Hvar Tourist Boards have united! Signed an agreement on the separation of local tourist boards in the area of ​​the island of Hvar

first_imgWith this agreement, the current tourist boards, which include the Tourist Boards of Hvar, Stari Grad, Jelsa, Sucuraj and Vrbovska, will develop joint projects and programs and implement joint promotional and marketing activities, and jointly develop and promote the entire island of Hvar.  An agreement on the association of local tourist boards in the area of ​​the island of Hvar was signed in the town of Hvar today. Hvar Tourist Board – Wow how nice it sounds. Finally, because the synergy and branding of regions, and especially islands, is the only logical one, and not that there are x tourist communities on one island that do not cooperate and each develops its own tourism. Crazy and counter productive. The signing of the agreement was also attended by the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli, who pointed out that today the foundations for mutual cooperation have been laid and the beginning of a new story for the entire island of Hvar. “With this agreement, the island of Hvar becomes a complete story in terms of tourism, a tourist destination that can be better developed and promoted under one name and brand. This agreement is an example of what we wanted through our legislative changes, to encourage the association of destinations that work together to have a much better position in the market and develop projects that will stimulate overall economic development. Numerous synergy effects should result from this, not only in the quality of market performance in the entire area, but also in the much-needed cost efficiency in the field of project promotion and implementation.. ” pointed out Minister Cappelli during the signing of the agreement.  According to data from the eVisitor system, the island of Hvar was visited by 338.000 guest tourists last year, who spent 1,7 million nights. Guests from Slovenia, Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland and the United States spent the most nights.  Do you want market development or the status quo and stagnation? That’s the only question you have to ask yourself. If you want to move forward, then synergy and association is the only right path. There is no alternative. It should be reminded that with the adoption of the package of tourist laws in the Croatian Parliament this year, ie the Law on Tourist Boards and Promotion of Croatian Tourism, the Law on Membership in Tourist Boards and the Law on Tourist Tax, financial instruments were introduced (Fund for Underdeveloped Tourism and Continent and united tourist boards) which enable more transparent financing of both regional and local tourist boards in underdeveloped tourist areas and encourage the association of tourist boards.  This is news that should have been published at least 10 years ago, but better late than never. I hope that this move will encourage other islands (Rab, Krk, Brač, etc. da) to understand that only with synergy and one brand can they move forward. It has nothing to do with politics, but exclusively with market development. News of the year! Incredibly! Finally! Unreal! Synergy is possible! – so we could put the title (that we are a click byte medium), but in this case the news that the tourist boards on the island of Hvar have joined can certainly bear the aforementioned epithets. The signing of the Agreement on Association of Local Tourist Boards of the Island of Hvar was attended by the President of the Hvar Tourist Board Rikardo Novak, President of the Old Town Tourist Board Antonio Škarpa, President of the Jelsa and Vrboska Tourist Board Nikša Peronja and President of the Sućuraj Tourist Board Ivan Slavić. and signed a joint agreement, last_img read more

Important to listen to all sides of debate

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion Either we have free speech in this country or we don’t. We’re allowed to criticize or argue with another’s free speech. We aren’t allowed to stifle it. We can also shun and ignore another’s opinions, which diminishes their power.I suggest listening. If we don’t listen to the “opposition,” we won’t know what they’re thinking. You can’t deal with (possible) problems of which you’re not aware.Always remember that the “opposition” really believes they’re right. And so do we. We can hope for meeting in the middle. Compromise isn’t a dirty word.Our educational institutions should keep in mind their goals and purpose.Marilyn B. GuidarelliRotterdamMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?Rotterdam convenience store operator feels results of having Stewart’s as new neighborEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homeslast_img read more

Wolf Administration: National Company Nestlé Purina PetCare Expands Operations in Mechanicsburg, Adding 94 Jobs

first_img July 28, 2020 Economy,  Jobs That Pay,  Press Release Governor Tom Wolf announced that national company Nestlé Purina PetCare will expand its operations in Cumberland County, hiring 94 employees and adding new processing and packaging lines to its Hampden Township location.“Purina has had a significant presence in Pennsylvania for more than 20 years, making pet food known worldwide, creating jobs and giving back to the local economy,” said Gov. Wolf. “We are proud to see this company grow here and continue its investment in the commonwealth, and we look forward to our continued partnership in the decades to come.”Purina, which currently employs 320 people in Mechanicsburg, also has pet food operations in Allentown and employs nearly 800 people in Pennsylvania.“Pet owners have trusted Purina for more than 90 years, and demand for our pet food is strong and continues to grow,” said John Bear, Purina vice president of Manufacturing. “Purina is proud to make high-quality foods for dogs and cats at our Mechanicsburg factory with a continued commitment to safety and environmental sustainability. This expansion reflects an investment in our local operations, and we look forward to continuing to deliver innovative and highly nutritious foods for pets.”Purina has committed to investing more than $167 million into the project and creating 94 new jobs within the next three years. The company received a proposal from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) for $282,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits (JCTC), to be distributed upon the creation of the new jobs, and $188,000 in funding for workforce development training. The project was coordinated by the Governor’s Action Team, an experienced group of economic development professionals who report directly to the governor and work with businesses that are considering locating or expanding in Pennsylvania.Purina is the largest dry dog and cat food maker in the United States. The Mechanicsburg factory produces many of the company’s flagship brands, including Purina ONE, Purina Pro Plan, Fancy Feast, Dog Chow and Cat Chow.“For nearly 25 years, Purina has provided premium jobs for residents of Mechanicsburg and surrounding communities,” said Mike O’Brien, Purina Mechanicsburg factory manager. “We’re proud to be making great foods that pets love while expanding the operations and providing even more jobs for the region.”“Purina has had a long history in Cumberland County as a valued employer, and the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation is proud to partner with them on this project as they continue to provide vital jobs to our local community through this expansion,” said Laura Potthoff, CAEDC director of Business and Workforce Development.Nestlé Purina PetCare, which is a part of Swiss-based Nestlé S.A., promotes responsible pet care, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. For more information about jobs at Purina’s Mechanicsburg location, visit purinajobs.com/joinMCB.For more information about the Governor’s Action Team or DCED, visit dced.pa.gov, and be sure to stay up-to-date with all of our agency news on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.Ver esta página en español. Wolf Administration: National Company Nestlé Purina PetCare Expands Operations in Mechanicsburg, Adding 94 Jobscenter_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Readers’ Picks of the Week (September 18-22, 2017)

first_img <div class=”card-rich__element card-rich__excerpt”> <p>Here are the most read stories of the previous week….</p> </div> <div class=”card-rich__element card-rich__meta”> <span class=”screen-reader-text”>Categories:</span> <ul class=”card-category-list no-list”> <li class=”card-category-list__item”>Business &amp; Finance</li> </ul> </div> <section class=”section”> <p class=”social-share__title”>Share this article</p><ul class=”social-share” data-module=”socials” data-config='{“subject”:”An interesting article”}’> <li class=”social-share__item”> <a class=”social-share__link social-share__link–linkedin” data-type=”linkedin” href=”#” aria-label=”Share this article on LinkedIn”> <svg role=”presentation” class=”icon icon-linkedin”> <use xmlns:xlink=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink” xlink:href=”#icon-linkedin”> </use> </svg> </a> </li> <li class=”social-share__item”> <a class=”social-share__link social-share__link–twitter” data-type=”twitter” href=”#” aria-label=”Share this article on 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</a> <div class=”card-rich__content”> <div class=”card-rich__partner-label”> </div> <h3 class=”card-rich__title”> <a href=”https://www.offshore-energy.biz/readers-picks-of-the-week/” class=”card-rich__link” aria-label=”Read more about: Readers&#8217; Picks of the Week”> Readers&#8217; Picks of the Week </a> </h3> <div class=”card-rich__element card-rich__time-ago”> <span class=”screen-reader-text”>Posted:</span> 6 months ago </div> </a> <div class=”card-rich__content”> <div class=”card-rich__partner-label”> </div> <h3 class=”card-rich__title”> <a href=”https://www.offshore-energy.biz/readers-picks-of-the-week-march-16-20-2020/” class=”card-rich__link” aria-label=”Read more about: Readers&#8217; Picks of the Week (March 16-20, 2020)”> Readers&#8217; Picks of the Week (March 16-20, 2020) </a> </h3> <div class=”card-rich “> <a href=”https://www.offshore-energy.biz/readers-picks-of-the-week/” class=”card__lazyload card-rich__image” style=”background-image: url(‘https://cdn.offshorewind.biz/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2020/03/04150819/clouds-4922270_960_720.jpg’);” aria-label=”Read more about: Readers&#8217; Picks of the Week”> <div class=”card-rich__element card-rich__excerpt”> <p>Here are the most read stories of the previous week….</p> </div> <div class=”card-rich__element card-rich__meta”> <span class=”screen-reader-text”>Categories:</span> <ul class=”card-category-list no-list”> <li class=”card-category-list__item”>Business &amp; Finance</li> </ul> </div> <div class=”card-rich__element card-rich__time-ago”> <span class=”screen-reader-text”>Posted:</span> 6 months ago </div> </div></div> </li> </ul> </section> </div> </div> <div class=”article__sidebar”> <aside class=”sidebar sidebar__advertisements” role=”complementary”> <div class=”sidebar__item”> <div class=”sidebar__item-title sidebar__item-title–secondary”>Related news</div> <div class=”sidebar-related-news”> <div class=’sidebar-related-news__item 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href=”https://www.offshore-energy.biz/readers-picks-of-the-week-february-17-21-2020/” class=”sidebar-related-news__link” aria-label=”Read more about: Readers&#8217; Picks of the Week (February 17-21, 2020)”> <div> </div> <div class=’sidebar-related-news__title’> Readers&#8217; Picks of the Week (February 17-21, 2020) </div> <div class=”sidebar-related-news__time-ago”> <span class=”screen-reader-text”>Posted:</span> 7 months ago </div> </a> </div> <hr class=’sidebar-related-news__divider’> <div class=’sidebar-related-news__item’> <a href=”https://www.offshore-energy.biz/readers-picks-of-the-week-february-10-14-2020/” class=”sidebar-related-news__link” aria-label=”Read more about: Readers&#8217; Picks of the Week (February 10-14, 2020)”> <div> </div> <div class=’sidebar-related-news__title’> Readers&#8217; Picks of the Week (February 10-14, 2020) </div> <div class=”sidebar-related-news__time-ago”> <span class=”screen-reader-text”>Posted:</span> 7 months ago </div> </a> </div> <hr 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data-ad-targeting=”slot_name=single_after_article_mobile;logged_in=false;post_type=post;is_single=true;region=americas;region=europe-eurasia;topic=business-finance;category=company-news;category=europe_eurasia;category=featured;category=headlines;category=news;category=news-category;category=press-releases;category=regional_news;category=shipbuilding-news;category=shipping-news;post_format=post-format-image;post_tag=readers-picks;market=shipbuilding;location=in_content;test=false;device_size=small;” data-ad-network-id=”89519″ > </div> </div> </div> </div> </section></main> </p></div> <div class=”card-rich__element card-rich__excerpt”> <p>Here are the most read stories of the previous week….</p> </div> <div class=”card-rich__element card-rich__meta”> <span class=”screen-reader-text”>Categories:</span> <ul class=”card-category-list no-list”> <li class=”card-category-list__item”>Business &amp; Finance</li> </ul> </div> <div class=”card-rich__element card-rich__time-ago”> <span 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class=”primary-navigation__sub-menu__link primary-navigation__sub-menu–1__link”>About us</a></li> <li class=”primary-navigation__sub-menu__item primary-navigation__sub-menu–1__item primary-navigation__item–233″><a href=”https://companies.offshore-energy.biz/services/exhibition/participate/” class=”primary-navigation__sub-menu__link primary-navigation__sub-menu–1__link”>Participate</a></li></ul></li></ul> </div> </div> </nav> </div> <div class=”footer__legal”> <span class=”copyright”>&copy; 2020 Navingo</span> <ul class=”legal-navigation “><li class=”legal-navigation__item legal-navigation__item–3256″><a href=”https://www.offshore-energy.biz/contact/report-news/” class=”legal-navigation__link”>Report your news</a></li><li class=”legal-navigation__item legal-navigation__item–3601″><a href=”https://www.offshore-energy.biz/offshore-energy-2020/practical-information/admission-policy/” class=”legal-navigation__link”>Admission Policy</a></li><li class=”legal-navigation__item 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class=”list-logo-footer__item”> <img loading=”lazy” src=”https://cdn.offshorewind.biz/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2020/03/31083938/OW.biz_-300×70.png” alt=”” class=”list-logo-footer__image”> </li> <li class=”list-logo-footer__item”> <img loading=”lazy” src=”https://cdn.offshorewind.biz/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2020/03/31084337/SSWN-300×32.png” alt=”” class=”list-logo-footer__image”> </li> <li class=”list-logo-footer__item”> <img loading=”lazy” src=”https://cdn.offshorewind.biz/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2020/03/31084237/LNG-300×40.png” alt=”” class=”list-logo-footer__image”> </li> <li class=”list-logo-footer__item”> <img loading=”lazy” src=”https://cdn.offshorewind.biz/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2020/03/31084039/WMN-300×29.png” alt=”” class=”list-logo-footer__image”> </li> </ul> </div> </div> <section class=”section section–no-bottom”> <div class=”post-tags”> <ul class=”tag-list”> <li class=”tag-list__item”> <a href=”https://www.offshore-energy.biz/tag/readers-picks/” 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<title>Group 5</title><g fill=”none” fill-rule=”evenodd”><path fill=”#4E1F11″ d=”M0 11.836L4.949.083l4.953 11.76-4.946-1.483L0 11.836″></path><path fill=”#9E3B1E” d=”M4.956 9.38l4.946 2.462L4.95.083 0 11.836l4.946-2.46″></path><path fill=”#E54A1B” d=”M4.956 9.38l4.946 2.462L4.95.083l-.003 9.292″></path></g> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-arrow-red” viewBox=”0 0 23 10″> <circle cx=”1″ cy=”5″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”4″ cy=”5″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”7″ cy=”5″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”10″ cy=”5″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”13″ cy=”5″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”16″ cy=”5″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”16″ cy=”9″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”16″ cy=”1″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”22″ cy=”5″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”19″ cy=”7″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”19″ cy=”3″ r=”1″></circle> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-calendar” viewBox=”0 0 17 16″> <path d=”M14 1V0h-3v1H6V0H3v1H0v15h17V1h-3zm-2 0h1v2h-1V1zM4 1h1v2H4V1zm12 14H1V6.079h15V15zM1 5.079V2h2v2h3V2h5v2h3V2h2v3.079H1z”></path> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-caret” viewBox=”0 0 10 6″> <circle cx=”1″ cy=”1″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”9″ cy=”1″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”3″ cy=”3″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”7″ cy=”3″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”5″ cy=”5″ r=”1″></circle> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-caret-red” viewBox=”0 0 10 6″> <circle cx=”1″ cy=”1″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”9″ cy=”1″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”3″ cy=”3″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”7″ cy=”3″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”5″ cy=”5″ r=”1″></circle> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-caret-white” viewBox=”0 0 10 6″> <circle cx=”1″ cy=”1″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”9″ cy=”1″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”3″ cy=”3″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”7″ cy=”3″ r=”1″></circle><circle cx=”5″ cy=”5″ r=”1″></circle> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-envelope” viewBox=”0 0 20 14″> <path d=”M19.24 14H.76l7.123-6.233L10 9.673l2.117-1.906L19.241 14zm.76-.664l-7.134-6.243L20 .673v12.663zm-20 0V.673l7.134 6.42L0 13.336zM.747 0h18.506L10 8.327.747 0z”></path> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-envelope-outline” viewBox=”0 0 28 19″> <path d=”M2.205 2.147a.06.06 0 0 0-.057.056v15.139c0 . 0 .058-.023.058-.056V2.203a.057.057 0 0 0-.058-.056H2.205zm0-1.3h23.562c.752 0 1.358.61 1.358 1.356v15.139c0 .751-.606 1.356-1.358 1.356H2.205a1.357 1.357 0 0 1-1.357-1.356V2.203c0-.746.61-1.356 1.357-1.356z”></path><path d=”M25.129 1.94l1.856-.018-10.7 10.701a3 3 0 0 1-4.243 0L1.584 2.166l1.821-.018 9.556 9.556a1.7 1.7 0 0 0 2.404 0l9.764-9.764z”></path> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-exit” viewBox=”0 0 13 12″> <rect width=”15″ height=”2″ x=”-1″ y=”6″ rx=”1″ transform=”rotate(45 6.5 7)”></rect><rect width=”15″ height=”2″ x=”-1″ y=”6″ rx=”1″ transform=”rotate(-45 6.5 7)”></rect> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-external” viewBox=”0 0 16 14″> <path d=”M15.75 4.156a.633.633 0 0 1-.191.465.633.633 0 0 1-.465.192.633.633 0 0 1-.465-.192l-.985-.984L7 10.309a.633.633 0 0 1-.465.191.633.633 0 0 1-.465-.191l-.629-.63a.633.633 0 0 1-.191-.464c0-.182.064-.337.191-.465l6.672-6.645-.984-.984a.633.633 0 0 1-.192-.465c0-.182.064-.337.192-.465A.633.633 0 0 1 11.594 0h3.5c.182 0 .337.064.465.191a.633.633 0 0 1 .191.465v3.5zM11.129 7.41a.556.556 0 0 1 .465-.205c.182.01.337.073.465.191a.621.621 0 0 1 .191.479v4.812c0 .365-.128.675-.383.93a1.266 1.266 0 0 1-.93.383H1.312a1.27 1.27 0 0 1-.93-.383 1.266 1.266 0 0 1-.382-.93V3.063c0-.365.128-.675.383-.93s.565-.383.93-.383h8.093c.183 0 .337.064.465.191a.633.633 0 0 1 .191.465.633.633 0 0 1-.19.465l-.438.438a.633.633 0 0 1-.465.191H1.75v8.75h8.75V8.313c0-.183.064-.338.191-.465l.438-.438z”></path> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-facebook” viewBox=”0 0 11 20″> <path d=”M10.586.004L7.947 0C4.983 0 3.068 1.932 3.068 4.922v2.27H.415A.411.411 0 0 0 0 7.599v3.289c0 .224.186.407.415.407h2.653v8.298a.41.41 0 0 0 .415.407h3.46c.23 0 .415-.183.415-.407v-8.298h3.101c.23 0 .416-.183.416-.407l.001-3.289a.405.405 0 0 0-.122-.288.418.418 0 0 0-.293-.12H7.358V5.269c0-.925.224-1.394 1.45-1.394l1.777-.001A.412.412 0 0 0 11 3.466V.412a.412.412 0 0 0-.414-.408z”></path> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-globe” viewBox=”0 0 18 18″> <path d=”M15.842 13.043a16.307 16.307 0 0 0-2.227-.527c.222-.938.354-1.947.388-2.988h2.924a7.875 7.875 0 0 1-1.085 3.515zm-1.225 1.574a7.922 7.922 0 0 1-2.806 1.817 7.3 7.3 0 0 0 .827-1.248c.268-.504.499-1.058.692-1.649.684.113 1.317.253 1.881.417-.184.23-.382.452-.594.663zm-5.09 2.192v-3.602c.954.018 1.877.08 2.74.18a9.156 9.156 0 0 1-.562 1.304c-.617 1.16-1.375 1.893-2.177 2.118zm0-7.281h3.42c-.035.994-.165 1.95-.38 2.834a29.36 29.36 0 0 0-3.04-.211V9.528zm0-3.73a29.8 29.8 0 0 0 3.047-.191 14.2 14.2 0 0 1 .375 2.865H9.528V5.8zm0-4.668c.803.225 1.561.957 2.178 1.33-.87.096-1.796.152-2.748.165V1.13zm5.09 2.253c. 7.42 0 0 0-.754-1.16 7.925 7.925 0 0 1 2.733 1.79zm1.229 1.58a7.875 7.875 0 0 1 1.08 3.51h-2.92a15.343 15.343 0 0 0-.382-3.012 17.242 17.242 0 0 0 2.222-.498zM8.472 4.74a28.52 28.52 0 0 1-2.74-.183c.16-.467.349-.906.563-1.308.617-1.161 1.375-1.893 2.177-2.118v3.61zm0 3.733H5.051c.032-1.014.162-1.99.38-2.89.957.12 1.982.192 3.041.213v2.677zm0 3.676c-1.054.014-2.082.08-3.044.193a14.162 14.162 0 0 1-.375-2.813h3.42v2.62zm0 4.66c-.802-.224-1.56-.956-2.177-2.117a9.18 9.18 0 0 1-.568-1.322c.87-.095 1.794-.152 2.745-.165v3.605zm-5.09-2.19a8.084 8.084 0 0 1-.626-.706 17.068 17.068 0 0 1 1.906-.402c.194.602.428 1.164.7 1.676.252.474.53.891.827 1.248a7.922 7.922 0 0 1-2.806-1.817zM2.13 12.994a7.875 7.875 0 0 1-1.056-3.467h2.923c.034 1.031.164 2.03.381 2.96-.824.133-1.583.304-2.248.507zm.058-8.088a16.12 16.12 0 0 0 2.196.52 15.323 15.323 0 0 0-.39 3.045h-2.92a7.873 7.873 0 0 1 1.114-3.565zm1.195-1.524a7.925 7.925 0 0 1 2.733-1.79 7.42 7.42 0 0 0-.754 1.16c-.268.505-.5 1.06-.693 1.653A16.256 16.256 0 0 1 2.827 4a8.1 8.1 0 0 1 .556-.616zm11.981-.747A8.94 8.94 0 0 0 9 0a8.941 8.941 0 0 0-6.364 2.636A8.941 8.941 0 0 0 0 9a8.94 8.94 0 0 0 2.636 6.364A8.94 8.94 0 0 0 9 18a8.94 8.94 0 0 0 6.364-2.636A8.941 8.941 0 0 0 18 9a8.941 8.941 0 0 0-2.636-6.364z” fill-rule=”evenodd”></path> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-hamburger” viewBox=”0 0 15 16″> <g fill=”#23252C” fill-rule=”nonzero”><rect width=”15″ height=”2″ rx=”1″></rect><rect width=”15″ height=”2″ y=”14″ rx=”1″></rect><rect width=”15″ height=”2″ y=”7″ rx=”1″></rect></g> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-linkedin” viewBox=”0 0 430.117 430.118″> <path d=”M398.355 0H31.782C14.229 0 .002 13.793.002 30.817v368.471c0 17.025 14.232 30.83 31.78 30.83h366.573c17.549 0 31.76-13.814 31.76-30.83V30.817C430.115 13.798 415.904 0 398.355 0zM130.4 360.038H65.413V165.845H130.4v194.193zM97.913 139.315h-.437c-21.793 0-35.92-14.904-35.92-33.563 0-19.035 14.542-33.535 36.767-33.535 22.227 0 35.899 14.496 36.331 33.535 0 18.663-14.099 33.563-36.741 33.563zm266.746 220.723h-64.966v-103.9c0-26.107-9.413-43.921-32.907-43.921-17.973 0-28.642 12.018-33.327 23.621-1.736 4.144-2.166 9.94-2.166 15.728v108.468h-64.954s.85-175.979 0-194.192h64.964v27.531c8.624-13.229 24.035-32.1 58.534-32.1 42.76 0 74.822 27.739 74.822 87.414v111.351zM230.883 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6.475-2.28 7.5-5.482v4.108h1v-6h-6z”></path> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-rss” viewBox=”0 0 18 18″> <path d=”M4.08 13.914a2.37 2.37 0 0 1 .002 3.365H4.08a2.382 2.382 0 0 1-1.69.699c-.66 0-1.254-.266-1.689-.7a2.371 2.371 0 0 1 0-3.366v.002a2.387 2.387 0 0 1 3.379 0zm0 0h.001zM.702 17.28v-.001H.7l.002.001zm-.7-11.16v3.438a8.383 8.383 0 0 1 5.954 2.473 8.4 8.4 0 0 1 2.47 5.963V18h3.452a11.851 11.851 0 0 0-3.485-8.393A11.836 11.836 0 0 0 .002 6.121zM.008 0v3.435C8.028 3.441 14.55 9.971 14.555 18H18a17.953 17.953 0 0 0-5.279-12.72C9.461 2.02 4.968.003.008 0z”></path> </symbol> <symbol id=”icon-search” viewBox=”0 0 15 16″> <path d=”M14.771 14.573l-3.697-3.96a6.559 6.559 0 0 0 1.472-4.154C12.546 2.898 9.732 0 6.272 0 2.814 0 0 2.898 0 6.46s2.814 6.46 6.272 6.46a6.076 6.076 0 0 0 3.595-1.17l3.726 3.99a.798.798 0 0 0 0 0 0 .022-1.191zM6.272 1.686c2.557 0 4.637 2.142 4.637 4.773 0 2.634-2.08 4.775-4.637 4.775-2.555 0-4.635-2.141-4.635-4.775 0-2.631 2.08-4.773 4.635-4.773z” fill=”#23252C” 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M2 Subsea Boosts European Business Development Team

first_imgM2 Subsea has appointed David Sinclair as business development manager – renewables and decommissioning.Based in Aberdeen, David will be responsible for leading the company’s business acquisition strategy for both these sectors in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) and Europe.Sinclair joins M2 Subsea from Bibby Offshore where he held the position of engineering and innovation manager.Graduating with a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, David started his career as a project engineer at Global Pipelay Operations Group before progressing to senior engineering roles at Subsea 7 and Technip Offshore Wind.M2 Subsea chief executive officer, Mike Arnold, said: “David is a huge asset to our growing business development team and we are thrilled to welcome him on board.“His breadth of skills across the subsea sector and experience in the ROV market will prove invaluable to our company as we continue to develop our business in the renewable and decommissioning sectors.”Sinclair is the latest addition to M2 Subsea’s European business development team, following the appointment of Hugh Riddell and Jack Taylor earlier this year.Hugh joined M2 Subsea in June 2017 as business development manager for the UKCS. He previously held the roles of client manager at Technip and sales account manager at Swire Oilfield Services.Jack, who holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Robert Gordon University, was most recently project engineer at Bibby Offshore and joined M2 Subsea in October 2017 as client account manager.David Sheret, interim business development director at M2 Subsea said: “We have bolstered our business development team in response to increased activity in the UKCS and our team has never been in a stronger position with the appointment of Hugh, Jack and David. I look forward to seeing the results I know they will produce.”last_img read more

Dominica government wants to bridge ICT gap among women

first_imgLocalNews Dominica government wants to bridge ICT gap among women by: – April 28, 2012 17 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Share Sharecenter_img Tweet Share Hon. Ambrose George (file photo)The Dominica government through its Information Technology minister is seeking to get more women involved in the Information Communications Sector with a view to bridging that gap.Information Minister Ambrose George made this disclosure while addressing the nation in observance of International Girls In ICT Day on Wednesday.According to him, while many of the country’s women become users of technology, there is a fundamental gap in those who peruse careers in the field.George explained that the day will be celebrated on each 4th Thursday in April of every year, when girls will be availed of greater possibilities to get themselves acquainted with the opportunities for education and work in the ICT field.“The objectives of such an event, emanated from Dominica’s wider ICT vision. This also fits into Dominica’s wider international embrace of the UN goal to promote gender equality and empower women,” he added.He also noted that the observance will also serve as a new modality of awareness and provide a much needed boost to females in the ICT sector.“This is all the more important at a time when many countries are now forecasting a shortage of ICT professionals within the next ten years. More importantly, the ICT sector provides excellent employment opportunities for entrepreneurship and good remuneration,” he said.George said ICT seems to permeate every sector and is having an impact on how “learn, work, do business and how we communicate and interact socially”.The government he said, is working closely with private sector companies to allow girls to see frost hand technologyDominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Anna Korakaki to be 1st-ever woman to start Olympic torch relay

first_imgAthens: Greek Olympic shooting champion Anna Korakaki will be the first-ever woman to start the Olympic torch relay, the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC) has announced.The committee has unanimously decided that Korakaki will be the first torchbearer during the Olympic Flame Lighting ceremony for the Tokyo Olympic Games on March 12 at the ancient Olympia, in western Greece.The Olympic Flame will be handed over by Greek actress Xanthi Georgiou, who will be playing the role of an ancient Greek High Priestess, according to an e-mailed HOC press release.The Olympic Flame will be ignited during a ritual ceremony using the sun’s rays inside the ancient stadium.Korakaki won a gold and a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and was the world champion in 2018.The last Greek torchbearer to carry the Flame inside the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens during the handover ceremony on March 19 will be another female athlete, Katerina Stefanidi, according to the press statement. Stefanidi won a gold medal in pole vaulting at the 2016 Olympics. IANSAlso Read: Olympic champion Mo Farah withdraws from half marathonAlso Watch: AASU Namrup Unit forms human chain demanding immediate setting up of 4th unit of BVFCLlast_img read more

World Cup final loss still hurts: New Zealand coach

first_imgAUCKLAND: Tuesday will mark one year of the epic World Cup final at the Lord’s where New Zealand had lost to hosts England on boundary count-back rule after scores were tied even after the super over. New Zealand coach Gary Stead said there is no ‘bitterness’ but he still feels a “wee bit of hurt” about the loss. “I think there’s a wee bit of hurt from time to time and I guess any Kiwi fan is probably very much in that same boat. There’s no bitterness at all, we understood the rules going into the match,” Stead said as New Zealand’s top cricketers resumed their training after the coronavirus-forced break. “It’s a hard one because there’s some great emotions that came from that tournament as well, but unfortunately it was just that final hurdle we didn’t cross. It’s something I’m sure will drive the players to keep wanting to get better every day.” The 48-year-old said he still feels a “bit numb” but remains extremely proud of the way his boys played the entire tournament. “I do think about it a bit, I think everyone has really different emotions around it. The thing that stands out for me is that it’s all a bit numb, really, in some ways but enormously proud of the way we played the whole tournament.” “As a Kiwi and as a supporter of the Blackcaps it was hard to be any more proud of the way they played and fought in that match,” he added. Stead, on Monday, also dismissed speculations that he had tried to remove Kane Williamson from Test captaincy, saying ‘there is no truth’ in them and his relation with the skipper remains “strong”. Following New Zealand’s 0-3 defeat at the hands of Australia earlier this year, rumours surfaced that Stead preferred left-handed batsman Tom Latham for Test captaincy over incumbent Williamson. “There’s no truth to it … that was certainly news to me… certainly had no conversations around that sort of thing,” Stead was quoted as saying by ‘Newshub’ as he opened up on the issue for the first time. “At this stage, Kane’s our man. He’s the guy we’ve backed, he’s been a great leader for this team and I’m sure he will be in the future as well.” Agencies Also Watch: High Court Rejects BPF Plea Against Governor’s Ruled In BTADlast_img read more

Stalemates the order of night one as Limacol football begins

first_imgNO winners were found on the opening night of the Petra-organised 2017 Limacol Round-Robin Knock-Out Football tournament as tense action ensued at the GFC ground, Bourda.In the first game, the Mahaica Determinators took an early lead against Guyana Police Force through Eion Abel in the second minute.The Police, however, did what was required in producing an equaliser just five minutes from the half through Dwayne Charles.Abel again put the Mahaica side in the lead in the 56th minute but this was short-lived as the boys in blue produced another equalising effort in the 57th through Quincy Holder.Both teams pushed for the determining goal but neither coverted run-downs into the much-needed goal.The feature game produced the same result as Riddim Squad held Camptown to a 1-1 draw.Both teams were reliant on late goals as Teon Jones’ 82nd minute strike was cancelled by Jason Williams six minutes later.Matches return to the GFC ground on Friday., with Western Tigers going toe-to-toe with New Amsterdam United in a Group B clash, while Santos are down to play Ann’s Grove in Group C action. Both games are set for the GFC ground.The following day the event will move to the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) ground in Linden with Milerock battling Northern Rangers and Winners Connection facing off with Grove Hi-Tech in Group A.The final matches of round one on January 29 will pit Uitvlugt against Eagles United in Group B and Pouderoyen against Den Amstel in Group C at a venue to be announced.The winners of the tournament will take home $500 000 and a trophy while the second-, third- and fourth-placed teams will receive $250 000, $125 000 and $75 000 respectively.Additionally, the winners of each group will receive $100 000 while the respective finishers will pocket $50 000, $30 000 and $20 000 apiece.last_img read more

Update on the latest in sports:

first_img Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditCOLLEGE BASKETBALL-POLLKansas is number oneUNDATED (AP) — Kansas is the unanimous No. 1 in a week of upheaval in the AP Top 25. In other NBA news:— The Cleveland Cavaliers already have the worst record in the Eastern Conference. They will dress nine players because of injuries against Utah. Center Andre Drummond, who has a (strained left calf, and rookie point guard Darius arland , suffering a strained left groin, have been ruled out of the starting lineup. Center Tristan Thompson, one of the first players off the bench, is out with a bruised left knee. Cavaliers coach J.B. Bickerstaff said Kevin Love will have to start at center against 7-foot-1 Rudy Gobert (goh-BEHR’). Larry Nance Jr. will take Love’s spot at power forward while Kevin Porter Jr. will start in the backcourt.NFL-JAGUARS-NGAKOUEPass-rusher Ngakoue no longer wants to re-sign with JaguarsJACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Standout defensive end Yannick Ngakoue (yah-NEEK’ en-GAH’-kway) no longer wants to sign a long-term deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Associated Press Dustin Johnson decides against playing in the OlympicsUNDATED (AP) — On the fence about the Olympics at the start of the year, PGA star Dustin Johnson decided he won’t be going.Johnson’s manager said in a text message Monday that the FedEx Cup playoffs hold as much importance to Johnson as chasing a gold medal in Tokyo this summer.Johnson’s name was removed from the Olympic golf ranking Monday afternoon. At No. 5 in the world ranking, he currently would have been No. 3 among Americans behind Brooks Koepka and Justin Thomas. Countries are allowed a maximum of four players in golf provided they are among the top 15 in the world ranking. Johnson was the leading American for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro when he decided at the last minute to withdraw because of concerns over the Zika virus.ESPN-CHIPPER JONES The Jayhawks received all 64 first-place votes from the media panel in The Associated Press men’s college basketball poll. Gonzaga was No. 2, with Dayton, Baylor and San Diego State rounding out the top five.The Aztecs, No. 9 Maryland and No. 18 Iowa were the only teams to hold their place after a week in which nine Top 25 teams lost to unranked opponents.Dayton has its highest ranking since reaching No. 2 in 1955-56 after stretching its winning streak to 18 games.Virginia, Illinois and Wisconsin moved into the poll. West Virginia, Colorado and Texas Tech fell out.NORTH CAROLINA-AGENTS PROBE March 2, 2020 Bellinger out of the lineupGOODYEAR, Ariz. (AP) — NL MVP Cody Bellinger was scratched from the Los Angeles Dodgers’ starting lineup  for a spring training game against the Cincinnati Reds.The outfielder took part in a charity event on Sunday night at a Topgolf facility in Scottsdale, and a video showed him hitting a long drive off a tee. Manager Dave Roberts says golf swings aren’t believed to be the reason for his injury.Bellinger is 4 for 13 with two doubles.PGA-JOHNSON-0LYMPICScenter_img Mistrial declared for ex-football player in NC agent’s caseHILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina judge has declared a mistrial in the case of a former college football player charged with violating the state’s sports agent law nearly a decade ago.Christopher Hawkins faced four counts tied to providing cash to three former Tar Heels football players in 2010. But after more than seven hours of deliberations Friday afternoon and Monday, the jury, in Hillsborough, said that it couldn’t reach an unanimous verdict on any charge.That leaves open the possibility of another trial.Hawkins – who played at UNC and Marshall from 2001-05 – was first charged in 2015, with prosecutors adding additional charges last April. NBA-KNICKS PRESIDENTKnicks hire longtime player agent Leon Rose as presidentNEW YORK (AP) — The New York Knicks have hired Leon Rose as their president, hoping the longtime player agent can be just as successful as an executive.Rose is taking over what has become one of the NBA’s worst franchises, headed toward its seventh straight season out of the playoffs. But teams such as Golden State and the Lakers have found success handing their basketball operations to an agent and the Knicks are hoping to do the same.Rose, the former co-head of the basketball division at CAA Sports, replaces Steve Mills, who was fired early last month. Ngakoue announced his desire to play elsewhere via social media. It could force Jacksonville to place the franchise tag on the 24-year-old disgruntled defender and trade him.Ngakoue says “I’m thankful for the journey and look forward to continuing my career elsewhere.”Ngakoue has 37 1/2 sacks and 14 forced fumbles in four seasons.The speedy strip-sack specialist made the Pro Bowl in 2017 and had been seeking around $22 million a year to remain in Jacksonville.MLB-DODGERS-BELLINGER Chipper Jones joins ESPN lineupBRISTOL, Conn. (AP) — Hall of Fame third baseman Chipper Jones has joined the ESPN lineup.The former Atlanta Braves star will work as a major league analyst, primarily on weeknight and holiday games. He’ll debut on opening day when San Francisco plays at Dodger Stadium on March 26. Jones worked twice last year as a guest analyst for ESPN.The 47-year-old Jones hit .303 with 468 home runs and 1,623 RBIs in a 19-year career through 2012. Update on the latest in sports:last_img read more