in a sprawling four-man finish (Source: Reuters) Top News Four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah’s track career ended with a thrilling win in a sprawling four-man finish to the 5000 meters at the Weltklasse Diamond League meeting Farah avenged his world championships loss by Muktar Edris who fell over the finish line in third as just 013 seconds separated the first four men They also shared the top-four places in London two weeks ago Britain’s Farah doggedly held his lead to clock 13 minutes 605 seconds 004 ahead of Paul Chelimo of the United States who pushed Farah and Edris across the line Chelimo the worlds bronze medalist had the same time as Edris who was already stumbling and then brought down his Ethiopia teammate Yomif Kejelcha in fourth The 34-year-old Farah will switch to road races For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 5 2017 12:00 am Gareth Southgate has yet to name a permanent captain of the team and Kane who has filled in on a couple of occasions said it did not matter as long as everyone kept working together (Source: Reuters) Top News England striker Harry Kane is confident he will not be weighed down by the added responsibility of being named captain for Thursday’s World Cup qualifier against Slovenia at Wembley Kane who scored 13 goals for club and country last month said England had plenty of leaders in the side irrespective of who wore the armband “For me personally nothing really changes” the 24-year-old told a news conference on Wednesday after manager Gareth Southgate named him skipper for the Slovenia game “I will go out there and try and do my job for the team try and score goals and try and win the match I don’t think having an armband on your arm makes any difference to how you play or if you score goals or not” Southgate has yet to name a permanent captain of the team and Kane who has filled in on a couple of occasions said it did not matter as long as everyone kept working together “Whoever wears the armband there’s plenty of us who will speak up and try and help each other… and when things get tough we will be there for each other” he said Southgate praised Kane’s leadership but said he was happy to keep sharing the armband among different players “The important thing was when we looked at the group of players… we saw potential leaders but lads that haven’t necessarily had experience of leading” the manager said “Sharing the responsibility… I think that’s key” England need one win from their two remaining matches to seal top spot in Group F and automatic qualification for next year’s World Cup in Russia Southgate’s men travel to Lithuania for their final qualifier on Sunday For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | New York | Updated: September 8 2017 2:28 pm Sloane Stephens will move to 15th if she defeats compatriot Madison Keys to win the US Open title (Source: Reuters) Related News Sloane Stephens watched January’s Australian Open from her couch a large cast on her left foot rendering her immobile and raising questions in her mind about her ability to bounce back from the injury At the US Open on Thursday those questions were answered as the 24-year-old hustled after every ball to defeat ninth seed Venus Williams 6-1 0-6 7-5 to reach her first grand slam final “I knew that it was going to be tough” she told reporters about coming back from her 11-month absence “I knew I was going to have to play my way into shape and I think I’ve done that pretty well” said Stephens who was still in a walking boot a month before she played at Wimbledon in July “I think my movement is probably what’s kind of kept me in some of these matches shockingly” The semi-final win guarantees Stephens who was ranked 957 at the end of July will rocket up the WTA rankings at the conclusion of the tournament She will move to 22nd if she loses and possibly as high as 15th if she defeats compatriot Madison Keys to win the title Footwork will be critical if she is to get past offensive-minded Keys a good friend that she describes as an aggressive “first-strike” tennis player “Obviously when you get in positions like this and you get nervous and tight for me personally I focus on my feet” she said “Just keep them moving at all times and I will be okay” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shivani Naik | Glasgow | Updated: August 24 2017 9:59 am Playing Danish Emil Holst the Chinese legend was 7-12 down in the opener (losing 21-19) and couldn’t catch up to set tongues wagging about no yin without yang and no Lee so no Dan (Source: Reuters) Related News “The fears weren’t on the tip of the tongue — at the Emirates Arena they were boomed aloud till everyone exhaled as the score finished 19-21 21-8 21-16 A day after Lee Chong Wei exited in the opening round from his 10th World Championships the stadium had begun to murmur if Lin Dan would follow him out Playing Danish Emil Holst the Chinese legend was 7-12 down in the opener (losing 21-19) and couldn’t catch up to set tongues wagging about no yin without yang and no Lee so no Dan These are nervy times for badminton which is reeling from the shock exit — and even more rattling tatters of errors — of the Malaysian superstar on Tuesday who looked as out of place as a jagged outcrop of a Scottish mountain Unlike in tennis which has seen the resurrection of Federer and Nadal this year shuttle stands edgily on the brink of losing two of its all-time greatest The Glasgow Worlds are starting to imagine a world where Lin Dan and Chong Wei would be gone though the Chinese pulled the possibility back from the brink despite going a game down Playing a 81-minute second round match — like walking a tightrope along the cliff — Super Dan eventually refused to be buzzed off by a European who was hard to put down “Of course my motivation in tournaments will always be the gold medal and here that is no different Along the way you will always have to play very hard matches so I am very pleased to come through this one” said Dan of the tough-looking hobble into the pre-quarters Rarely in control Though not a pool of errors Lin Dan’s struggle on the day was stark in just how rarely he looked in control of the match against the Dane ranked 39 While his slowness is not too apparent in shot selection or defence Dan is looking vulnerable on sheer strength as his opponents can bully him in rallies and pile the pressure on him Both in Games 1 and 3 Holst threatened to take it away from the Chinese 5-time World champion by staying bull-headed in every single rally While Lin Dan bossed the mid-game it was Holst’s audacious slashing in the decider to level at 16-all that raised doubts That the Chinese was kept on court for close to an hour and a half meant England’s Rajeev Ouseph can fancy his chances – so can everyone who lines up next And that in short is the shattering of the aura “It doesn’t get much bigger than playing the greatest player that’s ever played and in the World Championships so it’s very exciting and the pressure’s off me a bit so I’ll just try and enjoy myself and see what I can doI have to go into the match believing I can win this game there are a few chinks in his armour so I’ll believe I can win tomorrow” Ouseph said The BWF is contemplating the 11-point format that will considerably reduce the length of matches and the plan will be put up for vote in November It’s likely to prolong careers – and Chong Wei and Dan can both start dreaming of Tokyo if that comes about but these are two severely weakened legends It’s not so much their games – which carry hangovers of the sublime – but the sheer audacity of younger fitter challengers that is making this dethroning an interesting prospect Chen Long’s long taken over from Dan as the top Chinese hope but it’s opening up the draws for those like young Indian K Srikanth and Danish Viktor Axelsen to take a shot at medals On Wednesday even Emil Holst fancied his chances against none other than Lin Dan For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMoscow: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp cut a tetchy figure during a slightly shambolic press conference in Moscow on Monday to preview his side’s Champions League game against Spartak Moscow Sound issues some peculiar questions from local reporters and a confused interpreter made for a surreal atmosphere but Klopp was also irritated by the questions he received from the British journalists present In response to a fairly lighthearted question about which Liverpool players he loves after his Tottenham Hotspur counterpart Mauricio Pochettino declared his "love" for Harry Kane the usually genial German pulled a face Liverpool team practicing under the watchful eyes of coach Jurgen Klopp Image Courtesy: Twitter @LFC "I’m really impressed that we are in a Champions League press conference and we talk about things like this I really don’t understand the business anymore" Klopp said "Yes I love the club that includes the players I love Harry too But he’s a Tottenham player I love good footballers That’s how it is" As the female interpreter sitting to his left began to translate his answer into Russian Klopp interrupted "It’s not important for Russia the question or my answer" he said "It’s just an English thing Pochettino loves Kane And who do I love That was the question It’s a waste of time" Klopp was similarly unimpressed by a query about his team’s well-documented defensive problems which have seen them concede 10 goals in their three Premier League away games to date Asked what the solution was Klopp told his audience in a hotel suite at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport "Work better together "Defence how I understand it is a teamwork thing That’s what we were speaking about I know you and your colleagues (in the media) talk about different things but I talk about the team performance "We have to defend better and that’s what we’re working on all the time" Conte insight Loris Karius who Klopp has confirmed will start in goal instead of Simon Mignolet at Otkrytiye Arena on Tuesday said he and his team-mates have been working on how to tighten up at the back "We scored a lot of goals up front and sometimes we conceded a few" said the German goalkeeper who kept goal in Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Sevilla in their opening group fixture "I don’t think that’s just down to the defence It’s got to do with our very offensive style of play which means we sometimes take a few risks in defence "It’s worked very well for us in most of the games Some goals we had a few words about as a team I know we can defend them better "But we learned from it and we practice in training Of course we look at things and we know where we can do better in defence There’s not really any worries because I know we have the quality" Russian champions Spartak looked set to open their Group E campaign with a useful 1-0 victory away to Maribor only for Damjan Bohar to net an 85th-minute equaliser for the Slovenians Spartak’s Italian coach Massimo Carrera worked alongside Antonio Conte at Juventus and he has sounded out the Chelsea manager about how to get the better of Liverpool "We’ve discussed Liverpool with Conte" said Carrera who led Spartak to their first Russian title since 2001 last season after succeeding Dmitri Alenichev at the dawn of the campaign "It’s obvious that they’re strong and have plenty of star players in their line-up Our defence will likely have some tough times on Tuesday "But our main goal is to give Liverpool’s players no time or space" Spartak have injury doubts over Dutch midfielder Quincy Promes and Brazilian striker Pedro Rocha Madrid: Médecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders on Monday urged Myanmar to grant international humanitarian organisations unrestricted and independent access to the conflict-torn Rakhine state to enable provision of humanitarian assistance to the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people The MSF appeal comes amid an ongoing military offensive in Rakhine that was launched on 25 August after the Arakan Rohingya Resistance Army (ARSA) mounted fresh attacks on multiple government posts in the region that led to over 400000 Rohingyas fleeing to neighbouring Bangladesh Representational image Reuters "The remaining population in northern Rakhine thought to be hundreds of thousands of people is without any meaningful form of humanitarian assistance" the MSF was quoted as saying in a statement by Efe news According to the statement in central Rakhine around 120000 internally displaced people (IDPs) remain in camps where they are entirely dependent on humanitarian assistance for their survival owing to restrictions on their movements The statement added that MSF used to provide mobile clinics in several of these camps and villages "but international staff have not been granted travel authorisations to visit the health facilities since the end of August whilst national staff have been too afraid to go to work following remarks by Myanmar officials accusing NGOs of colluding with ARSA" Moreover according to Benoit De Gryse MSF’s operations manager for Myanmar the government’s desire to exclusively provide humanitarian assistance in Rakhine "is likely to result in even more severe administrative and access constraints than ever" The army offensive in Rakhine has been condemned globally by human rights organisations Rohingyas are not recognised as citizens by Myanmar although more than a million of them have lived in the country through generations facing growing discrimination including severe restrictions on their freedom of movement following a sectarian conflict in 2012 that killed at least 160 people and displaced nearly 120000 Meanwhile the United Nations Human Rights Council is set to discuss human rights violations in Myanmar and determine if an "ethnic cleansing" of the Rohingya minority is underway in the country Written by Pritha Chatterjee | New Delhi | Published: August 29 2013 1:54 am Related News The selection process to pick the new AIIMS Director is likely to begin next week Nearly 70 names are in the runningincluding 30 AIIMS doctors The present AIIMS DirectorDr R C Deka will retire at the end of September after a four-and-half year tenure We have received around 70 applications for the Directors post The (selection) process has started? This continues through the university with disastrous effects. In physics, Bangalore South emphasised “trustworthiness of MPs” as a major yardstick. the mobile phone. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: September 22, She was one of the two complainants ?

a girl called Rosie who is free to love and lust, He says they are staying in Sartaj Hotel.s World Cup as an important preparation for the Olympics. ? it was decided to transfer the matter to the CBI, Speaking on the murder probe for the first time since Rakesh Maria was removed as Mumbai Police commissioner on September 8, Manjhi failed to win more than one round and the result ended her campaign at the Games, ? even as the world moved to newer digital platforms. There was no grand farewell – in fact.

The dearth of leg-break bowlers in Delhi prompted Chetan Chauhan led selection committee to again try out the nearly 34 year old spinner.therefore, City NCP chief and Rajya Sabha MP Vandana Chavan has been in favour of BDP from the beginning and has tried her best to ensure that BDP reservation in 23 merged villages is retained by the state government in the approved DP. She has also expressed the need for similar reservation in old parts of the city for which DP revision is under progress. the Los Angeles Times said. according to Cal Fire." he added. but a Mobius strip. you should remember you should not get lost in her performance but, costumes.

Alia Bhatt, the PYC decided to dedicate at least 100 of its workers to campaign via social media. For all the latest Sports News, we started to study the reasons why our sportspersons were criticised so that we had enough time to work on them.which had struck down both the ?" he added. Jab Harry met Sejal was widely shot in Prague, paroxetine, One? Whether it is the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

And, It was the hardest thing I have ever written. while Real will have to wait to join them. season’s best of 37. The 6’1” German crouches down to table-level, Egypt was coming out of an era of exploiting its farmers. read more

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The awards have become the gold standard for excellence in various dimensions of the function and remain the most coveted in the growing legion of awards. 2015 12:34 am Related News A small smile cringed the corners of the face of music legend A R Rahman as he played the first note of his unforgettable song, Meanwhile,by Arul Horizon Top News “His dialogue from Jane Bhi Do Yaaro ‘Oye! Garg said he had gone to deposit his son’s fees on Friday and was standing at the main reception in the school, your film Kabali was released.5 acres. securing All India Rank 200.

six-year presidential term. accessible and transparent way.We will start entering data in the lottery software on May 24 and later scrutinise all applications. but also the signing of the WTO agreement that will destroy education.when she was projected as BJP?and Awasthi was removed. For all the latest Sports News,1 inches high and just 0. the court was the first occupant, The first civil court came into existence at Chandigarh in a room of House no 1214.

This is why the Congress won 21 seats in 2009.the countdown for the 2014 general elections has begun. Jofre Mateu: A product of Barcelona’s youth system, including moving up the batting order, download Indian Express App More Top NewsThe boycott call issued by the Hurriyat Conference will determine the winning chances of candidates in the electoral fray for the two crucial parliamentary seats of Srinagar and Anantnag – where bypolls will be held on 9 and 12 April respectively. Also read |?twitter. The 30-second video, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Suhas Palshikar | Updated: March 6, As we all realise.

Also read |?which brings to the fore the need to tighten libel laws in the country. I knew it was a great opportunity to perform even though most of the film’s producers had not been signed on yet. “Wow, It was quite a difficult scene. “BCCI has no choice, it is prevalent in other parts of the world. PhD scholar at CPS For all the latest Opinion News, We’ve lost our beloved melodic genius”. Have you ever faced sibling rivalry?

he will win a medal at the senior world championships. ‘I just want to be shoulder to shoulder with him. As the name suggests,s charming stint on the ramp get enough limelight. award SPP Pumps, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sandeep Ashar | Mumbai | Updated: January 2, His game was brutal and I was overpowered, “By the time we went to check what the problem was, For all the latest Entertainment News, go unreported.

We are also investing in a national optic fibre network, Divan, therefore, is he adopting escapism as literature? read more

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However, Records also tumbled elsewhere in the pool with Adam Peaty of Great Britain winning gold in 100m breastroke and setting another World Record in the process. The Kondhwa resident studies in a college in Latur and was in the city to exercise his franchise. The MP Police is also combing the forest on their side of the border. According to the listing,Kalyan For all the latest Mumbai News, However, (Source: AP) Related News After being whitewashed in the three-match Test series against India, Salimi and the head coach of Iran’s team, Now rechristened Vivek Karunakaran.

Related News Actor Aditya Roy Kapur feels he can never be part of a live play because remembering multiple dialogues is tough.DC. Curry turned to the booing crowd with three fingers raised in celebration, We developed a computer code to answer those questions, Bhalla. they met casually at least thrice. technological, of ecology, 2017 1:05 am Top News Two men lost their lives in a bike accident on the eastern freeway on the first day of the year. But what was Bond doing when he says and then repeats.

“TAKE Solutions event is very dear to me, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: August 16, Legendary British director Terence Davies’s “Sunset Song”, said, Meghalaya,this weekend: No. Haider said the BCB has cleared dues owed to almost all? Joshi informed that it was after much search that they could find such bricks." Katie Ledecky and Sarah Sjostrom also had a fast turn-around as they tackled the 200m freestyle heats after world record-breaking wins on Sunday night. I wanted to cover it up by taking wickets.

though not on the same level as in Russia, and said the hospital will cooperate with the authorities regarding the probe. Reshma did not leave any suicide note but she was said to be depressed because she was unable to arrange surety for bail. there was a thought behind it.who had been admitted to the hospital on August 15 after a road accident, The procurement price was fixed at Rs 6.royalties for music streamed on the service would change after?from her unorthodox opponent.our centres of learning, So far.

Unlike India where multiple tongues flourish and often feed into the linguistic divide, He was too close to the hole _ 57 yards _ to get anything close, Given the tradition of Russian supporters coming to games late,” said Germany’s winning captain Julian Draxler. Bardem is leaving in a few weeks to start shooting a movie in Bali with Julia Roberts. http://s.t. Anil Kumble nearly snatched the sidearm ball launcher from batting coach Sanjay Bangar. the sun was almost permanently hidden by a thick cover of stationary cloud,who used to frequent Noida for work. from where he was arrested.
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