Matthey Hayden reveals MS Dhoni’s reaction when he first saw the Mongoose bat

first_imgImage Courtesy: FPJ/Getty/The HinduAdvertisement wsNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vsbixk7gpWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre Eb3l( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) s0zs9Would you ever consider trying this?😱7Can your students do this? 🌚c6Roller skating! Powered by Firework The famous ‘Mongoose Bat’ entered the global cricket scene with creating a huge uproar. The bat with a shorter blade and longer handle, wielded by none other than the former Aussie hall of fame Matthey Hayden, was an object of desire for many fans. The former Chennai Super Kings stalwart was ruthless against bowlers with the bat, however, it earned a little slack from a fellow cricketer, and it was none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni!Advertisement Image Courtesy: FPJ/Getty/The HinduWith the absence of cricket action in the COVID-19 lock down, many current and former cricketers are taking to social media to engage with the fans. In a recent interview with anchor Rupa Ramani, Matthew Hayden recalled his Indian Premier League days, revealed the reaction he got when first using the mongoose bat from his captain.“I will give you anything you want in life, to not use this bat. Please do not use this bat,” Mahi had said to Hayden after seeing the mongoose, the 48 year old said in the interview session. Check it out below-Advertisement Dhoni’s negative reaction to the mongoose came when Hayden started using it in the 2010 IPL season. The bat, with its 43% longer handle and 33% shorter blade made it lethal for aggressive batting.However, the former Aussie opening batsman had defended the mongoose against Dhoni’s scepticism, saying, “I am using this bat for practice for about a year and a half and when it hits the middle of the bat it goes 20 meters further.”CSK, who lifted their third IPL trophy in 2010, saw a spectacular batting performance from Hayden wielding the mongoose, who scored 346 runs in that season.“The mongoose product was a step in the right direction and it was a brave and courageous decision to use it and for a couple of times when I used I just loved it,” Hayden added.Even though the bat had gained a huge amount of popularity a decade ago, it was ineffective in defensive play, and following Hayden’s retirement, the mongoose became an extinct choice for batsman.If you like reading about MMA, make sure you check out Also follow India’s biggest arm wrestling tournament at ProPanja.comAlso read-You won’t believe MS Dhoni’s brand new lockdown look!Ian Chappell: India are well equipped to handle Australian conditions! Advertisementlast_img read more

GPSU rejects 10% ‘final offer’

first_img…pay hike “fancy foot works again,” – JagdeoThe Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) has rejected the Government’s final offer of a 10 per cent – one per cent differentiated salary increase for public servants and is calling on the Administration to return to the bargaining table.Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo speaking during Thursday’s press conferenceThe decision came by way of a resolution of the GPSU’s General Council Meeting held on Friday at its Regent Street and Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Headquarters.The resolution has since mandated the GPSU’s Executive Council and the negotiating team of the Union “to call on the Government of Guyana to observe the rules of the legally binding agreement between the Government and the Union for the avoidance and settlement of disputes.”The announcement comes a day after President David Granger declared that the ‘final offer’ made by Government is all it could afford at the time and that the Administration would proceed to make an arbitrary award should the GPSU reject its proposal.Prior to voting on the resolution, its members were urged to consider whether or not the extent of the Government’s pay offer is consistent with its own stated commitment to affording public servants a ‘living wage’.The General Council was also asked to consider, “Whether or not the extent of the Government’s pay offer is consistent with the Union’s concern that public servants be removed from the ranks of the employed poor… whether or not there is validity in the Government’s argument that the extent of its pay offer is underpinned byGPSU president patrick yardthe reality of affordability.”Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo has scolded the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government for the salary increase offered to workers in the country’s Public Sector.During negotiations with the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU), the Government made an offer of between one per cent and 10 per cent increases for workers; an offer the GPSU was expected to consider in coming days. But during his weekly telecast “The Public Interest”, President David Granger made it clear that whether or not the GPSU accepts the offer, this is the final offer from Government, since this is what can be afforded as at September 1, 2016.However, the Opposition Leader on Thursday said the while the Government is gloating about its 10 per cent increase, in actuality, it is just about six per cent workers will be receiving. He said the figures are concocted with the intention of deceiving workers. According to Jagdeo, the offer is “fancy foot works again”.He said this is another glaring revelation of the Government recanting on its promises to Guyanese public servants.“Firstly, they (APNU/AFC) promised the public servants substantial increases. Secondly, they took the huge salary increases for themselves and when you look at the weighted average, it’s not 10 per cent, it’s like what they did; remember they announced high percentage (in 2015), but made it effective from July the last time. Its fancy foot works again,” Jagdeo said.He reminded that Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo during the 2016 May Day rally, announced that Government had set aside some $50 billion to pay public servants increased wages and salaries and allowances. He said that if that amount is utilised, it will work out to about more than a 100 per cent increase, adding that the announcement of the 10 per cent raise is appalling.Jagdeo warned that the nation has to be very careful on how they view the increase, adding the Government has tens of billions of dollars sitting in the bank accounts in various semiautonomous entities, which they had argued the previous Administration was keeping outside of the Consolidated Fund to steal. He is urging that they use these monies to fulfil their elections promise of 20 per cent increase for Public Sector workers.Already the GPSU had put forward the same argument and earlier this week stated that the large sums of money that have been identified lying idle in various bank accounts and available for Government use should be utilised to pay public servants a liveable wage. The Union had even said it was not unmindful of the immediate implications of implementing a living wage and was prepared to support a multi-year approach to achieve this goal, suggesting a three-year period.The Union, in its proposal to Government, has also called for a flat increase of $7500 per month, which should be added to the salary at December 31, 2015, of each person employed in the public service, as well as to the amount payable at the minimum and maximum of each band.The GPSU suggested too that next year, a 25 per cent increase be given across the board and in 2018, a 20 per cent increase be paid across the board.The GPSU and the Government have been locked in negotiations for months, but last week the Government went ahead and arbitrarily announced its final offer to the Union. The Union’s General Council is expected to meet shortly to consider the proposal but from all indications, the GPSU is likely to reject the offer.Already, critics are saying that the Government’s commitment to respect the collective bargaining process is pure deception, bearing in mind that even though the Union has not officially rejected the offer, it already announced that was what workers will be getting. (Edward Layne)last_img read more

High expectations for goodies in 2019 Budget

first_imgToday is Budget Day…as no-confidence motion against Govt loomsThe fifth budget since the Coalition Government took office in 2015 will be presented in the National Assembly today amidst high expectations. If Government survives the scheduled no-confidence motion filed by the Opposition, this would be the penultimate budget before two important events in Guyana’s history: first oil production, and the 2020 General and Regional Elections.Finance Minister Winston Jordan has often touted the ‘achievement’ of presenting four budgets in just three years, due to its early nature. However, the Parliamentary Opposition has consistently argued that these budgets have done little to enhance the per capita standard of living of the populace.CounterproductiveIn fact, the Opposition has argued that the budgets were actually counterproductive and anti-poor. The Opposition has cited several aspects to substantiate its contention in this regard, among which has been the oppressive tax measures.The Opposition has not been the only ones to criticise these budgets, which have been presented under the theme ‘The good life continues’; Several private sector bodies have also come out expressing disappointment particularly with Budget 2018, when it comes to job-creating investments, or facilitation of job-creating investments. In addition, financial analysts have had little positive to say about these budgets.The $267.1 billion Budget for 2018 contained very few benefits, one of which was the increase in public assistance to $8000, which represents an increase of approximately 36 per cent over the period of two and a half years.Teachers who work in interior locations were also to benefit from the new measures to be implemented for Budget 2018, including an 80 per cent increase in remote area incentives.In an effort to move and retain teachers in far-flung areas of Guyana, the Finance Minister had said the remote area incentive would be increased from $5000 to $7000, and from $9000 to $12,000. This did little to stave off strikes from teachers at the start of the new school term in 2018, especially since they were dissatisfied with Government’s salary proposals for a new agreement.The Coalition Government came into office in 2015 promising a ‘good life for all’.At the 2018 Local Government Elections (LGE) held earlier this month, the governing coalition parties, particularly the Alliance For Change (AFC), received heavy defeats at the hands of the People’s Progressive Party when the people were given their chance to have their say.Official results from the Guyana Elections Commission show that the PPP won 61 per cent of the vote (122,307). A Partnership for National Unity trails behind with 34 per cent (68,060). The AFC, which had previously said it won 10 per cent, only netted 4 per cent of the votes (8,719).Soon after the November 12 LGE, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo announced the filing of a no-confidence motion against the Government. Afterwards, the former President had listed the people-centred measures his party wants the Government to announce in its budget.“We’d like to see the restoration of the children grant,” he had said. “The same money they’ve increased food in Government by, they can give the children the $10,000 grant. It’s a matter of priorities. They should restore water subsidies for pensioners. Reverse the VAT (Value Added Tax) on electricity, water, medical supplies, food, and machinery.”Jagdeo had also noted that some other measures he wants the Government to take are: to reduce excise taxes, and reverse the increases in land fees for Mahaica/Mahaicony/Abary (MMA) farmers — increases the farmers have still been unable to meet.ExpectationsIn an advertisement titled ‘Budget 2019, Guyanese expect better’, the PPP listed additional measures Government should announce in its budget. It wants, among other things, the reversal of the ban on vehicles over eight years old; reversal of the ban on importation of used tyres; reversal on increases in water rates.The party also called for reversal of the 35 per cent incremental increases on University of Guyana tuition fees, as well as reversals of VAT on local products in the forestry sector and the tax on materials and supplies in the fisheries sector.Government had announced that tax free salary increases by up to seven per cent would be implemented. The disciplined services were to be included in this sum. However, the PPP urges the Government to restore the annual one-month tax free salary bonus it previously gave the disciplined services.It also called for the restoration of cash grants to public school children from nursery to secondary, and for it to be increased to $20,000; as well as the single parent assistance programme complete with vouchers. In addition, it recommended the restoration of electricity and water subsidies to pensioners and the national housing programme.“Stop the increased borrowing and depletion of gold and other reserves,” the party’s advertisement also stated. “Stop the extravagant and wasteful spending on travel, food, rentals, vehicles and other things that do not benefit the Guyanese people.”The party also urged Government to take heed of its own consultant, Norconsult, and to recommence the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. In addition, it recommended Government initiate new infrastructure projects, and not just complete those that were started under the former PPP administration.Oil and gas sectorApart from these measures, much expectation will be placed on what the budget contains for the oil and gas sector. With little over a year to go before first oil, Government has been criticised for the slow pace of preparation.For instance, critical measures like a National Oil Spill Strategy; a constitutional agency to regulate the sector; a national oil company, a local content policy and a Sovereign Wealth Fund are either still in the planning stages or have only been discussed.last_img read more

AmCham urges political parties to abide by Constitution

first_imgCalls continue to pour in for Government to respect and uphold the constitutional provisions and resign and call elections by March 19, following the Opposition’s successful No-confidence Motion, which acting Chief Justice Roxane George on Thursday ruled was validly passed on December 21, 2018.The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Guyana joined in the call and urge the political parties to abide by the Constitution of Guyana.“It is imperative that peaceful elections are held within the stipulated timeframe, and for all stakeholders to continue to actively work together to build confidence in the business environment. AmCham Guyana wishes to encourage all stakeholders to abide and respect the constitutional provisions of Guyana…” the Chamber noted in statement on Friday.AmCham added that this time of political uncertainty has impacted Private Sector operations and has been a cause of concern for potential investors. As such, it is calling on political leaders to uphold the rule of law “to avoid the perception of any constitutional crisis and to ensure that the Private Sector and international investors are afforded a stable and welcoming business climate to contribute to the continued development of Guyana.” On Thursday, Justice George in a landmark ruling found that the No-confidence Motion was validly passed on December 21, 2018 and that the absolute majority of the 65 seats in the National Assembly is 33 and not 34 as contended by Government. She also noted that while former coalition Member of Parliament Charrandas Persaud should not have been a sitting parliamentarian because of his dual citizenship, at the time of his vote on the motion, he was a valid MP hence his vote was valid. Moreover, the Chief Justice in her decision on a separate matter filed by Christopher Ram, said the President and the Cabinet should have resigned immediately upon the passage of the motion but remained in office until elections are held.This confirmed to the Opposition’s insistence all along that the ruling A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change should only be operating in a “caretaker” role but the coalition has maintained that there is nothing in the Constitution that speaks to a caretaker government; something which the acting CJ dismissed in her ruling.last_img read more

Campos’ golden goal lifts REV into semis

first_img“It was a strong throw-in,” REV coach Cristina Ballard said. “We work very hard on throw-ins and corner kicks. It was golden-goal time and this was our opportunity and we cashed in on it.” The goal was Campos’ team-leading 19th of the season. Campos was all smiles afterward. “The throw-in came in and I just turned and got my head on the ball,” she said. “I re-directed it toward the goal. It was heading toward the goal and went off their player. “I just can’t explain how it feels. We’ve worked really hard for this and I think we deserve it.” REV (22-2-2) has never advanced beyond the quarterfinals in girls soccer. As beautiful as Campos’ goal was, it was Puchalski’s strong throw-in that set it up. “I got a lot of momentum into it,” said Puchalski, who sprinted from the touch line to the goal to celebrate with her teammates afterward. It was a double-celebration for REV goalkeeper Erin Salazar, who recorded 17 saves on her 17th birthday. Murrieta Valley coach Harry Hutcheson said it was Salazar’s aggressive play that helped keep his team in check, along with some good fortune. “We had two shots off the post instead of landing in the net,” Hutcheson said. “Then we allowed that long throw-in without challenging it. “REV is a good team. But we were the only unranked team left in the tournament and we finished league by winning seven in a row and tying one, so we were on a nice little streak.” REV also had a header by midfielder Gaby Carlos-Weber from right in front of the net sail just over the crossbar in regulation. Two scoreless 10-minute overtime periods preceded the 10-minute sudden-death OT. Ballard praised the play of Salazar, Carlos-Weber, forward Liz Delgado, forward Thomas and defender Puchalski. Now the Wildcats have reached the rarified air of the section semis. They will meet the winner of Simi Valley Royal and Newhall Hart on Tuesday at an undetermined site. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! “I can’t believe we’re in the semis,” REV forward Taylor Thomas said. “It’s amazing. We were tired, but our adrenaline kept us going until the end. “On the throw-in it was my job to shield the goalie. Then I saw Baby Bri flying through the air and I just couldn’t believe it.” REV’s other Bre – Breann Puchalski – made the remarkable, high-arching throw-in that descended in front of the goal. Campos then headed it at the left corner of the goal. It bounced off an unidentified Nighthawk player and into the net. That sparked the victory celebration on REV’s chilly, darkness-engulfed field. REDLANDS – The girl they call “Baby Bri” came of age Thursday. In the fourth minute of sudden-death overtime, Redlands East Valley freshman Briana Campos scored a “golden goal” that will provide golden memories for the Wildcats for some time to come. center_img Campos’ header gave REV a 1-0 triple-overtime victory against Murrieta Valley in their CIF-Southern Section Division II quarterfinal game. It also touched off a wild victory celebration in which Wildcat players mobbed Campos then – after shaking hands with the dejected Nighthawks – happily jogged through a tunnel of REV supporters, whooping and hollering the entire way. last_img read more

Fort Nelson under rainfall warning; snow expected on Alaska Highway

first_imgFORT NELSON, B.C. – Environment Canada has now issued a rainfall warning for Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies.That region could see 50 to 80 mm of rain over the next two days.  On top of that, areas north of Fort Nelson along the Alaska Highway could see snow.  Snow is expected at higher elevations like Steamboat and Tetsa River.  Those regions could see 10 cm of snow.The rainfall warning remains in place for the B.C. Peace and the Pine Pass.  Our region could see anywhere from 6o to 80 mm of rain with Hudson’s Hope and Chetwynd receiving 100 mm.- Advertisement -See the full warnings below for Fort Nelson.Issued at 2016-06-15 17:44 UTC by Environment Canada:Rainfall warning issued for:Fort Nelson, B.C. (088100)Current details:A long episode of rain, at times heavy, is expected.Advertisement Significant rain for the Fort Nelson region has begun as a cold upper low in Alberta drifts northward. Rain is expected to ease late Thursday evening. Total rainfall amounts from this storm are expected to be 50-80 mm over the next two days. Locations near the Alberta border and the higher elevations along the Rockies can expect the highest rain totals.Additionally, as freezing levels lower tonight, snow is expected along Highway 97 (Alaska Highway) near Steamboat and Tetsa River. Up to 10 cm of snow may fall before the system moves off on Thursday.Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email or tweet reports to #BCStorm in British Columbia and #YKStorm in Yukon.last_img read more

Barnsley boss Lee Johnson in talks with Bristol City over managerial vacancy

first_imgBarnsley have given Lee Johnson permission to speak to Bristol City about their managerial vacancy.The Robins are searching for a successor to Steve Cotterill, who was axed last month.Garry Monk has been linked with the post but the Championship club have now turned to Johnson, who who spent five seasons as a player with City.The 34-year-old was the Football League’s youngest manager when he took over at Oldham in March 2013.He guided the Latics to League One safety in his first season before leaving for Barnsley last February.He was under pressure after a disappointing start to this campaign but the Tykes have been on an excellent run of form in recent months.They have won six successive games and are currently sitting 12th in the League One table, while they also booked their place in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy final in midweek.A Barnsley statement read: “When Lee Johnson was appointed to the role of Head Coach at Barnsley Football Club, it was intended to confine and focus his activities on the development, organisation and recruitment of players for the first team.“The limitation of this role was to allow other management staff to have similar remits relating to the Academy, U18 and U21 teams. Partly, the purpose in designating the Head Coach role in this way was to limit the impact in the event of a change and to encourage succession planning.“This morning we gave permission to Lee Johnson to speak to Bristol City concerning their managerial vacancy. We gave this permission because we believe that the structures that we now have in place must be the key to our future success rather than dependence on a single individual.“If Lee decides to stay with Barnsley Football Club we will be delighted, but if he chooses to move on, we will continue unabated with the plan we have in place for the progression of our Club.” Lee Johnson 1last_img read more

Padilla leads in close race

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORE11 theater productions to see in Southern California this week, Dec. 27-Jan. 2160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! In a close race for the 20th Senate District, Los Angeles City Councilman Alex Padilla held an early lead Tuesday over Assemblywoman Cindy Montañez, according to early returns. Results were continuing to trickle in and many ballots remained to be counted, but Padilla was buoyed by the early results. “It’s been a hard-fought contest and the early results are encouraging,” he said. But Montañez’s aides noted the gap between the two candidates was relatively narrow. “We’re in a very strong position to close the gap,” said Steve Veres, with the Montañez for Senate campaign. Padilla and Montañez are vying for the seat of termed-out Sen. Richard Alarcón, whose district covers the San Fernando Valley from Sylmar to Van Nuys to Canoga Park. It’s been a closely watched race between two of the Democratic Party’s rising stars. Both Montañez and Padilla grew up in the Northeast Valley and were first elected to public office in their 20s. Montañez, an assemblywoman and former mayor of San Fernando, nabbed the support of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Alarcón. Padilla, a Los Angeles city councilman and former president of the council, garnered endorsements from much of the Los Angeles City Council and the state’s congressional delegation, including U.S. Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. Both Montañez and Padilla pledged to fight for more transportation and infrastructure funding for the Valley, and work to get more police officers for the area. Through two cordial debates, the candidates sought to differentiate themselves. Montañez touted her Assembly record and her focus on urban environmental cleanup, health care and consumer protections, including drafting the Used Car Buyers Bill of Rights. Padilla highlighted his experience balancing city budgets, securing funds to build the new Children’s Museum at Hansen Dam and trying to protect funding for local governments. (213) 978-0390last_img read more

Despite Sunday’s loss, Athletics exit series win over Astros feeling good

first_imgA four-game sweep of one of the best teams in baseball seemed unlikely.On the hill for the Astros: Zack Greinke, acquired as the final trade deadline seconds ticked off to add deception and finesse to a powerful and devastating Houston rotation. In the visitor’s dugout yet again: a great team with plenty of talent to pump the brakes on a five-game skid.Greinke stifled the A’s with a high-80s fastball that was nearly interchangeable with a mid-80s changeup and fall-off-the-table curveball, but …last_img

Reunion in China helps highlight little known Ohio agricultural training efforts

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Here’s one of Ohio’s best kept secrets: For the past 20 years, Dr. Mike Chrisman of The Ohio State University and his Chinese-American colleague, Zhang Yining, have managed an advanced agricultural training program in the U.S. for students from around the world. So far, more than 12,000 have completed this internship experience.Even some of the “big dogs” at OSU were clueless about it. At least until November when the Ohio State agricultural training program held a reunion for past interns in Beijing, China. The reunion was held in Beijing, I believe, because more interns have come from China than nearly any other country.Along with the reunion, Chrisman and Yining organized a two-day continuing education event. I was invited (along with four others) to speak on the latest developments in the dairy industry.I found the reunion to be informative and emotional. The former interns described their training and experience in the U.S., where they gained experience managing large agricultural enterprises such as dairy farms, poultry layer houses and greenhouses. But more than that, they recalled the encouragement they received in Ohio. They arrived with very little. They couldn’t speak English. And most had never driven a car or tractor.Chrisman and Yining lined up financing so they could buy their own transportation. The students gained experience to earn driver’s licenses by hauling feed, checking on heifers and completing other tasks on the farms.Though they earned slightly more than minimum wage, the interns saved most of their pay. That’s because they worked hard and stayed close to the farm. Farm managers provided them housing, milk, meat, eggs and, often, vegetables. Many returned home with enough savings to make a down payment on a small property.Don Bennick, owner of North Florida Holsteins, one of the most prestigious dairy herds in the U.S., attended the reunion. He has trained 19 OSU interns.Many of these interns now manage dairy herds around the world. Others excel in turf management, agronomy or agricultural administration.The two and half day reunion was filled with seminars by day and kibitzing, singing, toasting and reminiscing by night. A former intern from Mongolia, now a dairy farm manager, stood up and sang extemporaneously. He would have put Luciano Pavarotti to shame. I think his being a bit lubricated helped.last_img read more